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Can probably be completed in about 5 minutes. It is a cool puzzle map that uses tricks and small puzzles nothing to complicated. You make your way through three dimensions and you can even find a small bonus Level. The Mysterious Well is a aCTM map, that means it's mostly a adventure map where you have to find 16 wool blocks. Infected by a always deadly ending disease you have to find 16 wool blocks to activate an ancient monument, which, as legend tells, can cure any disease.

After stealing the first wool blocks with help from the Scientist and the blacksmith, you get caught by the police. After being brought to court, you get convicted to death. Being insulted by everyone - "I hate you", "Murderer", To find out what happens after that you have to play the map. Basically you are the leader of a army. You start in you army's Headquarter and try to capture different bases, if you capture one , a general, a extra powerful zombie, spawns.

Bases HQ also counts as a base always spawn new zombies. If you enter the Enemie HQ with enough zombies you capture it and win. There a alot of different zombie troops and even more unused ones , e. Warrior, Archer, Defender, Supporter or Bomber. Sometimes random events happen, e. R3dstoneCrafter Bossfight is a Puzzle map Actually it's a Boss map The language can be selected in the map itself. The bossfight itself is a interesting two stage fight.

The boss has a lot of different attacks. The map was built in one day for a joke 'Challenge' by R3dstoneCrafter. Custom Boss Collection is a one of it's kind Boss Collection map. It features tons of different bossfights. It uses Custom textures, 3d models and even Voice acting. Some bosses have royalty free music instead of voice acting. This map not only has most of my bosses from other maps, but also tons of new ones, partly created for Minecraft Forum users. Not only has this map tons of options, because of the bosses, but it also has tons of different Equipment options, choose one item, each, from different categories, e.

With all those options you can play this map for hours, but be warned sometimes bosses randomly break. But not only does this map have bossfights but also different challenges against custom mobs e.

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Blaze Spleef is a small minigame. Once you start it you'll appear, together with a blaze, that can't change it's height, in a arena, which's floor is tnt. A fireball, from the blaze, will ignite the tnt under it, thus removing the floor. If you kill the blaze you win, if you fall into the lava, below the tnt you lose. Whilst fighting, the floor of the arena slowly regenerates. As soon as the game ends you get extinguished and healed.

The arena gets restored, and a new blaze spawns, then the minigame restarts. Because it was created in 25x25x25 blocks it lacks several features of CBC, but it also works better than CBC, because it wasn't made in a older version of Minecraft and then updated. Altough the room the map was built in was small, it still has eight different Arenas. McTsts' Tower Defense Prototype.

It has multiple waves, seven placeable towers including Ender, Support, Witch and Sheep Tower , Upgrades for six of the towers There is no max level and several traps. The health of the enemies including zombies, skeletons and more is displayed with their helmet color extremedark red,dark red, red, dark orange, orange, The towers have to different ways of attacking, first: Aura, which hits all enemies in a specific range and second: Beam, which only hits one enemie.

While Plain is a peaceful until the enemies come Ghast Ball is a small minigame. Once you start the minigame you are in some kind of arena that has two sides, one is yours, the other the Ghast's, you can't enter the Ghat's side. After starting the Ghast will shoot one fireball, you have to reflect that fireball back to the ghast, the ghast should reflect it back to you. If you fail you get a point, if the ghast fails it gets one point. That means points are bad.

After giving out the point the ghast shoots a new fireball and the game continues. After crashing on a foreign planet the citizen on the so called 'good' side ask you to help them defeat the evil. After completing a few quests on the 'good' side of the planet you go to the 'evil' side for the final battle after more quests , but don't forget to do a few sidequests first, they can be helpful. Hidden everywhere are chests. The interesting story is told with a dialogue thing and muliple cutscenes. I've been told that the royalty music used is pretty cool.


This map does not only have multiple bossbattles, but also a few other battle parts. Jump'n'Run can be easily avoided. Zombie Warriors is a minigame in which you lead a army of zombies. You have to capture bases and finally the enemies headquarters to win. There are seven battles. Zombie Warriors can be played in singleplayer against the map or in multiplayer against each other.

It is also possible to fight against the map together in multiplayer. With each battle new features get introduced. Also part of this map is a gold system. You earn gold with successful attacks of your army and you can spend your gold to e. Another big part of this map is the loot system and the armory. If you find any bugs please inform me. This map was created by EnderPig and me McTsts. This is a better version of my old map 'Minecraft Warriors'.

Thread Curse Warriors Series. My Version of Skyblock. Will only take up to 20 minutes. Collect Items to make your Island grow.

Jhonni Blaze Opens Up About Her Traumatic Youth, Drug Use, Human Trafficking, Drake + More

Not only does your island grow into the different directions but also downwards. Not every item, only if you got that item for the first time make the island grow. Optional Bossfight at the end. Karts have different Accelerations, Speed and Luck for Items. Stopped development, only avaiable for Singleplayer. There are 4 different karts and 3 different tracks. There are also many items, but they sometimes are quite useless in singleplayer Thread McTsts Series. My Halloween Map. Kinda like 'The Graveyard'. Loot System and Boss. Tons of different Mobs.

More powerful enemies as the night progresses. Nothing too special but still a nice map! Map made for Infinitydrago. Bossfight with two phases and multiple attacks. Arena built by EnderPig. The boss has many different attacks and gets even more when the boss reaches the second phase. The second phase is also pretty interesting. You make your way through five themes and you can even find a small Bonus theme.

This is a one of its kind map not anymore because there is a sequel now. People told me this reminds them a bit of majora's mask. If you fail this map on your first try it will just restart. One try takes 20 minutes not 24 minutes as many people think. If you played Zombie Warriors you are going to think "Not possible". Forest and Desert, Multiple Zombie types and a loot system.

You can even choose your team Red or Blue. Sadly the battlefields are of course smaller than in Zombie Warriors. This is a part of my Buttons series. This time I made even more puzzles in less space! This is not an actual map. This is pretty much a normal world with a few banners. This map is used to showcase the features of my Better Banners Resource Pack. Skulls on Banners and more. There is no gameplay! Its just to show of the RP!!! This is another minigame of my do normal minigames against mobs series.

This time you play spleef against Creeper. Win by making all creepers die either by breaking blocks below them or letting them explode. You lose by dieing or hitting the lava. Then the map will automatically restart. Creeper also break blocks! This is the sequel to Warthford. But this is only a indirect sequel. While you are in the same universe and you will meet characters you know form warthford, you are in a different city and you also are a different person.

This time an 'End Disease' is killing people in Glimford and its surroundings and your goal is to stop it. In this map there are 8 quests, 4 of them are needed to win the map the other 4 are optional extra quests. There are many ways to solve this map. In Glimford there are also many time specific events, like a meteor, characters that sleep and other things. There is also an easy mode in case the map is too hard for you. At the end of the map a boss waits for you!

Thread Curse Ford Series. This is a small demo for the big Harry Potter project im doing the redstone for. This demo shows the scene in which you use the hogwarts express to get to hogwarts the first time. We dont show many magic things yet, but you get to scene characters, dialogue and many other things! Thread Abandoned HP Map. I didnt release this map for a long time because it was too weird, but I decide to do it now anyway..

You are pretty much fighting a statue of me that melts And then the blocks are fighting you Yeah its pretty weird I hope you enjoy it anyway? Custom Boss Collection II. Custom Boss Collection II is a one of its kind map! It has more bosses than any other map! The bosses very created by many different map makers that worked on the map and there are many different types of bosses. Bosses based on mobs, or on 3d models or even on gigantic structures!

You can fight the bosses using unlockable classes. You can also use the arenas of the map for PvP. This map also has a challenge mode. Over hours went into creating this map. There are also unlockable bosses and many bosses requested by players. You can also find eastereggs while playing the map. In the map there is also music, some even created for this map. This map also has different kinds of challenges and more.

There is a lot in this map to discover. There are many battles. But just fighting battles is not all you can do in this map! There is also a War Mode in which you try to control all lands, by fighting many battles. There is also a Simulation Mode which is absolutely accurate. Part of the map are also a Challenge and a Sandbox mode.

This map was created by McTsts, EnderPig built most of the battlefields and one battlefield was created by Schraggi. This map is an indirect sequel to Warthford and Glimford. Solve quest and defeat the evil sorcerer. Learn Spells and find items. Fight battles with spells. This map also has cutscenes.

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There are many different ways to complete the map and it also has a ton of sidequests. In this map your goal is to finish a level, in many cases this is by finding a button or obtaining a button some way, but many rooms also require you to craft or use items. There are many different puzzles. Is it in your head? Harry Potter in Minecraft: This was part of an abandoned map called Harr Potter in Minecraft, because its abandoned I decide to release some parts that I made of it as minigames.

Many map makers worked on Harry Potter in Minecraft, but all the redstone found in this minigame was created by me. Your goal is to catch the snitch, because you are the seeker you are Harry. The other 13 players are armorstands with custom AIs. The Quidditch match in this map is Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, in Year 1. If you don't know what Quidditch is click here. The discontinued Harry Potter in Minecraft map can be found here. Your goal is to stop 'Snape' well actually not him from getting the Philosophers Stone.

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If you don't know what the Underground Chambers are you can click here. My 2nd Halloween map. This is a lot better than last years Halloween map.. From 1st until 24th of December. Many map makers worked on Harry Potter in Minecraft, but all the redstone found in this map was created by me. In this map you are Harry and you travel from King's Cross to Hogwarts. The citizens of Warthford are going to celebrate the th Anniversary of their city, but then the fireworks get stolen.

Can you get them in time? You only have 24 hours until the festival! We released Warthford one year ago and thereby started the ford series.

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For the anniversary we decided to release a new map based on Warthford. Clutterford is the name for the hard version of Glimford. Because of it's many dead ends and similar things it gets very cluttered in multiplayer. You've angered the giant! Complete the randomly generated levels to escape! Can you outrun the giant? This map has many different levels, with many different themes! By completing levels you can also unlock items that can make you stronger or faster! This is another Bachman novel which he recently rediscovered.

The original manuscript of Blaze was pages long and was written in He has rewritten the first pages. A lot of it needed editing to make it more timely since the references no longer worked.

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  8. He's hoping to get it done by the end of the year. No publication deal has been signed, but he's sure there will be one. I have been thinking about [ Blaze ] off and on for a while and every time I would think about it It was written right before Carrie and finally I thought to myself From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blaze First edition cover. Letters to the Sphinx from Oscar Wilde.

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