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Since the Indians far outnumbered them, the shrewd British knew that they could rule India only with the cooperation of the Indians. And the easiest way to get that cooperation was by proving intellectually to the Indians that their own culture was pathetically inferior to what the British were offering them. The British no longer rule India politically, but the worldview they taught continues to rule the Indian intellect. Almost all Indians suffer from feelings of national inferiority resulting from prolonged foreign subjugation and the consequent economic under-development.

As a knee-jerk reaction to this inferiority complex, most modern Indians tend to reject everything Indian as primitive and irrelevant. The deep-rooted Vedic culture is treated at best as an embarrassing anachronism and at worst as a serious impediment to progress. With their words they declare the greatness of India, but through their actions they denigrate everything that is essentially Indian by adopting wholesale Western dress, lifestyle, culture, values and goals.

Of course some Indians still appreciate the greatness of traditional India, but even they feel that ancient Indian culture and philosophy can do little to help modern India. In the blind pursuit of materialism, the fact that citizens of nations with technological advancement and economic prosperity are battered by stress, depression, marital rupture, childhood delinquency, addiction and criminality just does not matter The fact that the Vedic literatures contain astoundingly accurate information on subjects as intricate and wide-ranging as embryology, medicine, psychology, architecture, cosmology, atomic physics, art, politics and warfare fails to prompt Indians to seriously examine their own inheritance.

The recent findings in Dwarka linking archeology and literature may mark the beginning of a new era in world history, an era of correcting the wrongs that have been perpetrated on India. A proper understanding of her past glory will empower modern India to play her due role in the shaping of a future world. Or maybe the excitement over the findings will just fizzle out. India is too crippled by poverty to take up extensive archaeological explorations. So says the government.

The political unsteadiness ensures that nothing else occupies the national mind for long. The bureaucratic delays throttle individual initiative.

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When Srila Prabhupada visited Britain during one of his worldwide preaching tours, a reporter inquired about the purpose of his visit. Srila Prabhupada informed the nonplussed reporter that he had come to offer Britain that jewel — the timeless wisdom of the Vedic literature. Srila Prabhupada presented the essential Vedic conclusions with striking clarity and relevance.

To a world striving for universal brotherhood, Srila Prabhupada poignantly pointed out that universal brotherhood was possible only when the people of the world accept the Universal Father, God.

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To individuals searching for inner fulfillment, Srila Prabhupada explained that the highest happiness can be experienced only when one lives in harmony with the will of God. To a world infatuated by technological advancement, Srila Prabhupada warned that when humanity individually, socially and globally neglects or rejects God, it courts total disaster. Along with this revolutionary philosophy, Srila Prabhupada brought to the West a unique gift — a practical and joyful way of life, centered on selfless spiritual service to God and all His children.

He also presented easy and effective mantra meditation techniques, which constituted the distilled essence of all Vedic methods for self-realization. Ignorant people say, "A sage is attempting for his own Self-realization.

He is extremely selfish. He is of no use to society". This is a serious mistake. A sage is the most benevolent superman. He is extremely kind and compassionate. He elevates at once all persons who come in contact with him. Further, he does Sakti-sanchar through his Divya-Drishti.

He finds out the deserving aspirants and raises them up through Sankalpa Sakti, even while remaining in a cave or Kutir in the distant Himalayas. A Jnani is not a selfish man as worldly men think. His spiritual vibrations purify the world. His very life is exemplary and elevating.

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He gives hope and encouragement to others to tread the spiritual path. He is the only real lover of mankind. He feels the presence of God in everyone. He loves his neighbour as himself. A Jnani only does real selfless service as he feels the presence of God in all beings. He is the real altruist and humanitarian. You cannot apply the worldly yardstick to measure the greatness of the saints. Do not superimpose defects on them on account of your evil eye. You cannot judge their merits. Brahma-nishtha are like fire. They can consume anything. Their very touch purifies everything.

They are beyond good and bad; they are themselves the supreme good. Do not imitate their actions. Their actions are strange and mysterious. They are beyond your intellect. If you commit theft and say, "Did not Krishna steal butter? Krishna lifted up the Govardhana Hill with His little finger. Can you lift even a big stone with all your strength? Follow the Upadesa of saints and Mahapurushas; you will attain Brahma-Jnana here and now. To benefit from the company of saints, you have to prepare yourself first.

Do not go with any preconceived notion or prejudice. Go with an open, receptive mind. Approach them humbly and respectfully. Assimilate what appeals to you. If some of their teachings do not appeal to you, do not form a hasty opinion. If you do not like them, you need not take them to heart.

What may be suitable to another may not be suitable to you. Yet, with regard to broad fundamentals, there can be no difference of opinion. When you go before a sage, do not ask him questions out of mere inquisitiveness. Sit in his presence humbly. Listen to him without prejudice. Ask him only such questions about which you really need clarifications. Ask him only pertinent questions. Do not draw him into politics or public bickering. The very company of sages and saints has a tremendous transforming effect on the lives of true seekers.

It lifts them up to heights of sublimity, purity and spirituality. It does not fail to affect even the rank materialists. Every school, every college, every boarding house, every jail, every institution, every house should have a saint for the guidance of its members. Saints and sages only can become real advisers to the kings, because they are selfless and possess the highest wisdom. They only can improve the morality of the masses. They only can show the way to attain eternal bliss and immortality.

The Hidden Glory of India

Shivaji had Swami Ramdas as his adviser. King Dasaratha had Maharishi Vasishtha as his adviser. Saints are in abundance. You do not want them. You do not wish to approach them. You do not wish to serve them. You do not aspire for higher things. You are perfectly satisfied with some broken shells and glass-pieces.

There is no thirst or spiritual hunger in you for achieving higher divine knowledge and inner peace. Spiritual opportunity is a rare privilege. Do not lose such opportunities. Take recourse to the company of sages and saints.

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One moment of company with the Holy builds a ship to cross this ocean of life. God is the great purifier. A saint also is a great purifier. God incarnates as saints and sages when their need is felt most. Study the lives of saints. July 25, at 5: May 15, at 9: May 16, at 1: Actual Indian culture is Varnasrama-dharam.

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