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Phil and Jason are working out together and end up in a conversation about God, Jesus, and whether they really exist. This can be customized for either the Christmas or Easter season.

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In this skit, when Mary and a disciple discover the tomb is empty, Jesus appears and confirms the good news, that He is alive. When a Roman Captain approaches Jesus, the disciple views him as the enemy. But Jesus helps heal the Captain's friend the Captain says he believes Jesus can do it with only His words. Jesus, a disciple, and a young boy help feed 5, people with just some bread and fish when Jesus performs another miracle.

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Can your family invite the pastor over for dinner or out to a restaurant? Nearly everyone sat transfixed by a handheld device: MP3 player, cell phone, game system.

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I noted the complete absence of card games or other communal activities, such as punching one another. In this new world, how do we create a Catholic culture for our children? By attending to what, and how much, electronic entertainment kids consume: TV, movies, music, video games, Web activity. You need your values handy when walking through the media minefield with your kids.

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When considering a technology purchase, think about whether it will help or hurt family unity. And exactly why do you object to certain things? Listen to media critic Sister Rose Pacatte, F. Granted, parents are swimming in service: But children ought not simply receive our service, they should know the world needs their effort, too. My dad helped run the church picnic, and our whole family would be there setting up. It seemed fun, and not work, to lug the Nativity scene out of the rectory basement each Christmas.

Naturally, as my brothers and I got older, we began to seek out opportunities of service ourselves. Making service a habit early on will help it become an expected part of life. The key is reflecting with your kids on their service in the light of your faith.

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Service can get kids thinking about the world and why it is the way it is; it leads them toward empathy. You can help them understand why we as Catholics believe that the poor and suffering have to be taken care of first. All of us, including kids, have a responsibility for the common good. They never complain about going to church. To keep from portraying Mass as simply a duty, make it clear why you look forward to hearing the gospel, reflecting on your week and offering it to God, singing, praying, sharing with the other members of the Body of Christ.

Try asking your kids what they thought of the Sunday homily.

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  • Avoid insincere praise, which they can spot in a minute. They might surprise you. You might get teased, by your kids at least, if you take your faith seriously.

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    Rosean, for one, reports that his kids poke fun at him. This article appeared in the April issue of U. View the discussion thread. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Get plugged in to serve, or even find out about leading a small group. This class is designed to help you discover your gifts. Faith Church believes that the plan of God is for each believer to rise up and serve their generation!

    Serve Team is one way to use your natural gifts and talents to help the Body of Christ. From infants to elementary, we take our time in training the lives of our children. Our ministry teams are highly trained, doing everything with prayer and sensitivity to the Spirit. With creative teaching styles, skits, and anointed worship, we offer children an atmosphere for the Spirit of God to move upon their hearts. We allow children the opportunity to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, teach them the importance of worshipping our Creator, the blessings of being a tither and a giver, introduce them to the Holy Spirit, and make sure the Word is planted firmly in their hearts - we truly minister to the needs of each child, no matter their age.

    They get together each Sunday with Pastor MaKaylla, have fun, learn, ask questions and experience relevant teachings for their generation. Through services led by the youth at Faith Church and annual events, the youth at Faith Church have plenty of opportunities to grow in their walk with God and get plugged into the church. Prayer School is hosted each week by Pastor MaKaylla who has a passion to see the church rise up and pray out the plan that God has for this generation!

    Show and tell: Six ways to teach your children the faith

    We meet every Sunday morning at 9: Learning about prayer and praying for our church, community and country. Knowing God hears us we expect to see great change, restoration and revival sweep across our country. These small groups are a perfect way to meet new people, grow in your relationship with God, and build lasting friendships around the Word of God.

    Joining a small group will be one of the best decisions that you can make. Friendships within the local church are vital to the strengthening and growth of your walk with God. In Christ International Bible College is a unique training program where you can experience Bible training and earn your full-time college degree at a part-time pace.

    Welcome to Your Church. Faith Track Get started on the pathway to your purpose and realizing your potential.