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We also wanted to produce a formula that smelled good and could be worn all day without the toxic fumes that chemical-laden repellents often have.

Most importantly, we simply felt there was a void in the natural industry for a high-performing, affordable repellent. After 18 months of development, our formulation team completed our Bug Protector all natural mosquito repellent spray. From there we developed a tick repellent, specifically formulated to repel the Deer tick, which can transmit Lyme disease.

As we grow our Protector Brands line of natural products, we continue our commitment to produce products that provide families with effective, affordable alternatives to mainstream, chemical-laden personal care products. Will never go back to anything else!

Mosquito Repellent Spray

I purchased the mosquito repellent at a local store. I was so impressed with the product. A few squirts and an invisable shield forms. Every member of my family has used the spray and it has kept the pesky summertime gnats at bay. Plus, it does seem to lessen mosquito bites.

It really does work, is safe to use and it doesn't feel gross or leave a layer of film on your skin. It actually moisturized my skin and has the best, most amazing pleasure smelling scent! I hope you never stop producing this product because I would cry!!!

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Needless to say, the mosquitoes are constantly biting me and I am wary to use DEET spray, for obvious health concerns and many other products that I have tried don't work, or the smell is so strong it bothers customers and co-workers. I used Bug Protector for a week only while at work and it worked great! I found it online and ordered 2 bottles for the mosquito season! I have been out in the woods 6 times in the last few weeks mushroom hunting and it keeps all the bugs from buzzing in my face, works great at keeping mosquitoes away, and it actually works wonders for keeping ticks off me!

Would definitely recommend it! At 69, with excess lactic acid, and living in the woods who needs anything else- it is the only product that really works, without DEET. All I can do is thank you and I'm ordering more today.

All Natural Bug Repellents

Please don't ever change it. I am a customer for life. My first thought was "oh my gosh the smells amazing!

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I mean come on now bug spray is supposed to smell bad be a little sticky and leave a bad taste in your mouth, right? Not with Bug Protector! Not only is this an all natural product but it smells good, it feels good and it works!

I can't believe I haven't had this in my life longer! I am a backcountry camper and hiker, I go hiking all the time, I kayak, I run, I do races, I'm outdoors with my dogs all the time, my job keeps me outdoors a lot and I will never use anything else! I've given a bottle to my sister who is a camper, hiker and hunter and my best friend who I share my backcountry trips with and I just shared this product with over 14, people in an Arizona hikers group on Facebook! Everybody needs to know about this amazing product! Shake well before use. Prior to outdoor exposure, thoroughly spray product on exposed skin or pet's fur, and allow to dry without wiping.

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It may be necessary to reapply Bug Protector if you're in an outdoor environment where insect population is high and the duration of your outdoor venture is longer than 2 hours. Apply to children only with adult supervision. Spray on hands and rub on children's faces.