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About half the trail has a dedicated right-of-way, but the rest still utilizes country roads and rural tracks, so use caution on these segments. Like the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, parts of the Oregon Coast Trail still follow other rights of way, mostly county roads.

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Stay on the shoulder wherever possible, observe posted warnings, and wear bright colors to enhance your visibility in frequent coastal fogs. Along the way, it passes through more than a dozen national parks and forests, including Glacier National Park. More than a dozen distinct biomes — from lowland deserts and scrubby steppes, to mountain forests including majestic sequoia and Douglas fir groves and alpine tundra — are represented here.

Much of the trail connects smaller segments and networks, such as the Finger Lakes Trail in New York and the Superior Trail in Minnesota, making it easy to take side trips off the main stretch. And the North Country Trail passes along or close to all five of the Great Lakes, plus countless smaller lakes, so there are plenty of water views to be had no matter where you are. Much of the North Country Trail runs along designated rights-of-way, but there are some busy road tandems and crossings.

Dixie Overland Highway at

Use cautions in busier sections near populated areas, especially near Lake Erie and in lower Michigan. As in Colorado, you should take a couple of days to acclimate here before jumping into the hike. Brian Martucci writes about frugal living, entrepreneurship, and innovative ideas.

The trail spends about miles in the park, so you can hike part or all of this length and double back, or use connecting trails inside and adjacent to the park to loop back to your starting point. Best Time to Go: Altitude and latitude play a huge role in any Appalachian Trail experience. The historic sites of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown are explored by both. The Shenandoah Valley hosts the route of U. Highway 11, which travels its length before crossing the Roanoke Valley towards the panhandle and Tennessee. Highway 52 skirts the panhandle, crossing from North Carolina to West Virginia.

Over 85 historical buildings, sites, houses, and other landmarks are described with detailed backgrounds and easy-to-use walking and driving maps. GPS coordinates are also provided for the more tech savvy traveler.

Historical Cities-Boston, Massachusetts

Historical information is based on the American Guide Series. Simple to use maps provide make a walking tour of the city's historic sites entertaining and educational. GPS coordinates are provided for the more tech savvy user. More than 50 sites are identified, with text backgrounds based on the 's and 40's American Guide Series. Along its journey, it passes through the capital of Raleigh and past the industrial mines which produced coal and gold. Driving maps and GPS Coordinates are provided for all listed historic sites. This territory is rich in American Colonial history, with many references to the sailing trade which once flourished here.

Highways 1, 27, 90, and through the State, examining a cross-section of Florida and providing a wealth of historical information along the way. Also included is U. Highway 41 along the Tamiami Trail. Maps provide a reference guide, and GPS Coordinates are listed at the end of each route. Look for others in the series at www. The segments of the parkway are separated into the Virginia and North Carolina sections.

This guide is not intended to be a history of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but a guide to the history which lies along it and in the surrounding region. Highways 17, 23, 41, and 27 travel the state from north to south, and U. Along these highways, historic sites and landmarks are laid out for the leisure driver to enjoy. Entertaining and educational, these guides are for both the individual traveler and the entire family.

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Maps and GPS Coordinates are provided. The background text is based on the American Guides of the 's and 40's. Guide maps are provided for walking and driving tours, and GPS coordinates for listed historic sites are also included. Highways 6, 40, 50, 93, and 95 through the Silver State.

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Based on the American Guide Series of the 's and 40's, these sites include abandoned mining camps, scenic rivers and canyons, as well as the cities of Reno and Las Vegas. Reference maps and GPS coordinates are included. A concise history is also provided. Highways 45, 61, 80, 82, and Based on the American Guides Series of the 's and 40's, this guide includes up to date directions, reference maps, and GPS coordinates for all listed sites.

Explore Vicksburg, Natchez, Jackson, and all the history inbetween. The routes followed in this exploration are U. Highways 17, 25, 52, and Finally, the Blue Ridge Parkway travels the crest of the Appalachians. Over 75 historical sites and landmarks are identified with historic backgrounds and maps providing easy navigation to each site, by both on foot and by car. Highways 61, 67, 70, 71, and 79 throughout the state. Each highway includes historic sites and landmarks, background information combed from the American Guide Series of the 's updated for the present-day traveler, reference maps, and GPS coordinates for all listed sites.

Over Historic sites and landmarks are described along these routes, and reference maps and GPS coordinates for all listed sites are included. Highways 11, 25, 31, and 70 are followed through the State, examining a cross-section for Tennessee and providing a wealth of historical information along the way.

Reference maps and GPS coordinates for all listed points of interest are included. This was the first auto trail association formed that would follow any part of what would become US By , most of the California section was paved with a narrow roadway of either Portland cement or plank road from Yuma all the way to San Diego. In May , with encourgement from Ed Fletcher, the Dixie Overland Highway Association chose San Diego as its western terminus, and elected him as president of the association.

The team in the Cadillac made the run in 71 hours and 15 minutes across a distance of miles, a transcontinental record-shattering feat at the time and still impressive today. The group later traveled south to St.