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In narrative form, it tells the living history of the company, beginning with the founder after he was dramatically fired by National Cash Register Company. Henry Theobald then started a scale and cash register company to compete with his old boss, the legendary John Patterson of NCR. This led to Toledo becoming the best known scale brand in the nation.

This company, Plaskon, became the largest plastic company in the United States for a brief time. The story includes quotations from both retired company executives and current employees. Management changed frequently after DiVincenzo's retirement. The company pulled out of the food machine business.

Exxon restructured the company once again, and many more changes in management were made. Reliance sold the Telegraph Road plant to Willis Day Properties, but rented a small part of the facility where it continued to make mechanical scales and parts for electronic scales. In , Reliance decided to close the Toledo operations completely, and lay off the employees who were still left there. On July 7, , a fire completely destroyed the Telegraph Road plant. In Reliance became independent from Exxon through a leveraged buy-out, and in it sold the Toledo Scale Division to Ciba Geigy.

The merger vastly increased the global scope of the company, which, as a result, operated in 18 countries.

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In , the name was officially changed to Mettler Toledo, Inc. The name was changed once again to Mettler Toledo International, Inc. The company's new headquarters were located in Polaris, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. The Story of Toledo Scale Philadelphia: Toledo Scale Company, A Division of Reliance Electric Company, The Toledo Scale Collection is made up of approximately sixty-three linear feet that were broken down into three major categories: Within each of the major categories, nineteen subcategories were formed. A more in-depth explanation of the subcategories can be found in the Series List portion of the finding aid.

This collection was organized with the anticipation that additional materials may be donated in the future.

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With this in mind, a majority of the collection was organized in either alphabetical or chronological order. However, series such as oversized materials, printed materials, catalogs, training, and service manuals, correspondence, finance, labeling transfers, patents, awards, and audiovisual, were arranged separately due to size. The Toledo Scale Collection presented the most problems in organizing the thirty boxes of photographs, as many of the photographs were not labeled or they only had a model number or a model name.

Therefore, duplication within the collection and the misidentification of a photograph may occur. A photograph may also be duplicated if it is found within an oversized box. Oversized boxes contain photographs that had been enhanced by the Toledo Scale Graphic Arts Department. These photographs were used in advertisements and catalogs.

Honest Weight: The Story of Toledo Scale

This History portion of the Toledo Scale Collection contains photographs of early scale shows and exhibits, miscellaneous printed and public relations materials, commemorative items, typescript drafts, and newspaper clippings. The printed materials include brochures and booklets highlighting Toledo Scale anniversaries, products, and interpretations of its history.

This series contains photographs of Toledo Scale plants around the world, miscellaneous office photographs, and exterior views. The files occasionally contained clippings, correspondence, and related publications.

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This series is made up exclusively of photographs of employees and employee groups and functions, including conventions, meetings, departments and divisions, sports teams, and award ceremonies. Each time a scale or kitchenware item was installed in a particular business, the Toledo Scale photographic department was there to take a picture of the installation.

This photographic catalog highlights Toledo Scale's presence in many businesses. Folders occasionally contain negatives, clippings, correspondence, and articles related to the particular place of business. Made up completely of photographs, this section shows scales, which had been identified by their name, rather than their model number.

This collection contains a box of oversized materials. This collection of photographs, identified by the scale model number, illustrates the wide variety of scales offered by Toledo Scale.

This collection contains 2. Toledo Scale not only made scales, they also had a kitchen division in which they produced industrial kitchen machinery. Additionally, Toledo Scale made electrical parts known as batching systems. This photographic series illustrates the diversity of Toledo Scale.

This series also highlights the industrial kitchen machinery and electrical goods made by Toledo Scale.

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  4. However, these photographs were identified by the model number, rather than by their name. Fortunately many of the photographs were not only given model numbers, but also identified. The oversized photographs found in these two boxes are related to scales, factory views, advertisements, and industrial kitchenware. Approximately ss, 20 linear feet arranged chronologically and by artifact size. This section contains a multitude of Toledo Scale printed information. Magazines, brochures, scrapbooks, drawings, and journals provide useful information about the history and day to day business at Toledo Scale.

    This series contains price lists, sales training manuals, books, and scale and industrial kitchenware catalogs. This series contains an incomplete run of the company's "General Letters," and a small assortment of correspondence between employees of the company. The purpose of this information was to study and understand how the competition built and sold their merchandise.

    This series is made up of slides, negatives, film reels, many of which are unidentified. The series also contains posters and filmsort cards negative schematics of scale drawings.

    S-1 Toledo Scale History , 1 linear foot, arranged alphabetically This History portion of the Toledo Scale Collection contains photographs of early scale shows and exhibits, miscellaneous printed and public relations materials, commemorative items, typescript drafts, and newspaper clippings. S-2 Factories Photographs Approximately ss, 3 linear feet arranged alphabetically. S-3 Employees Photographs Approximately , 2 linear feet arranged alphabetically. S-4 Places of Business Photographs Approximately ss, 4 linear feet arranged alphabetically.

    S-9 Oversized Miscellaneous Photographs Approximately ss, 2 linear feet arranged by size. S Printed Materials Administrative Approximately ss, 20 linear feet arranged chronologically and by artifact size.

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    SCatalogs, Training, and Service Manuals Administrative Approximately ss, 6 linear feet arranged by the size of each artifact. S Correspondence Administrative Approximately ss, 2. S Finance Administrative Approximately ss, 1.