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It is available on amazon; UK: With the Knowledge of what happened five thousand years ago lost to all but a few, the world is in danger of being caught unawares. In the time that Rakadamon has been locked away, he has not been sleeping. He put all his remaining power into wiping away all traces of our history. After all, how do you defend against something you know nothing about? With the Dark Master stirring once more, only a few still preserve the Knowledge, and The Book of Remembrance is the only remaining written record. Unfortunately, Kadin is an orphan with no training and no Knowledge.

Regardless, he is the one that must rise up and lead the resistance. He discovers that he is blessed with Talents that will help him on his journey. One of these Talents, the Navitas calls Markai to him. She is of the Fae and a fierce ally who proves to have a crucial role to play in the resistance. He must find other Talented individuals, but soon realises he is not the only one searching for them. It becomes a race against the Dark Children and Twisted Ones…one which he cannot afford to lose.

I had a look at the way you do your reviews, and I love the fact that you give such a balanced overview of your thoughts. I read the sample. I will definitely consider Book of Remembrance for read and review. Once I get my own first novel out next month, though I should start moving through pretty fast. Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to spending time with your sailor and lady archaeologist. I love the honest and candid nature of your site, keep up the good work! From the blood and dust of New Jerusalem, the Legion of the LightBringer wages a galactic war against those who would replace their god.

Now, the time has come for the Union of Free Worlds to make a stand. The front line is the idyllic asteroid world of Angelhaven, where the greatest mind in human history has discovered an elemental power with far-reaching implications.

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A power that both sides will do anything to harness. Marine commander Gomes leads the crack Union task force. An unrelenting warrior driven by revenge and a need for answers, he hides a strange ability neither science nor religion can explain. Caught between them is Una, a living machine who battles for her humanity as her world falls apart. As the Legion invasion begins, unknown eyes watch with interest…. But once done, the inestimable Brett is definitely on my list. I am delighted to find your site for two reasons. She meets a crazy maritime archeologist who is searching for the wreck of a WWII submarine off the island of Guadeloupe and gets drawn into his world.

I had great fun doing the research for the book since it is based on the real disappearance of a French submarine in If you like big Indiana Jones type thrillers with ciphers and secret societies and mad dashes through the jungle, then Bones will be your sort of book. If you have the notion, have a look at Augur of Armageddon — it is a post apocalyptic story that takes a different look at the world then what you may have grown accustomed too.

First chapter is here: And the remainder here: Any chance you could shave a look at my book? That was an odd phrasing. Hi Gary I would if you would consider a british military crime novel. Steps to Heaven is the first book in the Sgt Major Crane series. He is disturbed by the horrific case of a soldier called Solomon who, after recently returning from Afghanistan, murdered his wife and 6 year old son and then committed suicide. It seems Solomon was attending a local Church, which encourages people to join by offering salvation to its members.

But as Crane investigates and the body count rises, events take a darker turn and he wonders what the Church is offering — salvation, or slaughter? The link to Amazon is: Accidents, thefts, murders, terrorist plots…. He likens it to 40 Days and 40 Nights in a personal wilderness before he can get back to his real job of investigating; but it turns into 40 Days and 40 Nights of chaos.

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Will Crane be able to keep the athletes safe or will the terrorists win? Gary, I enjoy following your Twitter feed, which is how I found you here. Thank you for offering to read and review our works. Traumatic events have led to his stay at Agronaville Mental Health Center, where he battles his inner demons. Witness his first group therapy session. Experience his struggle against the violent visions that threaten to consume him.

As they fall louder, my heart beats faster. No matter their destination, they are torture. Their cadence pounds against my skull until they stop suddenly at my door or whisper a next time taunt as they pass by and fade into the background murmur. Unfortunately, they are a common occurrence here. Today, the real torment started after the usual traffic runs of breakfast and medications.

The footsteps came, unplanned and unwanted, echoing down the hall and floating under my door. I sat with bent knees to my chest, listening to the agonizing rhythm. Please, not for me. Thank you for your time and consideration!!! I understand your limited time and very long queue, so any consideration would be greatly appreciated.

The amazon link is:. But when Jackson loses his father and a future basketball career within months of each other, his faith is so shattered, he shuts out everyone, including Lily. After months of heartache, Lily begins to piece together a life without Jackson, and while vacationing on a beautiful island off the Georgia coast, she begins a long-distance romance with Alex Walker, a police officer with a quick wit and a cocky grin. Only then will she discover the depth of the love that already surrounds her. Not asking for any reviews yet, well maybe just a quick read through on my other blog http: I would like to submit my book Tangent http: Tangent is a story of Alan; a man who travels back into our present timeline from his supposedly utopian future.

More than most time-travel stories; Tangent has a strong literary flavor and lovingly explores the strange rituals of modern life. Alan encounters many interesting characters, who all serve in one way or another to unlock the mystery of his own fate. The reader is left to ponder the possibilities that Alan discovers through the course of the novel. Hi Mike, Time travel is always fascinating. I look forward to seeing how you handle it. She has vowed to be a good mother.

To honor, love, and raise her adopted daughter in a home that promises to be a sanctuary and offer her safety after years of abuse and horrendous neglect. But to her daughter, Jessie, the love is unfamiliar and frightening. Home becomes a combat zone, the walls painted with the white rage and constant barrage of hatred Jessie unleashes. Her psychological problems fester for years, growing more violent, causing the family to slowly unravel. When Jessie kills the beloved family cat, she triggers such terror that no one in her wake will ever be the same.

Especially Mom, who is determined to do the right thing and protect everyone involved. From the people who caused them both so much pain. Sounds like Mom has her hands full in this one. I talk about Genome and Arlo and Jake on my blog. I blog about my experiences writing in the epub world as well at http: Hope you will take a look at my book on modern fatherhood, Barge Pilot. Great thing you are doing here. Barge Pilot can be found at http: I think its great that you support indie authors.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could add my collection of short stories to your long list of stories to review. Hopefully it looks interesting to you. Thanks so much for this opportunity to get my novel reviewed. My name is Steven D. My novel is Vampires In Paradise:. October, — A new millennium finds Aaron Michaels six months into his sobriety after a lifetime of heroin addiction. Aaron, and a slowly growing band of believers of his fantastic tale, search by day for the vampires in their lair. So, there you have it. I hope it grabs your interest. The first two chapters are available at Amazon:.

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Mason has a past. Having fled his home he now lives out a lonely, isolated existence, doing his best to remain invisible, while watching the world pass him by with an increasingly cynical detachment. At least until a remarkable young woman captivates his attention.

Shayla has a future. But for some time now something has been watching her, drawn to something about her that makes her unique. To set things right Mason must come to terms with and atone for what he had done while Shayla must find an inner strength she never knew existed within her. And the only thing either of them can rely on is each other. Let me know if you have any interest in that as well, whether or not you choose to review my novel though I sincerely hope that you choose to review it. Looking at the long list of books you are longing to read and review, my genre stands out as different.

I am a survivor of Japanese concentration camps for women and children on the island of Java. My website is listed as Link 5 out of 8 on the most visited POW website in the world: This is the inspiring story of a little girl, a Prisoner of the Japanese in World War Two on Java, who makes her dreams come true by determination, faith and love.

It is a historical account of the horrors of life in a WW II Japanese prison camp for women and children followed by. Perhaps you have some time to read my book around this jubilant holiday celebrating our freedom. Thanks for your time. Hi Gary, Karen Einsel, who has interviewed me for her blog, has directed me to you. Much of the information concerning my debut novel, Awake in the Mad World, can be found at my new blog http: Also, on the home page there is a Pre-Release Discussion that covers some elements of my coming of age novel.

A character-driven novel, for sure. I think the type of work you are doing, and the work my blog is setting out to do, is important. I hope to hear from you soon. Hi Damon, thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the new blog! Sounds like afun read for any age. Will try to give it a look once the schedule eases up a little. Thanks for stopping by Honest Indie. Hi Gary, The Tower of Babel is about an artist who cleanses earth from all things machine by setting off a Divine, virulent vine.

The book is sci-fi. Heck, it may even be literary. Anyway, here it is:.

Poetry Prompts: "Predawn Footprints" & "Two Bodies" Poems by Callum Pengelly

But far from the city, in the abandoned suburbs, sculptor Austin Feckidee and a secret society are talking about the Tower again. Talking about how it must come down. How the planet must be cleansed. And how Divinity has chosen them to make it happen. Your sci-fi take on biblical event sounds great. Thanks for stopping by Honest Indie! I have a short novella that I hope you may have time to read. In this wacky dystopian future, Les is just an ordinary guy, plagued by anxiety issues. Each day there seems to be one more rule to abide by and he is sent clamoring for some sort of anxiety relief — usually found in medication.

But how much medication is too much? Doctors treat his anxiety with more medications, which uncover strangely hidden mental disorders and lead to side effects which wreak havoc on his life. I look forward to checking out your novella, right after I take m medication. I would really appreciate a review for my first novel I agree with you and also take my hat off to others who manage to write a novel. My book, Philippine Princess, is based on a true story and I will copy the Amazon blurb below so that you do not have to follow the link if it does not appeal to you.

Many thanks if you do review it. As she grew older and wiser, she decided being a princess was just a dream and instead, trained as a nurse. After qualifying as a midwife, she travelled to the UK to work. Emily worked 12 hour shifts in a care home for the elderly which was hard. The pay was much better than any work in her own country. Far from her family and friends, she finds life hard, especially when she receives some devastating news about her brother. Emily has a great deal of inner strength when dealing with work and financial problems.

Through all the problems she makes sure she enjoys her new life. Her new found friends are a great support. Emily knows she will never be the fairy-tale princess of her childhood dreams. What she will discover is she is still able to feel like a princess. I visited the Philippines many years ago in the Navy, and was impressed by the beauty of the islands and its people.

My first novel was published via the traditional agent-publisher route. Some might call Spinks a loser, but the man has heart, and he also has a unique talent. Turns out Spinks Webb can consume vast amounts of food in short periods of time, hard-boiled eggs and hot dogs in particular. With the help of his best friend and business partner Danny Fleck, Spinks quickly hones his gorging skills and becomes the talk of his blue-collar Michigan town as Danny, an amateur filmmaker, captures it all on video for a future documentary.

Daniel S. Janik (Author of First Breath)

Hope to give it a look soon. Hope the release is going well, and thanks for stopping by Honest Indie. The sworn enemies must band forces to save the world, dragging along the perfect allies: If not, it should be, and I vote for it! Thanks for visiting Honest Indie! I came across your blog and would love to request a review of my new novel, Senate Proof. Cloaked in secrecy, the elite circle of political leaders had operated the distillery without incident for decades while producing barrel after barrel of illegal spirits, among other ventures. But things were beginning to change.

As the body count rises, questions begin to swirl around the District and nobody knows who to trust. Senate Proof is my first novel. I currently reside in Boston with my wife and our boxer, Tessie. Sounds quirky and unusual, Logan. I really do love this blog for the honest and intriguing reviews. With her only confidence being her love she learns to overcome the tragedies life throws her way. After all, to Amara, there is little of more importance than love. Whether you get to it or not, thank you for your amazing and hard work here! Hi Kyra, thanks for the kind words and for stopping by.

Will definitely swing by and take a look when I can. Thanks again, good luck and keep writing! Indeed it is on Amazon! Thank you for the reply! Good luck and have a nice day. Hi Gary, I like the original format of your reviews and your style. The e-book is available free until the end of the month with a coupon available at Smashwords. Hi Gray, I really enjoy your reviews. Good honest reviews are the best medicine for a writer wanting to improve! An American thriller with action, suspence, lots of humor and a bit of romance.

I really would love to know what you think! Thanks for your support of authors — you have a lot of great titles to consider for review! Surrogate mother Shelby McDougall just fell for the biggest con of all—a scam that risks her life and the lives of her unborn twins. A Rolling Stone ad for a surrogate mother offers her a way to erase the loans and right her karmic place in the cosmos. But Jackson and Diane have their own secret agenda, one that has nothing to do with diapers and lullabies.

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  7. With her due date looming and the clues piling up, Shelby must save herself and her twins. Will definitely take a look. Thanks for getting in touch, Nancy. Thanks for making the time to review works by indie authors. By invoking the ancient powers, she becomes, in fact, the son her father never had. But she has only two weeks, until the time of the new moon, to get back to her home country and confront her betrayer before the spell ends and she becomes a woman again. A preview can be read at http: Battling dark inner demons, with nowhere to go, she tries to find belonging in the adult world of nightclubs, hard drugs and physical decadence.

    You can read more here: Thanks for the opportunity, Gary. Love the title, and have always been fascinated by China. Will try to check it out. As one person said, I admire you for putting your views out there. Now to the brass tacks. My first novel, Storm Rising — A Kelli Storm Novel has been out for over a year now, and I am close to completing the second book in the series, with a tentative release of mid-September. Here is the Smashwords link to the book, and I hope that you find it fascinating enough to download and review. Hi I love your website — is that your own library on the header pic?

    I used a similar idea on my site. I have just published my first novel on Amazon — A Backward Blessing — and would be delighted if you could review it. Thank you for the opportunity — here is the link: Would you be interested in reviewing my YA novel, The Farewell Season, published by a tiny, local epublisher here in Oregon? It should be http: Hi Gary, I hope you get a chance to review my first book at Amazon. Preston Randall Book Title: And what is he on about? Commercials, flyers, adverts of all kinds and just the general detritus we all must wade through every single day to live in a modern global economy.

    He takes on one dimwitted advertiser after another — with the most moronic of claims — and feeds them a heaping helping of their own blather. Praising their absolute ineffectiveness and ineptitude — while offering delightful testimonials that only their detractors could enjoy. It makes for a work that is simple, witty, silly and yet oddly cordial and illuminating… certainly a really fun read. Link to cover image: Hello Gary, Thanks for running this site! When I was writing the book, I interviewed David Landgraf, a legendary skier in Wisconsin who not only completed every single Birkie, but also finished among the elite racers even at retirement age.

    Sadly, he passed away before the book was released after being involved in an accident while training on his bicycle. Here is a book for your consideration.

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    It is my first novel and was published a few days ago. It is dark comedy about a Texas family and their friends that get tangled up with a member of a Mexican drug cartel. It has elements of a thriller, but is really written more for a laugh. It also contains some timely themes like immigration, gun control and civilian militias. The preview under the Kindle version contains the entire first chapter. Thanks for your consideration. Thanks for supporting and reviewing indie books. My debut novel, written as A. Wells is Housewife with a Half-Life, a space comedy.

    Susan Strong is a suburban housewife who is literally disintegrating. When Fairly Dave, a kilt-sporting spaceman arrives through the shower head to warn her, she knows things are serious. When she and her precocious four year old twins, Pluto and Rufus, get sucked through Chilled Foods into another universe it gets even messier.

    From dystopian landscapes and chicken dinners, to the surreal world of Las Vegas and bubble universes, can Susan Strong reintegrate her bits and will it be enough to save us all? Hope to get to it! Thanks for visiting Honest Indie. You can find it on Amazon at: Running Bad is a term usually reserved to poker rooms for the unluckiest of people. The smart ones will pack it in and go home, only to return another night when their luck has changed. But what if you were running bad your entire life?

    Gabriel Titus wonders this on a daily basis as he drinks and gambles, trying to forget what he can until inevitably being set to work hunting souls. But all that changes when war breaks out between competing factions over a device which would allow its user free reign between Earth and Hell. Gabriel, who finds himself the only one unwilling to make a stand against his masters, is put in charge of a group conscripted for the sole reason that they present absolutely no threat and can be easily disposed of afterward. Can they stay out of their own way long enough to come out of this mess alive?

    You really put a lot of effort into your reviews…very thorough…much appreciated. The novel also has an original music soundtrack. I am so grateful that you support Indie authors and have appreciated your tweets about my book. The endless list of requests says a lot about how much you are in demand. I would love it if you were to review Groom and Doom: Lol… Shoot, 20 minutes a night of reading? Joking aside, I totally understand that my book may not be up your alley, as it is a quirky family drama and happily every after gone wrong.

    I am honored for the shout outs on Twitter. Hi Gary, I hope you will consider reviewing my contemporary fantasy novel, Angelus. You can read the blurb for it on Amazon: I really like your blog, especially how you review from the perspective of the reader. I have a fledgling blog and would like review the books I read, although like yourself my reading time is limited. The Amazon link is http: Hi, Gary, Kristie Haigwood here from Twitter. And this is proof that people read your posts.

    With a little over 10k followers I still seem to see your threads. I am listening to Matchbox Twenty Radio on Pandora right now. Save My Soul is a fast-paced Paranormal Suspense Romance about a woman who makes the choice to risk her own soul to save the soul of her soulmate. I believe you posted a quote on twitter once to help promote it.

    My second novel is Forbidden Touch.

    Submitting books for review

    Little does he know that the killer is anything but human, and that another vampire is trying to track down this killer as well. But Mitch gets framed for the awful murders and she has to risk her life by revealing herself in order to help him escape. Hope to hear from you soon. See you on twitter! I too only get about twenty minutes a night for reading.

    And many nights I fall asleep on my Kindle. It has more drool marks on it than I care to admit. It follows the plight of Meredith Clarke, a young marketing consultant who is kidnapped after she witnesses the incriminating behavior of a novice bank robber named Jeffrey. Meredith, desperate to escape, finds herself engaged with Jeffrey in a dangerous game that finally culminates in one deadly encounter. The personality of the Super Spud is determined by their flavour.

    Tuna flavours, enriched with omega-3 fish oils are very smart, while steak and spinach flavours are incredibly strong due to their high iron content. The story is fast and a series of non-stop adventures from one chapter to the next, encompassing locations including Egypt, Mexico, UK, Italy and the North Pole! I basically want to entertain the reader and let them read something truly original and quirky. It also contains many references to popular films and characters like: Feel free to check out the reviews on Goodreads or Amazon:.

    Anywho, my name is Greg, writing under the pen name G Eric Francis. Using his knack for biology and chemistry, he is able to discover a cure…with one catch. But possessing a cure to one of the deadliest diseases ever inside his own bloodstream invites some unscrupulous company. Knowing the cure is worth billions, one powerful enemy is determined that he never reaches his destination. Thank you for your dedication to the world of indie!

    I am requesting a review for any or all of the short fiction pieces below. The Three Tunes— Three stories about the power of music. Three musicians whose lives are forever changed by three very different supernatural figures. From earliest childhood, Shawna Reppert has had a passion for stories— for reading them and for writing them.

    Previous short stories sold to 10 Flash Quarterly and to Everyday Fiction can be read for free at their websites. Two of her short stories have won Honorable Mentions from Writers of the Future. Her first novel is due out from Carina Press in Summer, She enjoys Irish social dancing and is an ardent supporter of live Irish music.

    Shawna also likes to play with the Society for Creative Anachronism and can sometimes be found in medieval garb on a caparisoned horse, throwing javelins into innocent hay bales that never did anything to her. First I must say I just love what your doing here, and will be checking in regularly for great reads! A meaningless number, a luckless red moon, and worst of all— a star that falls South, send Leila on quest she does not expect to survive.

    Simultaneously, an unknown boy wakes up in the sunken hull of a decrepit cargo ship. Captured and mind locked, the boy— dubbed Sam by the crew— must escape from the infamous ship Bonesplitter and the dark schemes of one Captain Erastacus Oren. You can also read the first bit for free on my blog: Hello Gary, I wrote a book while I was deployed to Iraq in and have finally published it. I would be extremely grateful if you would write a review on it.

    Here is the description:. Army Soldier, is in the middle of one conflict, just as another more terrifying one has begun. His nightmares have become a reality; the world it seems has gone insane. The insurgents are the least of his worries now. Instead, the undead have become the new enemy. Fighting for his life at every turn, and losing friends along the way, he must trek across the globe just in the hopes that he will hold his wife and daughter in his arms again. Here is the amazon link: Hi, Gary, I love your blog. So honest and fresh.

    I would like to invite you to review my short story, published on Amazon: Forbidden to marry, he longs to have his own family. Instead, he must learn to live with serving another man — until one day something unexpected happens. I would like to be considered for review. It is currently available at all major bookseller links.

    I attended Florida State University for undergraduate education and Nova Southeastern University for a year of law school. My literary work can be found at http: On my website, I have added a professional film trailer http: I have placed my book synopsis below and I look forward to hearing from you. My page novel, The Delivery Cut, is a literary-contemporary fiction that follows the protagonist, James Young, through a twisted and turned path at self-realization. Thompson, but also invokes a punch-to-the-throat living aspect used in the autobiography Life, by Keith Richards.

    James Young is under pressure to be just like any other ordinary young adult who is seeking higher education to achieve a postmodern American, accomplished and prideful, nine to five. Despite his set path as an incoming law student, James accompanied by a slew of alcohol and chain-smoked cigarettes awaits a future meltdown. Surrounded by a fog of commonplace people who strive for unoriginal lives and others who have found them, James searches for a flash of inspiration to discover life as more than a mere existence.

    The anarchical Frenchman joined by a misanthropic brute, leads James through a revolution of the South Florida drug market, positioning him as a new addition to the drug world hierarchy. As he struggles to mentally shed from his old life, James takes refuge in a local Cuban Coffee shop where he befriends its regretful owner for advice. Armed with reliable transportation, three dress suits, a tight schedule, and pushed by the fear of never having lived, James becomes the man who brings them their needs with a smile and a touch of customer service.

    When violent competition for the market heats up around him, James in a final climax must choose between death and what is giving him a newfound sensation of being alive. Sincerely, Joseph Rakowski http: Hi Gary, what an awesome webpage! If you like this genre you could read the short synopsis, and if that tickled you enough, also the first three chapters at Goodreads: The Shattered Door is set to launch this Friday, September We are seeking reviews to be posted any time obviously not this week; we understand schedules and limited reading time. Here is information about the book: I am seeking honest, objective reviews from established Amazon reviewers.

    Here is the synopsis: When publicist Kathleen Harrison is executed in her suburban home, the obvious suspect is her client and lover George Wynton, a known telepath. Boston attorney Dan Stevens is hired to defend George, but he has no use for telepaths, and so hands the investigative reins to Morrison Investigations. Novice private investigators Darcy and Olivia Morrison reluctantly agree to help Dan with the case.

    They recognize how invaluable the experience of working the high-profile case will be, but know it increases the risk of their secret being revealed. Once they accept the challenge, there will be no turning back, no matter how great the stakes. The Shattered Door is the first case in the Morrison Investigations series. Here is the Amazon link: Hey Gary, thanks for being willing to read all these books! Thank you, John Mierau http: Ithas been flying under the radar for a while, quietly gathering awards and nominations, but now that the movie rights have been picked up, I thought it might be time to look for a little more exposure.

    Girl already has a stalker. Boy becomes her stalker-stalker. When Gomez Porter becomes a test subject in an experimental drug trial, he is asked to keep track of any strange experiences through a blog. It can be described as:. The Wagners are a superhero family dynasty who have always protected the city of Coreopolis.

    The grandpa, John Utticus Wagner, is revered in the superhero community. Every young superhero wants to be like John Utticus Wagner. They no longer are seen as the protectors of Coreopolis. They are the laughingstock of the city. The question is, can an old man, a klutz, and boy stop a maniacal super villain? You can find the book at: The book is about bystanders. This book is for people like that: He attends the WTO demonstration hoping to experience a riot, but is disappointed at how artificial and tame political protests have become in the new millennium.

    He dreams of a major attack, just to shake up the status quo. The book is available on Amazon in trade paperback or as an ebook: Really like your philosophy. You said that writing a book requires effort and that effort deserves to be appreciated. Great to hear about Indie authors supporting other Indie authors.

    Here is his link: It is amazing how many wonderful people are rallying in support of Indie Authors. Hi Gary, You have a great website. Indie authors, like us, tend to be shunned or ignored by many reviewers, thanks for keeping the hope alive! My name is Daryn Guarino and I have written two books print and kindle editions available on Amazon that I would love to have to review. Although the story is technically fiction, my research involved speaking to dozens of actual killers, jailed and otherwise, so my source material is bloody and real.

    Want to know what the life of a hitman is really like? Take a walk in the shoes of a Hitter. Darkly thrilling tales of heart-pounding torment, frantic desperation, and raw despair through the ages, Prey Until Dawn will have you sleeping with the lights on.

    Product description

    Thanks for this opportunity, Gary. I see that you review books, and was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my debut novel, Dead Religion? A hotel explodes in Mexico City, and all available evidence points to an American citizen, Alex Valdez, as the terrorist. Dead Religion follows the trail of FBI agent James Allison, who leaves his family and journeys to Mexico in order to find what secrets lay behind the destroyed hotel and all the lives lost with it.

    Is she a headless woman or was she decapitated by a madman? Are babies born demons or is he a crazed monster hunting them? Is the phallic artifact actually his penis or something more sinister? What are those teeth doing between her legs? There are two never before published stories, one written in collaboration with surrealist UK author Mike Philbin. The others were originally published in The House of Pain and in the Chimeraworld anthologies over the past decade. Having enough of a life investing money and brokering deals, John Smith retires to a quiet suburb in which he hopes nothing particularly interesting ever happens and where he can be left at peace with his philosophical musings.

    However, when the movers vacate the house across the cul de sac from his own, leaving behind the requisite odds, ends, and family, John finds his retirement and solitude upset by Victor and Tristan, the bookish son and fanciful daughter of the staid Mr. From his first encounter with the pair and their strange views, John realizes that something unusual has come into his life. Victor and Tristan follows the pragmatic John Smith through his reality-expanding journey from the mundane into the fantastic. Travelling from the hills near his home to the plains of a distant world with Tristan, Victor, the frank Mrs.

    Grummings, the irreverent Iridan, the enigmatic Cassandra, and the alchemical android Janus, John comes to terms with the existence of magic, alchemy, alternate realities, and even the possibility of eternal life. However, the strange, once encountered, can never be shut neatly away: This is very cool.

    I hope you do get the opportunity to do this full time. Gary, Thanks for the opportunity. The website for the book with a blurb, an excerpt, and more about me is at http: The Other Guy Description: Emory James is, by his own admission, not the type of person the adjective exciting would ever deign to touch with a ten-foot pole. Cautious, reserved and staid, however, all crowd around him like best friends. Out of spite, he takes a solo honeymoon to Thailand, where he can pretend to be someone better than himself for a little while. In meeting Nate, a fellow traveler, Emory slowly discovers how to stop pretending.

    The Secret Superfood Series Genre: I have written a 4 volume Secret Superfood Series and this is all 4 volumes wrapped up into 1. Superfoods are foods that are known to be nutrient dense. They are special foods, some familiar, some not. The common theme with all superfoods is that increased consumption of these specific foods will likely have a very positive impact on overall health.

    The significance of eating them is that they have the innate ability to-. There are many such superfoods that are loaded with nutrients that help the body immensely and with this Secret Superfood Series Bundle you will not only learn all the amazing benefits but you get over recipes so you can easily and quickly incorporate them into your everyday life and diet. The crew of the fishing vessel Jubilee face danger every day in the North Atlantic. But when a trusted crew member turns against them, they are thrust into peril when they are forced into uncharted waters east of the Hague Line.

    Hi Gary, I write adventurous mysteries for ages My stories are about a mystical cat with magical powers. My reviews are from parents and grandparents who love fairy tales. Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone: Circumstances beyond their control force them to travel to a forbidden land in search of a rare and precious stone.

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    Thanking you for getting this website going, John Leahy johnleahy66 gmail. It is historical fiction, with paranormal elements as they pertain to the ancient legends and mythology. If you want a copy to review, just email me at author. Hi there, Great blog you have here! My debut novel is a comedy called The Drought which has been getting some great feedback and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. After the stormy break-up with his girlfriend of three years, Dan Hilles is faced with the daunting task of throwing himself back into the life of a single man.

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    So I decided to write the kind of stories I remembered. The result is A Stairway To Danger. More edgy than what I read, maybe The Hardy Boys on steroids. Some mild cursing and violence. Nothing too terrible, but there are guns and dead bodies. Will flips the body over with his boot. The eyeless face shocks Tom. And where does the stairway to danger lead? Love your approach and support of indie authors. Think Twilight meets The Hobbit with a strong heroine and a dash of humor. I have written it, using the pen name David Dennis, so as to differentiate it from the Brett books.

    Please take a look at it. I like your straightforward approach to reviewing books. Hi Gary, great site: If Tomas fails to rescue her, she will suffer an eternity of horror and torment. For the first time in her career, Shelley has a killer story, but she dare not tell it… no one would ever believe her. Your reviews are good and your efforts are commendable. When it comes to writing, writing reviews is an art of its own. I hope you get a chance to have a look. Would you be kind enough to review my horror short story collection.

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    And for his part, George believes that he is gaining a capable wife, who is sufficient of a contrast to his former lover, Annie — the woman now married to his brother — to enable him to finally break-free from his obsession with her. But on their wedding night, George is unsettled to find that he feels no physical attraction to his young and innocent wife and for her part, Mary is disappointed by her first experience of sex.

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