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Quiz: What films are these aliens from?

But can you match this iconic science fiction quote to the correct movie? Here's another extremely iconic line that first appeared in a movie that changed the landscape of science fiction movies forever. Considered one of science fiction's most iconic films, it's lines like these that really help set the movie apart from the pack.

The line is uttered in the first movie of the series, but it comes back again in the sequels, establishing itself as a bit of a catchphrase. This line is one of the most repeated science fiction quotes of all time, and for good reason. This quote was spoken by a very wise character in the series, and you can actually use this quote are real life advice in your day to day existence.

Lines like these are sadly lacking from some of the more recent movies in this franchise, but that doesn't diminish the memory of movies like this one. Here's another line that any self-respecting science fiction fan should be able to identify within seconds. True, this movie might be a little dated for some of our younger viewers to remember, but you really can't call yourself a true science fiction fan unless you've seen this epic movie. There are so many awesome things going on in this movie, but this particular quote deals with the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Here's another science fiction that almost everyone on Earth has seen, even if they don't like science fiction movies all that much. For this reason, this quote should be relatively easy to identify. The quote establishes the main premise of the movie - time travel. Time travel can be handled in many different ways, but this movie takes a very light-hearted and comedic approach to this science fiction subject.

Although this quote is uttered by a character who can essentially say only this phrase and nothing else, it's one of the most memorable lines. A lot can be interpreted from one's tone of voice and other details. This quote is from one of the most beloved new science fiction movie franchises. Here's a quote from another amazing science fiction movie, and this one is another extremely memorable film that most people have seen. This is another movie franchise that has enjoyed several sequels, the most recent coming out very recently indeed.

The film does not deal with time travel or space, but something different altogether.

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It's just as far fetched, however, although the movie does a great job of explaining how this could be possible through science. Here's one science fiction movie that tons of people have seen in recent years, and it won all kinds of awards. Although this movie didn't have too crazy of a plot, it was beautifully shot and every moment had you on the edge of your seat. The setting was what really made it amazing, and this was a post-apocalyptic desert where people fought for survival.

This iconic line was uttered by one of those warriors. Here's one quote that pretty much every science fiction fan will be able to remember. This question is a little different.

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We're going to give you the correct movie that it's from, and that's of course Star Trek: Wrath Of Khan, which was a movie spin-off of the original Star Trek series. But what we're not telling you is who said it, and that's going to be a problem you'll have to solve. Do you remember who said this iconic line? This is probably one of the most beautiful and touching monologues of any science fiction movie.

The imagery is so incredible, and the entire piece is almost poetic.

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The way this monologue is delivered by the actor lends heavily to the feeling of complete cinematic perfection when this scene takes place. It's spoken by a character who knows that he is about to die, and is looking back on all the moments he's experienced.

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Here's one movie that had a huge impact on popular culture, and this line is just one of the ways in which the movie really impacted our lives. In fact, a "redpill" has taken on a completely different meaning since this movie came out. When you say you're going to "redpill" someone on something, it means share the often reality-shattering truth on the subject. This is where that phrase comes from.

Here's one movie that has a special place in many a sci-fi lover's hearts. The movie was never really intended to be taken seriously, and instead seemed to parodize all of the ridiculous things about science fiction movies that fans hold dear. It wasn't offensive though, in fact it was rather endearing.

The movie provided a great opportunity to look back and laugh at ourselves and the crazy things we do. Here's another quote from a very famous science fiction movie series, although this particular line was uttered in one of the very first films in the series. The franchise has come a long way since then, and the entire brand has been rebooted in recent years. As such, you might not remember where this quote comes from, but there are certain clues within the quote itself that should help you. Here's another epic line from an equally epic movie, and it's probably the most memorable line from the entire franchise.

Like other catchphrases and famous lines in this movie, it's often repeated throughout the sequels and spin-offs. The scene starts off as a pretty tame one, and just as you think the tension has passed, all hell breaks loose. It's the beginning of an epic gunfight, and one hell of an action sequence. Here's another more recent science fiction movie that many of you will be able to identify without too much trouble. Unlike a few of the other movies on this list, this one is actually somewhat recent, so it should be easy for our younger readers especially.

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This movie is actually based off an earlier Japanese movie called Battle Royale, and the premises are extremely similar. Those of us who are really passionate science fiction fans definitely didn't miss the movie that included this quote, nor the TV series on which it was based. It was one of those cult classic series which unfortunately was cancelled. But fans were slightly cheered up by the release of this movie based on the TV series, which was actually a thrilling ride for everyone who saw it.

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Movies from this particular franchise have been getting a lot of flak recently from fans, and it's pretty understandable. The franchise was bought by Disney, and since then the movies have been going in a very different direction. But this one particular movie was seen by many as a light in the darkness - one redeeming feature of these new movies. Will Smith stars as Capt.

Steven Hiller in this movie, the top grossing movie in Hey, it's not every day you get to save the world AND punch tentacled aliens in the face! What movie is this? This movie features a DeLorean that looks like a spaceship but is actually a time machine, a jacket that looks like a life vest, and Michael J. Fox using the musical stylings of Eddie Van Halen to torture his future father. What's that movie title? Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Back to the Future. Easy kyleisalive Jul 13 11 plays. Average thejazzkickazz Aug 27 04 plays. Average kyleisalive Feb 16 11 plays. Easy thula2 Mar 17 16 plays.

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