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The target gains an Intelligence of The target also gains the ability to speak one language you know. If the target is a plant, it gains the ability to move its limbs, roots, vines, creepers, and so forth, and it gains Senses similar to a human's. The awakened beast or plant is Charmed by you for 30 days or until you and your companions do anything harmful to it.

When the Charmed condition ends, the awakened creature chooses whether to remain friendly to you, based on how you treated it while it was Charmed. An agate worth at least 1, gp, which the spell consumes. A Huge or smaller beast or plant with either no Intelligence score or an Intelligence of 3 or less. You want to leave the world a better place for your family… …More.

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Compounds in cannabis can impair or improve memory depending on age, disease… …More. Along the Way to Awakening. It has been many years now since my own kundalini activation and the energy is calm, as if it has spiraled down into a quiet center that supports my work and my life. Analyzing The Surprising Results.


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