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Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. The book comes with a reading group guide. I read through that and wanted to offer other readers more to think about. But the names of the main characters are rich with theological or biblical meaning: The wicked grandmother Eve, who for her cold beauty is compared to Snow White, is named somewhat ironically: As Eve in Genesis was both tempted and tempter, so Eve in Other Half sins, tempts others, then finally dies in bitter regret.

Maria, the love interest of Jonathan, is the antithesis of Eve in this story, just as Mary, Mother of Jesus, undoes the sin of Eve by bearing Christ, the Savior of the world. For Christians, water imagery brings to mind the regenerative work of baptism. I highly recommend this book to readers who crave a domestic story set in an English Stately Home that is inhabited with flesh-and-blood rather than cardboard characters you must want to venture beyond Downton Abbey rather than revisit it.

Article first published as Book Review: This review is also available on my blog: Book Addict I received this ebook for reviewing purposes from the publisher. Written in hauntingly beautiful prose, McCarthy has created a unique, albeit slow-paced, novel Article first published as Book Review: Written in hauntingly beautiful prose, McCarthy has created a unique, albeit slow-paced, novel.

Jonathan Anthony, the narrator, is at times unreliable. When he recalls his childhood years, he occasionally uses words much too advanced for a young boy, making him unbelievable. Understandably, Jonathan was an intellectually advanced and solitary boy. The metaphors are exquisite in their uniqueness, and the descriptions are flawless. Every minute detail is observed, however, making the plot feel tedious.

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The reader should consider: Given the trouble Jonathan experiences with memory after tragedy strikes his family, how can he possibly remember everything so clearly? Her behavior is what moves the plot forward. Jonathan, whether McCarthy intended to or not, places Theo on a pedestal throughout the novel as he relates her deteriorating mental state. The character growth is successful because of its subtlety.

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  • The Other Half of Me by Morgan McCarthy.

She does not overplay the role of grief in her novel, instead she caresses it and gently directs the reader into understanding the grief that is haunting her characters. The second factor affecting character growth is the love that Jonathan and Theo share. It is the familial love between the two siblings that gives the story depth. McCarthy does not easily give her characters unconditional love. Instead, Jonathan refuses to bestow or receive love, while Theo is too quick to share it. The Other Half of Me begins unsteadily, but will haunt its readers with its conclusion. According to the cover of the book, The Other Half of Me by Morgan McCarthy is about a bond - "a bond sealed in childhood, a secret terrible enough to break it".

The publisher says the book is "darkly enchanting and exquisitely pitched Bonds, secrets, I'm intrigued.

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But I think the greater theme is that of Discovery - of yo According to the cover of the book, The Other Half of Me by Morgan McCarthy is about a bond - "a bond sealed in childhood, a secret terrible enough to break it". But I think the greater theme is that of Discovery - of yourself, your surroundings, of friendship and family, through adolescence to adulthood, and then what loss, grief and truth all look like and what they mean in your world.

The book is about Jonathan and his little sister Theo, their gin-soaked mother Alicia who doesn't like them very much and their grandmother, the famous and wealthy Eve Anthony, a formidable woman who takes the children under her wing, providing them with a different upringing and telling them her version of their childhood.

But as Jonathan and Theo grow up, their perceptions adjust, their memories change, and the truth is sought. Something just isn't right. Not with the history they've been presented or with Theo herself. What is fact and what is fiction? What lies in their path and what will that do to the bond between them? If I didn't know this was a debut, I would not have picked it. I particularly enjoyed the elegant writing style and admired the author's ability to choose perfectly formed sentences, just the right adjectives, the phrases, the moods, and use them in a really interesting, mature and beautiful way.

I thought her character development was good. I liked the character of Jonathan and I was empathetic towards Theo. I would have welcomed more time spent on her and what made her different from her brother. I wanted to get to know Jonathan more and explore the themes of loss and sorrow and the impact of truth. What I would have liked more of is plot - more development and a bit more depth to the story. Nevertheless I was able to read this book quickly - it was an easy read that took me into another world, the world of affluence, imposing family estates and family secrets.

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Overall this was a pleasant reading experience and I'd recommend the book to others. Apr 08, Michael rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The three share many common traits together and they have each other back, regardless of how obsene the consequences may be. In particular, Jonathan loves his overly complicated sister Theo.

Although he wishes that she learns from her mistakes, the love he has for her is unfathomable. Theo to him is more than a sibling but she is a confident that he tells all his secret desires too.

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Their mother is distant from them and prefers not to think about the painful past. Abandoned by her, they look up to their grandmother Eve, who is a well renowed career woman. Eve is unlike any other person they know, but Eve knows more about their absent Father, than they may not realize. Years go by and Jonathan and Theo start to grow apart. Theo lives in another state, pursuing a career as an Art student but misses Jonathan in more ways than She can imagine. Writing him revealing letters about their father, who she think is alive and well. Despite Jonathan dismissal about her outrageous cliams, apart of him believes that she is telling the truth.

In addition, Jonathan meets a lovely girl, Maria. Maria is unlike any other girl he has met but he doubts that she feels the same attraction he has for her. While his friends encourages to get over his shyness , he is afriad of facing rejection. As the plot thickens, Nick, Anthony and Jonathan dearest friends take different career paths but still manages to keep in contact.

Theo and Jonathan learn more about their Uncle Alex and his unfamiliar presence. Soon Theo bad decisions turn deadly and Jonathan is at a loss as to what to do. Secrets are revealed, past demons return and families are rocked in this emotionally, gripping, poignant and heartbreaking novel about how love is the ultimate sacrifrice.

Every element of this made a good novel: The characters were so real and fresh to my memory, they each will stay with me for a very long time. Looking forwarding to reading more novels from Mcarthy, an amazing and vivid storyteller! Onder het water gaat over de familie Anthony, zij bezitten het prachtige landgoed Evendon in Llandsteffan. Eve Anthony is de tegenwoordige eigenaresse. Eve, is een gewezen politica en een zakenvrouw. Het wordt bewoond door Alice Anthony een labiele vrouw, die vlucht in drank en pillen, zij is de moeder van Jonathan en zijn zus Theo.

Een vader is niet in beeld. De kinderen hebben elkaar, Jonathan is heel beschermend voor zijn zus Theo. Zij is een heel gevoelig meisje en raakt gauw in paniek. Ze z Onder het water gaat over de familie Anthony, zij bezitten het prachtige landgoed Evendon in Llandsteffan. Ze zijn samen maar toch alleen. Liefde is in het huis een onbekend woord.

Enige regelmaat komt van het personeel. Tot op een dag Eve weer op Evendon komt wonen. Zij neemt de touwtjes in handen. En het leven wordt totaal anders. Met Eve komt er ook een soort geheimzinnigheid binnen waar ze geen grip op kunnen krijgen. Er blijkt een raadselachtig familieverleden te zijn, waar niet over gepraat mag worden. Jonathan en Theo gaan naar Londen om te studeren. Het wordt een heftige tijd voor hun beiden. Veel feesten, drank, drugs en sex. Theo gaat er haast aan onderdoor die kan het leven moeilijk aan. Heeft vaak verkeerde vrienden en breekt regelmatig haar studie af.

Maar vaak komt het op het nippertje goed met Theo. Na de studie verhuisd Theo weer terug naar Evendon, Jonathan is architect. Maar op Evendon kan Theo haar draai niet vinden. Ze voelt een constante bedreiging om haar heen in het huis. Dan gebeurt er iets waardoor alles in een stroomversnelling komt. Jonathan trekt zich terug uit het hele openbare leven. Hij wil alles op een rijtje krijgen en zichzelf leren kennen.

Ik heb geen mos vergaard, moor ook weinig liefde. Nu kom ik tot stilstand op het laagste punt". Het is een vlot geschreven boek met adembenemende momenten. Mooi gedetailleerd zijn de beschrijvingen van het Engelse landschap, de plaats waar het afspeelt en de mensen. De karakters zijn ook sterk. Onder het Water is de debuutroman van McCarthy. Jonathan Anthony vertelt het verhaal over hemzelf en zijn zus, Theo. Hij vertelt daarbij afwisselend over heden en verleden. Zij groeien op op het landgoed Evendon, samen met hun moeder, Alicia.

Hun moeder toont maar weinig interesse in de kinderen, ze drinkt en is op afstand. Ze laat de zorgen voor de kinderen over aan de nanny en de bedienden. Theo en Jonathan zijn op elkaar aangewezen. Jonathan de zakelijke, nuchtere jongen beschermt de gevoelig Onder het Water is de debuutroman van McCarthy.

Jonathan de zakelijke, nuchtere jongen beschermt de gevoelige, wereldvreemde Theo. Als het met Alicia verkeerd lijkt af te lopen, komt Eve, de grootmoeder terug naar haar landgoed en neemt de touwtjes ferm in handen. Haar komst brengt veel verandering in het leven van Jonathan en Theo. Wat mij betreft heeft McCarthy een zeer veelbelovende debuutroman geschreven. Het verhaal boeit vanaf de eerste letter. Wat wil je met deze openingszin "Er is niet veel tijd voor nodig om een vorig leven te scheiden van een nieuw leven: Dat vraagt meteen de aandacht.

Het verhaal heeft vanaf het begin iets ongemakkelijks. Als lezer heb je het gevoel dat er iets niet klopt. Tussen Eve en Alicia is een gespannenheid die met gebeurtenissen in het verleden te maken lijkt te hebben. In kleine, zorgvuldig gedoseerde brokjes wordt ontrafelt wat de oorzaak daarvan is. Daarmee wordt de spanning tot het einde toe vastgehouden. McCarthy heeft een heerlijke schrijfstijl. Ze schrijft elegant en meeslepend, gebruikt mooie metaforen, weet precies de juiste sfeer neer te zetten.

De karakters zijn sterk uitgewerkt en dat geldt ook voor de relaties tussen de hoofdpersonen. Een sterk debuut en voor de liefhebbers van Atonement en Brideshead Revisited inderdaad een aanrader. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I've rated this book as a 4 star, because although I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found it enthralling throughout, I still found the ending lacking It was so engrossing, getting into the lives of these characters, so all consuming reading of the bond and eventual breakdown of said bond between the two main sibling characters, and yet I'm still not certain that I'm aware of their outcome. The story centers around Jonathon and Theo, I've rated this book as a 4 star, because although I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found it enthralling throughout, I still found the ending lacking The story centers around Jonathon and Theo, one strong and resourceful, the other fairy-like and swept away on whims.

They are in literal effect the other half of each other. So what should happen if that theoretical other half should cease to exist? This is what the story leads to, and in the last 20 pages or so examines the aftermath of this, and the gradual acceptance of peace. I did, under no uncertain terms, very much enjoy reading this journey of the siblings, and following through their joys and tribulations, the story is so well written,the narrative I found exceptional, especially for a first novel, and I would most definitely recommend it.

Again my only nark was that it seemed to taper off to an oddity, but an oddity that was in keeping with the story. The only advice I would have to anyone reading this book is not to expect a huge revelation or climax - the intrigue that builds up is never fully satisfied, much like Jonathon after he feels he has failed a very co-dependent Theo.

All in all, very good and I would happily look out for more from this author. Feb 14, Jennifer rated it it was ok. Om te beginnen met de goede kanten van het boek: Ook de chaotische studietijd van hoofdpersonage Jonathan wordt goed voelbaar voor de lezer. Het grootste probleem met dit boek is dat er niet zoveel in gebeurd. Er wordt uitgebreid verteld over de jeugd, adolescentie en jonge volwassenheid van Jonathan, maar het boek is gevuld met ditjes en datjes. Het sleept zich voort, maar lijkt niet echt een richting te hebben. Ik mis een spanningsboog, en nergens in het hele boek wilde ik echt weten hoe het verder zou gaan.