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Around the world, cultures have developed their own ritualized practices — covering a broad spectrum from religion to secular contemplative practice — to transform fear and trauma, and strengthen community.

How to Rewire & Evolve Your Brain to Experience a New Reality - Dr. Joe Dispenza

We are building a database documenting mind-body experiences and practices that support socio-emotional regulation, as well as ritualized experiences that support deep collective transformation. We hope that you will feel inspired by those stories to look into your own cultural resources to move away from violence and separation and choose a different path towards peace. We are dedicated to understanding how to prevent violence and build peace from neuro- and social-science perspectives, and translating this knowledge to inspire and support individuals and communities around the world in undertaking a journey of inner transformation and social change, actively contributing to building a more peaceful world.

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We are currently developing a training and mentoring program for Youth Peace Leaders who would like to become ambassadors of Peace ReWire so they can help guide visitors in their exploration in a more personalized way, pass the knowledge and skills onto other people in their region, and support local communities in building antidotes to the forces of hate, separation and violence. Skip to content Change your mind, Change the world. As forces of hate, separation, and polarization surge around the world, we are offering a different path and a new hope for peace.


EXPLORE ground-breaking research that our interdisciplinary teams are pioneering and the latest discoveries at the intersection of neuroscience, spiritual and contemplative practice, and peacebuilding Learn More. A typical setup would be to use Ableton Live in "Mixer" mode, and use Propellerhead Reason as a synthesizer. Many applications support either mode. In fact, an application could at the discretion of a developer act as both a Mixer and a Panel at the same time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ReWire (software protocol)

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