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Ultimately, though, Salvage is a character-driven novel where I didn't feel much for the characters. I love the world Duncan has created and I wish she had spent more time detailing this universe to the reader and exploring intriguing plot devices within the different nooks and crannies of her richly imagined future.

Instead, I found myself flipping these pages rather dully, looking up with excitement from time to time but mostly reading this as a disengaged individual. Salvage isn't a spectacular debut and for fans of science-fiction, I wouldn't recommend this. On the other hand, though, if you're just looking for an innovative new read, this novel does the trick. View all 10 comments. Jul 29, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Salvage Alexandra Duncan's debut illustrates a richly detailed world that vividly shows a possible future of Earth where society has both regressed and progressed, where the struggles of humanity have become more dire, but where love still remains.

Everything--from the world to the characters--felt viscerally real. Aug 16, Saniya marked it as to-read. With one life-altering decision, a sixteen-year-old girl from an isolated community in space is exiled to the over-populated and crumbling Earth. LOL, I might read this just to figure the story out. How could I have resisted a gorgeous, intriguing cover like that? Of course, the cover had lured me to give this book a shot. I didn't finish this book.

That doesn't mean this was a bad book! It just wasn't a book for me. With its elegant, descriptive and poetic writing , it was no wonder Salvage had not really interested me. I do appreciate and love how authors can write this beautifully, but I much prefer simple writing to get me into How could I have resisted a gorgeous, intriguing cover like that? I do appreciate and love how authors can write this beautifully, but I much prefer simple writing to get me into the story and the characters.

Other people might find this type of writing to be the book's asset , even. In addition to this writing, Salvage also had some odd terms and names. They're not your ordinary, odd-spelled names--they're practically sentences in themselves. To sum it up, it was the writing style that led this book to my DNF shelf.

I also find the heroine to be quite immature.

Raising the Kursk - SMIT Salvage

She made decisions too quickly and never bothered to think of the consequences. I guess this is also why the romance moved on a bit too fast for my liking. If you're a fan of this type of writing, you can go on and find more redeeming qualities from this novel. I don't think I got far enough to find any of Salvage 's better aspects.

I did like where the plot was going by the time I stopped --things were heating up and were getting exciting--but I just couldn't go on with this type of writing. View all 5 comments. Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change. Morgan, a so girl who lives on the ship Parastrata, doing chores that women need to do.

Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the small ones. Seeing her childhood crush, Luck was a mistake because does something that is scandalized and has her cast a An Electronic Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for review. Seeing her childhood crush, Luck was a mistake because does something that is scandalized and has her cast away from the ship forever.

Will she be able to pick up the pieces and move on with her own life? How will she when all she knows is the ship life? Women are meant to be breeders, to serve the men. They also don't think or read. But Morgan wants these things. She wants to solve problems and become a fixer.

Having a character that is so thoroughly innocent and grows up to be stronger and independent is just wonderful to see. When the Epic Reads ladies said these would be A renaissance culture set in the deep turn of space, Salvage is one incredible journey. Unique and fulfilling, I thought it was beautifully written. Oct 11, Katie Walton rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn't realize I had preconceived notions about what to expect from a society confined to a space ship, but then Alexandra Duncan started ripping them away and instead she gives me polygamists- in space.

Ava has lived her entire life in deep space, traveling along merchant routes with her Crewe. The women of the ship must all work constantly to be virtuous, productive and demure. Ava's pretty good at living by the rules, and almost as good at breaking them wi Polygamists. Ava's pretty good at living by the rules, and almost as good at breaking them without getting caught.

When Ava eventually does get caught it brings an abrupt end to life as she knows it. This one is for the junior anthropologists, the sociologists and the space cadets. Sci-fi fans will eat this up and come back begging for seconds!! This isn't just a book, this is a journey through hardship and love and personal growth.

This book stands out in part because it stands alone, the whole complex and sordid plot fits into one volume. Oh but I hope there's more to come. I yearn to discover Miyole's story and after you read this, I'm betting you will too!! Mar 04, Tina added it Shelves: From the very first pages I was intrigued because she was haughty about being so girl and I knew that wasn't going to last.

Salvage, Newfoundland and Labrador

I was also intrigued by her curiosity, her boldness despite the harsh society in which she lived. And this determination carries throughout the book. I said something similar of the main character in Tin Star, but I'll say it again: It's hard not to respect and admire a character who goes through such tough circumstances and comes out alive and well and able to take care of not only herself, but another dependent.

From the rigid gender-oriented decks of the Parastrata and some of the less rigid decks of other ships to the floating, kind community of the Gyre to futuristic Mumbai, this book is like no other YA novel that I've read in terms of the scope of its settings. It's also very easy to imagine the different jobs that someone could have in the various societies. And if Duncan ever chose to expand on this universe, I certainly wouldn't complain. There's a lot of world-building here, and a lot more that could still come too because it's so well-developed.

It was always about choice, despite others trying to strip that from Ava. Even when the book does focus on romance, it doesn't take long for us to know the consequences - to feel that underlying tension - or realize what's looming on the horizon This book has a beautiful empowering feel and plenty to discuss on the above topics Duncan expertly points out the differences in class among all the societies that she's created and it's all so very real. Of course Ava's character was not in much of a position to know this information, but that doesn't mean that I as a reader wouldn't crave it. Especially with such a highly advanced world colonies?

The Earthen technology and well developed settings. Also is there no governing society with laws to ensure that these kind of infringements happen? I mean, all the merchant ships - if they are transporting goods to colonies, wouldn't there be some regulation? And the other crewes recognize how strange Parastrata's very rigid patriarchal society is. Anyway, none of this took away my enjoyment of the novel. And despite the fact that it's about Ava growing from her starting point in a severely male-dominated society, very rigid gender roles and all, it is the female characters that rule the day in this book.

For me at least and I loved the different strengths Duncan portrayed in them. Alexandra Duncan does a fantastic job at incorporating sensual details. She's also invented some brilliant slang for the futuristic world that never seemed too much to me and was easy to understand from the get-go.

Readers who are wary of dialects ought to try an excerpt of the novel to see if it works for them too. There's always something happening, to be sure, like world-building and character building and etc. But since so much happens to Ava in the course of the novel, and with many different societies to explore, I felt the page weight as I was reading. Very eye-catching, some sci-fi, and a tagline that works to show the book as a whole. Such unique settings Parastrata the ship, the Gyre, and futuristic Mumbai! This is the sort of novel that I wish I'd read in high school.

I'm definitely going to look out for more from this author. Wonderful literary science fiction that I'd recommend to fans of Matched, Tin Star, and Across the Universe among others. The feel of this book - literary, personal growth, empowering, mostly focused on MC - reminds me of the feel in Not a Drop to Drink - there might be some crossover crowd there, despite the different topics.

The epic scope of the world, plus the multiple plot threads, reminds me of Tin Star. Ava's character growth - the emphasis on choice and free will too - and some bits of the romance reminds me of that freeing feel in Matched. Ava's struggle to learn how to fit in Earthen society, compared to the sheltered world she'd known, might appeal to fans of Under the Never Sky , with Aria's character arc. There are also the obvious comparisons to Across the Universe and Starglass.

The Edelweiss page also suggested that Salvage fit fans of The Handmaid's Tale - which I count myself among - and I would mostly agree with that assertion Still the comparison rings true. Jan 20, Elena rated it liked it. Jun 20, Olga Kowalska WielkiBuk rated it liked it. It is not an easy task to create a young adult novel, in dystopian future with feminist ideas in it.

Yet, Alexandra Duncan managed to do so pretty well. It is a fascination story, symbolic and full of interesting concepts, too chaotic at times, but still exciting for younger readers. Jun 26, Ben Babcock rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

See a Problem?

There is something to be said for aspirational science fiction. I singled out The Martian as such. And despite its beginnings, there is definitely much that is inspirational about Salvage. It took a while for that to come into focus. At the start of the book, I was intrigued but not impressed. Alexandra Duncan manages to portray a believable world aboard a spaceship where the patriarchy has gone into overdrive.

Still, like I said: Why read another book about how the Earth has gone to shit and men are treating women even more poorly than they do now? Why not read a book where women are even more kickass than they already are and are sorting things out like they can totally do? Science fiction can give that to us. When I look at what this novel actually is, and the story Duncan actually tells, there is a lot to like about it. Ava is a complex protagonist, likeable and unlikeable in turns as she grows and comes out of the shell erected around her by the cult of her upbringing.

The characters who surround her are not always as complicated, nor is the worldbuilding much to remark upon; however, Duncan makes up for this in a richness of language, description, and emotional beats. Once I realized the Parastrata is a cult, rather than an example of the wider society, Salvage got much, much better. Essentially it means we need to look at Ava like someone who needs deprogramming from intensive brainwashing—all the more so because she grew up in this atmosphere.

Her flaws suddenly have this additional layer to them: In each of these cases, Ava apprehends a new way of looking at the world. She also learns more about herself, for as each character challenges her ingrained worldview, she must decide which aspects of their philosophy to make her own, and which ones to reject. We all do this every day of our lives, of course, but in Ava the process is much more obvious, for she is in constant flux and crisis as a result of her flight from the Parastrata. I wish the characters had felt like more than mentors and examples, though.

Miyole is an exception, and with good reason. Rushil probably annoys me the most. He seems shoehorned in as a love interest and alternative to Luck. That climactic moment when Ava must choose, after spending much of the book pining after, then searching for, her once-beloved, is very powerful. Similarly, Soraya basically functions as another mother figure for Ava, or maybe a kind of older sister: The wider world of Salvage , too, suffers from this kind of glistening indistinctness.

Parastrata has exaggerated the toxic nature of the planet, especially for women, and Mumbai seems like a thriving urban centre. In particular, Duncan does little to outline the state of technology. There are apparently colonies elsewhere … in the solar system? Similarly, there are spaceships capable of traversing such distances, as well as smaller ships capable of suborbital flight.

But we get little sense of technological progress beyond that. Nevertheless, Duncan errs too much in favour of such reserve. There are some moments in this I just love. Ava rising to the occasion to take care of Miyole. The feeling of betrayal when Ava discovers that her grandfather joined the Parastrata crew as an anthropologist and fathered her mother essentially as a way to stick around rather than through any attachment.

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The corresponding feeling of relief when she discovers Soraya nevertheless feels responsible and even warm to Ava. So there are many feelings simmering beneath the surface of Salvage , and I have many feelings as a result. For all these great aspects, Salvage strikes me as quite rough. Salvage was one of the toughest books to read, the beginning was what I struggled with the most. I could understand why these two characters would assume that they were going to be married to one another and why they would d Salvage was one of the toughest books to read, the beginning was what I struggled with the most.

Despite not liking this world that Ava was bought up in Upside, I was glad to see Ava was given the chance to make the most out of her life away from Space side. But thankfully Ava did manage to grow into her own character and fully grasp and take advantage of what was available to her. Also this is when we were introduced to two fantastic characters in Perpetue and Miyole. Perpetue and Miyole were exactly what Ava needed, they both took her on no questions asked and when she was still suffering from what had happened above.

I was too still kind of freaking out about it.

But for me this is also when the book picked up for me incredibly, we got to experience Ava on an incredible journey trying to make a life for herself, but being able to through help in unexpected places such as Rushil. Rushil was the sweetest person ever, he took Ava in when she was a complete stranger and helped her when things were tight for him too. But then slowly Rushil started winning me over, that I was like Luck who? But then when Ava went on to try and find Luck I wanted her to find him and be with him all over again. But at the end of the day I think Ava made the best decision possible.

Despite this love triangle I was relatively able to enjoy Salvage; I enjoyed the chapters that Duncan wrote in Mumbai and the culture that Ava was able to take in. This review can be found on The Readers Den Oct 01, Kelly rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed reading this book. At first i was confused by the author's writing but then after a while I got used to it and found it really original.

The world building was pretty good and I liked getting to know these "crewes" even though the one she lived in was really unfair to women. At least, there were some great characters i enjoyed getting to know and the storyline was interesting. The thing i didn't like though was view spoiler [the fact that Luke got married to Lel I really enjoyed reading this book.

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The thing i didn't like though was view spoiler [the fact that Luke got married to Lell -or whatever her name was- and got her pregnant so quickly while Ava was strugling to heal from her travel in space. Yes, I'm glad he's okay and I loved him in the beginning of the book, but now I'm just glad she has Rushil to herself. He's such a sweet and funny guy. And he has tattoos, so that's just a bonus. You can find this review on my bookblog: May 10, J. Johansson rated it it was amazing. I felt like I was reading something totally new and I don't get to experience that very often.

She learns and grows and goes through SO much! It was a wild ride and I loved every minute of it! Jul 01, Soumi added it Shelves: It has its merits and demerits. The author did an laudable chore in describing futuristic Mumbai, but the story was dragged more than it required, causing me to die several times in boredom. Dec 22, Dark Faerie Tales rated it liked it Shelves: Salvage is a good book, but judging on all the praise in the Amazon description, I had higher hopes and was not very impressed.

The morning before our ship, Parastrata, docks at the skyport, I rise early. Salvage is the story of a girl ostracized from her ship in space.

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Forced away from her love interest and onto the harsh earth, she must learn to survive the gravity of the planet, take care of an orphaned girl, and learn to love again. It was hard to get into any of the first chapters because I understood nothing — although I began to see what was happening by page thirty something, before that I was not really getting it.

In my opinion they fell for each other way to fast. Now they are meeting again, and somehow both of them are still starstuck? Their parents, both captains, have supposedly bethrothed them, but still. At least their relationship takes more than a few pages to develop! He also has flaws, secrets in his past, and in my eyes it works in his favor: Luck was to perfect, not a very believable character. Yes, there is space travel. Yes, earth is different from present earth. My feelings for this book were in no way bad — just eh, the whole way through.

The ending was slightly more entertaining but moved rather fast. Altogether Salvage was an okay novel, but nothing I would reread later on. I had such high hopes starting this one and I felt a little let down by the end. Worse comes to worse, you have a beautiful book cover to display from your shelf! This is different, a slower burn what builds and builds, as if our lips our amplifying the charge between us the longer we stay linked.

I never thought anyone would touch me this way again, never thought my heart could carry the charge. I give deeper to the kiss, lost in the unexpected heat of it. Mar 20, Sarah Louise rated it liked it. I'm quite torn by this book. Despite my three star rating, I really did enjoy this futuristic exploration of survival on Earth. Salvage follows the escape of Ava, a young woman aboard the merchant spaceship, Parastrata, who is sentenced to death by her crew.

In a male-dominated environment, the Parastrata women are treated as unfit, obedient housemaids, with the sole purpose of performing chores and providing children. Although Ava harbours the natural ability of a mechanic, such tasks are restr I'm quite torn by this book.

Salvage by Alexandra Duncan

Although Ava harbours the natural ability of a mechanic, such tasks are restricted to men, forcing her to suppress her knowledge and, instead, tend to farm animals. Aside from being a story of survival in a corrupted society, Salvage is also a story about a young teenager learning and embracing her choices as a female, despite the messages ingrained from birth. But, here's the thing: The world was utterly confusing. Salvage immediately introduces a variety of terminology with zero explanation, which even after reading paragraphs multiple times, I could not comprehend.

After reading the language used in different contexts, I was better able to understand the parallel to modern day words, but because of this, the beginning of the story was extremely confusing. This page was last edited on 5 April , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar titles This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Salvage. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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