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Does not disable matchmaking behavior. Number of Pagers - The number of total pagers that may be answered before triggering the alarm. Still applies even when No Pager on Stealth Kill is disabled.

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Number per Player - The number of pagers a single player may answer before triggering the alarm. Matchmaking - When searching Crime.

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Download Silent Assassin This mod changes Payday 2's stealth gameplay changing the dynamic created by guards and pagers. Only the host must have the mod installed. Configuration Enable Silent Assassin - Enables and disables all pager stealth mechanics changes.

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No Pager on Stealth Kill - Kills to unalerted guards will not activate a pager. Require - Lobby must have Silent Assassin enabled to be visible in Crime. Avoid - Lobby must not have Silent Assassin enabled to be visible in Crime. Both - Do not care if the lobby has Silent Assassin enabled or not. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. If you can't kill the whole map because of cameras, you're just a stealth failure.

You get seen, you fail.

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Originally posted by SodaCake Last edited by Jostabeere ; 27 May I was playing with a low level on a First World Bank the other day. Things were good, was enjoying the sweet sweet stealthy vibes, then he opened the camera room and killed the guy.

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Then he used the cameras. I guess it was some kind of "Bain is tapped into the cameras" mod or something, but still. The United States of America. View Profile View Posts. Duke View Profile View Posts. The developers and community see this mod as a cheat I personally think it only is when you set the setting too easy but like Carry Stacker no one can prevent you from doing that. Last edited by marijn ; 27 May Ripper View Profile View Posts. It always interests me how people divide mods and cheats.

Like meth helper for example,it gives players a straight benefit and yet its not considered a cheat.

Silent Assassin

SA also gives an advantage but I guess it crosses the invisible wall of "well thats too much,its a cheat". How do people draw that line is something I just wont understand I guess cx. For me judging if something is a cheat only by how much it helps the player is a bad idea Originally posted by Ripper:. Last edited by Jostabeere ; 27 May 1:

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