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How to satisfy this generations needs in harmony with nature while making sure that future generations will also be able to satisfy their needs. Our permaculture farm is designed to provide food for ourselves and our visitors. We see our role as the guardians and protectors of this beautiful pristine area. We also work in collaboration with a local wildlife rescue center to re-introduce wild animals into the forest and form part of a grassroots organisation called the Guardians of the Forest ,which coordinates ranger patrols and environmental education on a local level.

Learn about our farm, how it works, and we will make sure that it stays in your memories. Have a look inside the Planet One World organization. The breakfasts were delicious, we stayed for a 10 days and had a different breakfast nea… Read more. Me and my partner had an absolutely wonderful stay at the farm. The hosting was brillant - including the breakfast. The work the family does for the farm is just amazing and stunning.

I would totally recommend a stay for everyone who loves nature, appreciates jungle sounds and is… Read more. The host canceled this reservation 6 days before arrival. This is an automated posting.

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The stay at Jury and Ken's farm was absolutely unforgettable. Ken created a real paradise out of nothing. He gave us very interesting tours of his farm and the trails of the rainforest and we also did a tour to the village of the native bribri people and the beautiful waterfall … Read more. This experience to One Farm in P.

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As with any ambitious plan, there were, of course, problems. Most notably was the fact that the UN as an organization knew little to nothing about farming, research, or distribution of perishables on a worldwide scale. They were starting completely cold, and many detractors claimed this would doom the program for sure. But the UN was equally adamant about their ambitious program, which was seen by many to be the first step in creating the first real Global Empire on Earth, and a feather the UN wanted for their own cap.

Early on, Keith came across a map that showed Worldfarm One itself, superimposed over the Brasilian landscape. Worldfarm One, named thus because it was the first of the Worldfarms to be operational, covered huge tracts of acreage in what had once been the Amazon rainforest, and quite a bit of the Amazon river basin itself. The choice of area had been an easy one, since these areas had already been razed by Brasilian entrepreneurs for its tropical hardwoods, and were rapidly on their way to becoming the Amazon desert when the UN stepped in. Worldfarm One had already managed to reclaim vast stretches of ruined land for their plantation fields, hydroponic and aeroponic systems, tree farms and controlled environments.

After only three years from commission, the project was providing a major crop to the UN distribution system, including seven new strains of popular vegetables, a new fast-growing hardwood, and even two officially manmade products, the hardy but tasteless Southern Potato, and the notorious Coci bean. Keith expected to be part of these research teams, working to create new foods and growing methods, as well as trying to remove some of the drawbacks of the existing ones.

At least, that was what he had studied for… and he hoped he would not be placed in a marginal position and left to rot himself. The main complex for Worldfarm One was situated a few dozen kilometers from Manaus, an old city in the northern region of Brasil. It was no Brasilia, but then again, that was not necessarily a bad thing: Brasilia had not quite managed to get rid of the incredible overpopulation and pollution problems it had learned from its neighbors in the northern hemisphere, despite UN aid in the right direction, and now Brasilia was slowly crumbling away, much like the old cities in North America and Europe.

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Manaus, on the other hand, had grown at a much more relaxed pace, and had weathered well. It was a comfortable city to visit, and from the travelogue-like images he saw, Keith thought he could live there happily… especially with a good salary boosting him along. It took him a moment to switch over to a voice com line, because he did not want to lose his place on the Inet searches.

I just wanted to make sure you made it. Keith realized he was listening to an English accent… or was it Australian? Where should I meet you? He relieved himself, then went to the sink to wash his hands. Once his hands were dry, he picked up the bag and headed for the door. As he reached the door, he casually dropped the bag containing his old Mik into a nearby trashcan. With any luck, it would be unnoticed and burned with the rest of the trash.

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Keith followed the signs and arrows to gate The gate was in a lesser part of the airport, on the ground level beyond the larger gates of the full-size passenger wings. Keith assumed that some of the government jets must use these gates, because they were the least used.

He did not expect to see, two minutes later, a small jet rolling up to a stop thirty meters from the gate. The jet was a Rutan Starshuttle, the kind of jets that private corporations used. It had the UN seal on its side, and the usual identifying markings, and that was all. At least, he realized, it smelled better out here than inside. The door on the port side of the jet opened up presently, and a man in a white suit stepped out. The man was older than Keith, but not much, and in pretty good shape from all appearances.

Keith picked up his bags and walked out into the Houston air. Keith decided to allow a bit of truth into his reply. I only finished school recently. No, just has a short shelf life.

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There were only twelve seats, six to a side, and each was a large, comfortable affair with swivel mounts, side tables and some type of intelligence system, including an input port for his Mik, mounted on the armrest. The walls were carpeted almost as thickly as the floors, and even with the door still open, the cabin was as quiet as a library. This thing takes off like an elevator. Keith obligingly sat down in the indicated seat, removing his Mik from its belt holster and putting it on the side table at his elbow, and put his seat belt on.

The jet was moving before he knew it, the door closing itself as they rolled back out to the runways. He glanced out the windows lining the sides, taking a good look at the main wing at the rear of the fuselage, and the small wings barely visible at the nose. When the jet was in position on the takeoff runway, Keith felt rather than heard the twin engines revving up.

He was pushed gently but firmly back into his seat, as the jet picked up speed and the roughness of the rolling acceleration increased with it. He noticed his Mik beginning to slide across the table, and he plucked it up and replaced it in his holster.

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Then, well before he had expected it, the jet seemed to leap into the air, pushing Keith down and tilting him back sharply. He felt like he was the axis the jet was turning upon, a very different sensation than traveling in airliners. Like I said before, very short shelf life; and this is the fastest way to get it home.

But we just happen to be going your way. Nothing incredible in themselves, but these happen to be an incredibly hardy strain… well, other than the fragility of the undeveloped cells. We wanted to try combining them with a few of our cocoa and barley strains, to see what we can get. A small kitchenette against the wall opposite the cabin door held a small cabinet of snack foods, a cooler of sandwiches and soups, a microwave heater, and assorted liquors in a larger cabinet below. Keith, working around Grant in the small space, found a healthy-sized roast beef sandwich, added some cheese and crackers to a plate, and poured himself a scotch and soda.

Then he returned to his seat with his plate and drink, followed by Grant right behind him. Then the UN made me a good offer. Funny part of it was, she probably would have been much better off just being Anglo. She was close enough to Puerto Vallarta that if she had kept her head, she probably would have been shooed into the old Anglo neighborhoods without being touched. Have you been out of the US before?

And outside of the Worldfarm, most everybody speaks Portuguese. I mean, people do all know English around there, and you will be able to communicate. But it would do you well to learn the local language. And practice your accent.

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Try to get the Anglo out of it. Like European English, or Aussie, or something. Grant looked at him, and took a sip from his drink before replying. The US is in the international doghouse around here, especially with the UN Anglos are not exactly being welcomed with open arms abroad. Most of the people at WF1 are pretty civilized.

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But there are always prejudiced people out there. You would do well to watch your back.