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What did I love about Aubrey? Aubrey likes the bad boys but knows they only bring drama and pain and are definitely not trustworthy. Even though Aubrey is secure in who she is she knows that Riff is no good for her and that definitely keeps her guard up. Aubrey and Riff together? Together Aubrey and Riff are steamy and sexy. I loved the sex and the connection they shared. It was good, good, good. They are two very strong minded individuals though and Aubrey is sure that a relationship with the Riff is definitely NOT in the cards for her. They get under each others skin and it gets angsty, steamy and unbelievably good.

Overall I would definitely recommend this series. I really enjoyed every moment of reading it. It makes him so much more yummier. The plot in this book runs parallel to the plot in the first book giving you a fantastic view of the story as a whole.

I think for me this was a 4 star book. View all 3 comments. Dec 17, Teresasloveosbooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: OMG Michelle I need this book!!!!!!!!! Michelle how much longer do I have to suffer??? Apr 20, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: Rock My Bed was some hot smutty lovin'. Now I would totally love a bad boy with tats and shit.. I have no idea. I haven't dated a guy with piercings or tats I have been dying all day since I wrote the review for the first book to dive into the next book or three because two were novellas of this series! Riff is basically like any typically and cliche rock stars: Everything changes when Aubrey comes into the picture.

She is Lane's best friend who also works in marketing.

Rocks In My Bed

She has a thing for bad guys insert eye roll because you know what's coming next don't ya?? Once she meets Riff, she goes crazy. She instantly wants him and he feels the same. Their chemistry was insane and of course, for some super odd reason, they think a one night stand would totally cure them. Overall, I really enjoyed reading about these two. I also enjoyed the novellas before and after this book but I'm too hyped up on all the books I've read that I really just wanted to knock this review out. Honestly I really enjoyed their relationship because of how real their connection grew to be.

They seem to have a normal one that definitely hits a ton of bumps and shit but they work through it. I loved the ending of this book and I can't wait to read the next one. Jan 10, Nikki Groom rated it really liked it Shelves: Now, I will admit, I love Noel!!

I have been converted!! Riff has well and truly Rocked my Socks!!! Little did he know, when the Oreo loving bad boy gave the firey redhead that little shiny golden ticket, that it would change everything. Rock My Bed takes us back to the beginning with all the characters that we know and have come to love.

It's told from the perspe Now, I will admit, I love Noel!! It's told from the perspective of both Riff and Aubrey while still following the story of Black Falcon on tour. We all know they meet backstage after a gig and the sparks fly! Boy do the sparks fly! These two are the epitome of Hot!! Kinky, smouldering, kindle catching on fire HOT!! But, don't be fooled, this is not all sex and no story. There is an amazing emotional depth to both the characters and the whole story in general. The self deprecating rocker, feels worthy of nothing positive and has a hard time dealing with his feelings.

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So, the easiest way to do this is to try and forget all the bad things and just do what makes him forget Rock out and have sex! It's not until Aubrey peaks his interest that it makes him question if this is the way he wants to do things for the rest of his life. It's not going to be plain sailing though. As much as he wants Aubrey, the secrets of his past remind him that he's no good for her and he thinks he's unworthy of any kind of love.

I'm not good for you kitten. Trust me, I'm a one man heart wrecking crew. Who wouldn't want to be her!! Having always fallen for bad boys who break her heart, she has become one tough chica and decided she just wants some fun. I don't think this ever truly happens for a woman as we crave the physical and emotional intimacy. She is tired of the meaningless encounters and decides it may just be time to settle down.

With this in mind she thinks one last fling with the sexy guitarist will get it all out of her system and she can start looking for Mr Reliable how boring does that sound! We all know that once you've had expensive champagne, you wouldn't want to go back to wine in a box now would you?!!

See a Problem?

For her last hoorah, she decideds to set some ground rules I determine the time and the place. You have to make me want you. NO falling in love " Their chase was so much fun she could have almost had me following her rules! Sexy, sassy, confident with a kinky side to them both, their relationship was both exciting and heartbreaking. I wanted to bang their heads together for not giving in to the chemistry that is as plain as the nose on your face! But, you could see why the reasoning behind their decisions made sense to them. A bed rockin' 4 stars!!! Dec 10, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was totally surprised by Riff.

I was not expecting what I got. I anticipated a angsty read full for him humping anything with tits, but what I got was a man that was so broken by his past that it made my heart hurt. Riff, guitarist for Black Falcon. A man that hands out golden tickets to groupies backstage [image error] And a man who covets his Oreo's because they remind him of something that he lost. But then he meets her. The professional looking girl backstage that says no. The girl t I was totally surprised by Riff. The girl that is going to make him work for it - chase it. One night is all he thinks he needs to get her out of his system.

But Aubrey is has had her shares of bad-boys. She is certain her life needs the to change and she needs safe. But she can't get Riff out of her head. She knows he will Rock Her Bed, so one last hurrah won't do any damage - right? One night full of sexing it up didn't work. RIff and Aubrey were certain they just needed to get each other out of their systems.

But they find themselves texting, talking and seeing each other as time allows between her work and his tour. But Riff has self-doubt about whether he deserves to be loved or even if he can love something without destroying it. Riff had a rough life and a secret that he needs to open up about, but he is worried she will run if she knows. If she figures out how she can do so much better than the rock star known for being a man-whore. Aubrey has her work cut out for her.

She has a moody rock star in her bed, her thoughts and one that is sliding into her heart. I adored Lanie and Noel's story. It was unexpected in such a good way. I love a good broken guy - even better that he is a rock star. Riff's layers were peeled back and you saw a vulnerable guy. I loved that this overlapped along with book one.

It also allows you to see what happens aver Rock The Band. Michelle Valentine has made us swoon for yet another rock star. View all 8 comments. Must admit I was a bit nervous going into this one as in the first 2 books I did not like Riff. I thought am I going to be able to read about a character I detest???

Well the answer was yes and yes I did really enjoy his story. In fact, this made his behaviour understandable to a certain degree. It was fab to get his back story and such a sad story it was too. I felt for the poor guy, he is extremely broken, carries a lot of guilt around and believes that he is unlovable, as every 4 shiny stars!! I felt for the poor guy, he is extremely broken, carries a lot of guilt around and believes that he is unlovable, as everyone he loves leaves.

Aubrey was a great character anyway and she just made the book!! We knew all about her anyways so not much more was revealed but the way that she carried herself in this book was great. She does make a few shaky decisions that I could have throttled her for but then as usual, they come to their senses eventually. Why anybody thinks they should end up with somebody safe that they have no physical or emotional attraction to is beyond me, whether they are a bad boy or not love should be the most important. Riff does not get off scot free either, he also makes some crazy decisions but luckily for him his band mates make him see the light!!

The thing that made Riff for me during this book is what he asked Aubrey to call him when they were together..

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The instant messaging and texting between the two of them is super sweet and at points hilarious and adds to their relationship. These two were meant for each other and you felt that coming off the page, Riff was greatly misunderstood in the first two books and I am so glad that we got to see the real Riff in this one.

This book does not carry on from the last but actually from the Las Vegas concert, this is fab as we get some questions answered that were outstanding from the first book. So looking forward to the twins story too, we saw them a lot more in this book and they are highly entertaining and extremely interesting…think there could be a lot of fun to be had with these two, especially if Michelle is taking us down a more kinky side with her writing. Cannot wait for the next instalment!! Vulgar language will be used in this post, which I don't normally do.

Please stop reading if that may bother you. I'm not going to hide the fact I've only read a few pages of this novel. God knows I have plenty of the genre on my kindle, from my mad one-clicking days. What I am not looking for , at any point or time is: A Hero who disrespects women , using the dashing "your tits are amazing" as an opener, followed by giving the woman a pass to his room so he could fuck her brains out for the night. A hero who is certain this type of proposition and behavior is simply irresistible because, rock sex god or whateve.

I don't want to read of a hero like this falling in love and being redeemed, I need to read about a hero like that being slapped and perhaps even put in jail for harassment , thank you very much! It's the heart part the sealed the deal for me. Are you fucking kidding me?! The only danger is to his balls. The mere fact this woman can still find this man compelling is just beyond me. Nov 12, Michele Realitybitesblog rated it it was amazing.

She got the golden ticket!

Okay I had to get that out of my system before starting! I had a very hard time putting down this book. I had to read more and more about Riff! Do I dare say that I love Riff more than Noel?? I absolutely adored Riff! Hot, sexy, mohawk wearing, bad b 4. Hot, sexy, mohawk wearing, bad boy rocker that will melt your panties off your body He is a total man-whore, but has a wonderful heart, even if he thinks it is totally broken and unworthy of love.

Riff never thought he would want anything more with a woman besides a quick screw, but one look and taste of Aubrey; he can't resist her. I loved reading his inner struggles with the feelings he has for Aubrey. It made my gut twist and I wanted to reach in the book and just hug him! I was so touched by the reason he loves his Oreo's so much!!

I don't want to spoil that for the reader. But I was melting. His struggle with it more on the friend side , but seeing his pov was awesome! That is what I loved most about her. She wasn't some wimpy I loved that she gave him a run for his money and made him work for her. She wanted to be remembered, even if he didn't want her for the long hall, he was going to remember her. Even going so far as giving him rules to follow! And also his response! They both fight their feelings not wanting to get hurt or hurt one another.

I loved the push and pull. Then the realization of love and the journey it takes them to get to their happily ever after. The bedroom scenes are smoking hot!!! Michelle's writing had my mouth watering and panting all over the place!

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Michelle did a wonderful job telling this story. It sucked in my attention and wouldn't let me go. I actually think there is so much more that could be told with this story. Maybe she is planning a novella to elaborate. God, I freaking hope so! Feb 10, Autumn Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: I fell in love with them, like I knew I would. I'm going to start with Riff.

Riff, aka Zach, is truly a complex character. He's funny, cocky, wounded, and definitely sexy. In the first book we learn that Riff's past was rough, but we don't know the details until this book. His past plays a big part in how guarded he is with relationships. It's difficult for him to let people get too close.

Aubrey tests his boundaries though. He's never met anyone like her and he's determined to have her.

Rock My Bed

Sure, it starts off as a physical attraction, but after one night with her, he can't stop thinking about her. I loved Aubrey in the first book. It appeared that she was just in for a good time with Riff, and she was initially. She never expected that she would fall for him. He's exactly the kind of guy she's trying to avoid getting involved with. She's been hurt in the past by "bad" boys like Riff, so she has a hard time trusting that they could have something real.

What I loved about them as a couple was that they were both so openly vulnerable with each other. It may seem like they played push and pull for a bit, but during that time they get to know each other. Tell My Pretty Baby. Jumpin' Tonight Midnight Rockin'.

Blues Jump the Rabbit. The Sun Is Shining. Jumpin' at the Jubilee. Still in the Dark. The Chill Is On. Track Listing - Disc 4. Shake, Rattle and Roll. You Know I Love You.

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