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On his return to Budapest Gyuri finds those around him treat him with indifference.

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His friends and neighbours encourage him to put the past behind him, while an intellectual sympathetic to the personal and political terror of his past repeatedly refers to the camps as "the lowest circle of Hell". Gyuri finds neither comfort nor meaning in these cliches.

Kertész, Imre 1929-2016

Something terrible has happened in the town, something that no one wants to discuss. With his wife watching fearfully, he commences a perverse investigation, rudely interrogating the locals, inspecting a local landmark with a frightening intensity, traveling to an outlying factory where he confronts the proprietors In the telling, partly a digressive meditation on "the absurd order of chance," he recalls his youthful self, and the epiphanies of his intellectual and spiritual awakening - an awakening to a kind of radical subjectivity.

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And if he and those working in opposition to the Hungarian government had been aware of one another: Otherwise you would have signed? In a Hungary where literary production and distribution was strictly controlled, he was later limited in what books he had access to, but neverthless found several significant ones: The difficulties of getting published -- there were only two publishers who came into question at the time -- are described, but here too he doesn't dwell too much on things.

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  5. And he doesn't go into most of the hardships of his and his supportive wife's from the s through the s. In some ways it is a life-outline, filling in some biographical detail that is certainly of interest, but its true value and power comes from how it fleshes out the already known.

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    It is more than simply a gloss on the previous fiction, but it does is add considerable meat to the previously known and familiar. This also poses some problems: