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The colorful maple and gingko leaves highlighting the main temple, a national treasure, are a must-see.

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Minoh is one of Kansai's premier fall foliage spots. People flock here every year to see stunning red and yell Nagano Park comprises five park districts spreading at the foot of Mt.

Visit your favorite place and en Decorate the four seasons of kinds, and , of flowers and trees. There are many playgrounds for chil The park is a reminder of the friendship extended to Francisco de Xavier by a wealthy merchant of Sakai in the Luxury time travel To rest your eyes on the traditional beauty of the Japanese garden. The park's athletic stadium is the venue for the Osaka International Ladies Marathon.

A huge botanical garden A park with a rose garden and zelkova-lined street as well as a Tennis Center that hosts international competi Pick your own seasonal taste. Come enjoy freshly-fallen, all-natural chestnuts!

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Enjoy freshly harvested Shiitake mashrooms at the BBQ style restaurant nearby. This park lets visitors enjoy pick-your-own produce harvesting, barbeques, and al fresco cooking all in the mi This farm features Akihime and Asuka Ruby strawberries, grown with care by hand. On the Maishima Sports Island, visitors can enjoy not only tennis, baseball, auto camping and barbecuing, but Enjoy the beauty of waterfalls sparkling in the sunlight filtering through foliage.

Take a tour around the wat Toyono Cosmos-no-Sato 0 Toyono Town's famous flower field colored in pink can be enjoyed in autumn. Millions of cosmos flowers swaying in breeze create a captivating scene. Some tips for a more enjoyable stay in Osaka! Let us help you have a more comfortable stay. See Osaka's scenery changes seasonally, presenting four distinct and beautiful sets of scenery.

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  8. Thanks Yasu, penguin parade will be awesome! Must check timetable hahaha.. And yes, I've done my research: Do you know how and where I can take this cruise? I have updated my "itinerary" How does this look? I'm of course worried that it's too busy, LOL. Also, transport-wise, is that covered by the 2-day pass?

    Sky Umeda Floating Garden Observatory 10am. Osaka Museum of History.

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    I've arranged the Nakanoshima area and illumination for another day instead, without the pass. Thank you everyone for your help: There are some different type of boats in Nakanoshima park but most boats leave at Nakanoshima rose port which is located in north of rose garden in Nakanoshima park except for renaissance illumination cruising boat!! There will be some illumiantions in front of Osaka city hall as well!! There will be 3D projection mapping on Osaka city central public hall in Nakanoshima park too.

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    We will be visiting the Art Museum first before making our way around town. How do we get to the Art Museum from Yodoyabashi Sta? Or is there another closer station that will bring us there? We are no longer using the Osaka Pass for our Nakanoshima trip.