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Lord of the Pies: A Kensington Palace Chef Mystery - download pdf or read online.

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While Carrie Ann Cole bakes a lemon meringue pie to die for that truly kills a person, she needs to discover who the genuine killer is ahead of her time on the Kensington Palace expires. A long-shot named Danielle Renaud.

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Lilly Marsh is a beautiful Mi'kmaq Crown attorney working on Danielle's side of the law. Could her own ambitions be so lofty that she'd sabotage her best friend's case to further her own career? Though it might not matter since Danielle might get done in by her own inexperience first-if she doesn't learn quickly from her mistakes, that is. As Danielle unveils the depths of her complicated case layer by layer, she must decipher where to put her trust and learn some valuable lessons, or she too might end up getting slayed. After all, not all slayings are of the body.

RCMP OFFICER FLIPS ME THE BIRD!?! Canadian Policing at its finest

Some are of the heart and soul. Paperback , pages. Constable Danielle Renaud 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Slayer , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jun 28, Megan added it Shelves: Whoa; here's something I wasn't expecting.

I purchased The Slayer primarily so I could get free shipping for a recent book order. At the time I ordered it, I was not even sure that it was a mystery. Because it was almost certainly printed by CreateSpace, I assumed it to be self-published under the aegis of Frisson Books.

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  • The Slayer (RCMP Constable Danielle Renaud #1) by Nadine LaPierre.
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So far so good. The prol Whoa; here's something I wasn't expecting.

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The prologue—although just as unnecessary as most prologues, was written better and held my interest better than most. But I think Danielle is a more rounded, more-professionally written character than Carol. And she has a good backstory. She has a habit of speaking her ideas into a tape recorder; a convincing and fairly unique motif.

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In fact, once you get through the first dozen chapters and figure out who the characters are, The Slayer is a pretty remarkable book. On loan from her department to the Special Crimes Unit, Danielle is assigned to look into a cold case—the death of a nurse a year and a half before. Danielle digs into this seemingly impossible-to-solve case and manages to dig up a few new facts no one else had been able to find, while trying to juggle a personal life that includes no less than five women dancing around each other like mating birds.

Misdirections abound—but they are misdirections well conceived. The reader along with Danielle learns a lot about forensics and psychology without the author making us think of homework. Danielle's knowledge of different types of data searches gets a bit forced, but everything else—including a knowledge of veterinary supplies and types of drugs—are spot-on believable. And hey, LaPierre knows her way around the bedroom, too; you can look forward to a couple of delicious sex scenes that are almost worth the price of the book plus shipping. The author takes a lot of chances and almost always gets away with what she attempts.

The plot often careens like a tilt-a-whirl, but rather than thinking that there might be a method to the madness, I suspect that there is genius in that madness instead. The Slayer is simply one of the most well-plotted books I have ever read. Add this to a plethora of interesting characters and a total lack of typos, and you have the makings of a must-read. But the book is not all gold and emeralds. It is difficult at times to figure out who is romancing who, a couple of these relationships are not properly brought to a close, there are a few clumsy point of view shifts, needless dream sequences are thrown in here and there, and don't even get me started on the last paragraph!

All in all, though, it is an exciting and well-written mystery.

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I recommend this book pretty highly and wish the author would tweak it just a bit. As it is now, I'll call it 3. I read what is almost certainly the first printing of this book. See my full reviews of over other Lesbian Mystery novels at http: Jan 12, Megan rated it it was ok Shelves: There were elements in this book that were well done - I got a few surprises and the mystery was actually pretty well plotted out with a fair number of reasonable red herrings.

I didn't figure it out before the author wanted me to the big reveal This is intended to be a series and some of the stuff could have revealed in later books, other stuff just wasn't relevant to the story at hand. Despite the length, I never really got a good sense of Danielle and, other than Nathalie, I really didn't like any of the other characters. May 05, Grumpy Rat rated it did not like it Shelves: This trash is not fun.

Aug 09, Amy rated it it was amazing. I can't remember the last time I gave a book an "amazing" rating but this book deserves it. The plot, the characters, the setting, the author's writing style, it all comes together to create one great read.

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About halfway through right through to the end I was so into it I hated to put it down. A long-shot named Danielle Renaud. But be careful what you wish for What starts off as a thrilling new assignment for Danielle quickly turns into a nightmare as everything around her once predictable life begins to unravel-including her same-sex relationship. Lilly Marsh is a beautiful Mi'kmaq Crown attorney working on Danielle's side of the law.