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Their left-wing outrage directed at bourgeois values and the Catholic Church was sharpened by the political upheavals of the s, which in Spain led to the catastrophic Civil War of Each was rare and unique in a world filled with many artists exploding onto the European scene at the time.

All housed at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid to study, these three artists came together to bond, collaborate and touch each others lives forever. Four pages in I was already enjoying the book, with its interesting yet gentle flow of the lives of these men. The book does lean on info about Lorca a lot, but he was always a strikingly interesting soul. These men have intensely interesting sex lives, each forever influenced scalded? Every aspect of their lives is deeply shaped by what Spain was, and wanted to become.

Lorca meanwhile continued to produce incredible works and establish his career.

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Then the war came along. The outbreak of the civil war, and the state of Spain is well covered to the point the book needs, to show what the men faced. Never has Spain had such a generation of artists, and maybe never will again. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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