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Please try again later , or call the restaurant to make your booking Other Information Expand Info Menu Info 7: Breakfast and brunch Add on House made smoothies And fresh juices We proudly serve atomic coffee Eggs on toasted ciabatta loaf Served with grilled tomato. Eggs benedict On ciabatta toast served with wilted spinach and topped with hollandaise sauce.

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Beekeepers big breakfast Served with eggs to your liking, streaky bacon, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, sausage, creamy mushrooms and homemade hash brown. Oats, chia and almond milk porridge Served with sliced banana and roasted almonds df. Waffles Served with seasonal fruit, ice cream and maple syrup or chocolate sauce. House made hash brown. Free range eggs any style. Carrot boost Papaya, pineapple, carrots, goji juice. Ice chocolate Ice-cream, chocolate, topped with whipped cream. Immune boost Orange, lemon. Selection of herbal teas. Selection of ml juices available most range.

Bar snacks Basket of fries Served with aioli. Wedges Topped with bacon and melted cheese and sour cream on the side.

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Beekeepers sliders 3 x gourmet sliders filled with your choice of fillings. Ciabatta loaf Served with a selection of dips and olives. Hawaiian Classic ham, locally sourced mozzarella and pineapple. Margherita Tomato base, locally sourced mozzarella, basil, olive oil. Spicy pulled pork Spicy rubbed pulled pork with pineapple, bacon, jalapenos, and cilantro. Tandoori chicken Red onion, green capsicum, cilantro.

Garlic prawn White sauce, lemon zest, capers, spring onions. Feta and mushroom Field mushroom, red onion, kalamata olives, corn and feta cheese. Spicy sausage Pepperoni, yellow onion, kalamata olives, chillie flakes. He was beaming because he had been able to shake the branch that the swarm had gathered on and had captured the queen in his bait hive.

Once you have the queen, you have the swarm. A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay. A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon. A swarm of bees in July is not worth a fly. What is the meaning of this old proverb? June is pushing it and July is definitely too late, as they will not be able to collect enough nectar to survive the coming winter. Beekeepers love catching swarms in early spring; doing so is both exciting and productive. I have watched my husband pull some pretty wild maneuvers to obtain one.

My heart was in my throat one day as I watched while he climbed a ladder, precariously propped in the back of the pick up truck and leaning up against a tree, to retrieve a desired swarm. Most beekeepers look forward to these calls, as this is when they get to play. Children had been busy on their bicycles spreading the word up and down the street. As we pulled up at the address, it seemed as if the whole neighborhood had come out and gathered on the lawn to witness the swarm and the coming of The Bee Man.

But their disappointment was soon replaced with awe when my husband, unprotected, approached the swarm and seemingly charmed the raving bees into his box and carried them to his truck, like magic. My favorite part of that swarm catching event was when a boy, of seven or so, came up to my husband as he was carrying the bees to the back of his pickup truck and politely asked if he could help.

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He was not as afraid of honeybees as the others because his mother had just recently acquired some hives and he was learning about them. I was very intimate with a very nice honeybee one day last summer. I was out behind the barn picking the first black raspberries. It was pretty wild in there with brambles above my head and weeds up to my waist. I just had to try for the big ones that I saw dangling just out of reach so I put my foot up on an old fence I thought would support me.

But it broke, causing me to do the splits across the brambles. I had a skirt on and I guess that must have been when the hitchhiker got in. Slowly, I got myself up out of my predicament, finished up in the patch and started towards the cherry tree to see if there was anything ripe there. I felt something itch so I opened up and shook, you know how you do, figured I knocked it off of me, what ever it was, and went on to the cherry tree when I felt something on my butt-cheek.

With my mind on picking cherries, I absentmindedly reached behind and patted my skirt where the bump was. No wait, this bump was moving around on the inside of my underwear! I reached up under my skirt, plucked whatever it was and pulled it out.

regaining my sanity through beekeeping

Soft and fuzzy in my hand, was it a caterpillar? No, a bee sat there and looked at me for one dazzled moment before it flew away to go on about its business. Perhaps it was a drone or a queen, as thankfully, it did not sting me! Worrel, The Symbolism and the Bee and the Beehive. Recently, I was conversing with a lady who said that they now had honeybees in their yard because a swarm had landed there. They called a beekeeper to come out who brought them a super hive box for the bees to move into.

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She mentioned that it felt like a blessing with all the bees of the world disappearing, and here they just had a hive move right into their yard. This made me chuckle inside as I was remembering of all the frantic calls that my husband and fellow beekeepers have received through the years from people who were freaking out because they had bees in their yard. Could it be that the threat of Colony Collapse Disorder is what it took to make people appreciate bees?

Instead of considering all flying creatures a nuisance perhaps now we will stop and wonder, before we swat or spray, just what are we destroying. It seems that humans only think that something matters if it directly affects us. Protected in our artificial bubbles with our central air and water purifiers, being entertained by our televisions, we hardly notice nature. Perhaps now, we will wake up to the fact that we are all connected in a delicate web of life; I am grateful to the threat of Colony Collapse Disorder if it caused this to happen.

There is some speculation that Colony Collapse Disorder is not even real. Scientists say there is no proof that the mysterious disease blamed for the deaths of billions of bees actually exists. You can read about it here in an article on BBC news: I believe that some of the appeal of honeybees is that a lot about them is still a mystery. Sometimes we can only wonder at their ways.

When my husband was the County Apiary Inspector, I went along with him into the field as he went to investigate an apiary that had been neglected because the owner had become ill. My beekeeper was somber as he approached the hive and saw what he had dreaded, no activity. Honeybees were not flying in and out of the passageways, so, without bothering to put on his veil, he lifted the lid on one of the boxes.

Gravely he asked me if I wanted to see their last emotion. The outer bees remained at their stations where they had been keeping the hive warm.

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Not a one of them were out of position, each still attended to her duty right up until the moment of death. For one thing, my husband is doing something that he has a passion for; he believes in what he is doing and he is contributing something worthwhile to the world… and I love honeycomb. Early every summer I start craving my first taste of our new crop of that golden ambrosia, honey still encased in the structure that the honeybees stored it in. I have given it another name: I call the little glistening squares of honeycomb, honeycakes. My husband tells me that when there are a lot of blooms and the weather is warm and dry, this makes for a good bee-run.