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The bioregion shares economic and cultural characteristics, as well. The petition for designation includes a page narrative that spells out why this region is a cohesive whole for marketing wine, and is now used to market other products.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison , the Center for Integrated Agricultural System's Food and Farm project is working with the region's sustainable-agriculture farmers, processors, distributors, chefs, planning commissions, and others to define the culinary identity of the region and direct the development of agrotourism.

This cheese is made from milk produced by cows that graze on pastures. The region is home to Organic Valley, the nation's largest organic dairy cooperative. Generally, organic dairy production fits best with a grass-based milk production system. In addition to wine-grape production and wine-making, the region also is known for apple production, and a number of hard cider makers are about to hit the market. The region is historically known for grass-fed beef, and has great potential to market forest botanicals - especially mushrooms - to the 21 million people in the region, including the relatively nearby Minneapolis-St.

Paul, Chicago, and Milwaukee markets.

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Due to the presence of sandstone bedrock at or near the surface, sand mining is a growing industrial activity in portions of the Driftless Area. The sandstone contains quartz silica sand grains of the required hardness, shape, size, and purity that make it ideal for use in hydraulic fracturing utilized by the petroleum and natural gas industries during drilling operations.

The mining activity involves quarrying the sandstone bedrock, crushing the rock, washing, drying, and grading the resulting sand, and transporting the sand out of the region, usually by rail. The recent proliferation of sand mines in the region has created new jobs and economic activity. However, the growth of the industry has also created controversy due to opposition of nearby residents and environmentalists concerned about impacts to water and air quality silica dust pollution , noise and Light pollution , heavy truck traffic, and the destruction of the hills and ridges for which the region is known.

Corresponding to the southeast geological region of Minnesota , the colloquial "Driftless Area" though the whole region was glaciated begins at about Fort Snelling. Starting as a narrow sliver against the Mississippi, it widens to the west as one goes south. The western boundary is the Bemis-Altamont moraine. The upland plateau lies west of the incised tributaries to the Mississippi.

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The historic vegetation was mixed woodland, with occasional goat prairies on southwesterly facing slopes. The western portion is a gently rolling glacial till plain that is covered by loess in places. Aside from the southeastern suburban sprawl of the Twin Cities , Rochester is the main urban area. The region is characterized "by the absence of glacial drift deposits, the sculpted topography, and the presence of the ancient limestone immediately beneath the soil and in cliff outcroppings.

The largest protected area is Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest , which contains some state-owned land, but is mostly private, controlled by state conservation easements. The border is defined by the catchment of the Chippewa River on the north, and somewhat west of the north-south line of the Wisconsin River. Where the Wisconsin River turns west to join the Mississippi, the area to the south, including the whole of Grant County as well as most of Lafayette County , are part of the Driftless Area. The rugged terrain comprising most of the Driftless Area is distinct from the rest of Wisconsin, and is known locally as the Coulee Region.

The steep ridges, numerous rock outcroppings, and deep, narrow valleys in the Driftless Area are in marked contrast with the rest of the state, where glaciers have modified the landscape. Karst topography is most prominent in Wisconsin. La Crosse is the principal urban area wholly within the Driftless Area, while the larger Madison 's far western suburbs are located on the edges of the area.

Small cities and towns are scattered throughout the region. Numerous Amish settlements are also located within Wisconsin's Driftless Area. The area comprises much of Wisconsin's Western Upland geographical region. The most rugged part of Wisconsin's Driftless area is also called the Ocooch Mountains. In other areas, the rugged nature of the topography in the region is not conducive to farming, except on ridge tops and in river valleys.

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The sides of the ridges are often too steep for farming, and are usually forested. The Coulee Experimental State Forest was created in part to test soil conservation practices to prevent soil erosion in the hilly Driftless Area. The northeastern portion of the Driftless area was covered by or bordered by Glacial Lake Wisconsin during the Wisconsin glaciation. The steep-sided rocky bluffs present in Mill Bluff State Park are outliers of the Franconia Cuesta to the south and were once ancient islands or sea stacks in the lake.

The flat plain in which these bluffs lie was created by sediments falling to the bottom of Glacial Lake Wisconsin.

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This flat plain consists of sandy deposits and contains many bogs that were left over from Glacial Lake Wisconsin. Many of these bogs have been converted into cranberry marshes, helping to make Wisconsin a leader in cranberry production. The Dells of the Wisconsin River were carved through the bedrock during the sudden draining of the lake at the end of the last Ice age. In addition, the Ice Age Trail follows the Terminal moraine of the maximum glacial extent from the last ice age and enters the Driftless Area in several locations.

The contrast between what the rest of Iowa looks like and what the Driftless Area presents is remarkable. Dubuque is the only metropolitan area. The most western tributaries of the Upper Iowa , Yellow and Turkey Rivers flow east and south from the vicinity of this moraine. Outside of Dubuque , this region of Iowa is thinly populated. In the western section, agriculture and livestock raising are the norm. As one travels east, and as the valleys tumble down to the Mississippi, much of the land is virtually wild, with a great deal of it publicly owned.

The state maintains an extensive number of wildlife management areas, along with state forests and state parks. Register for a free account, then click on the cancer types below to display a drop down of options. If you are still having an issue, please contact us. Disclaimer The NCCN Guidelines are a statement of consensus of the authors regarding their views of currently accepted approaches to cancer treatment.

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The NCCN Compendium represents neither an all-inclusive listing of every drug and biologic nor every appropriate use and indication for drugs and biologics. Please note that the guidelines listed are Acrobat PDF files. To view these files the Acrobat Reader plug-in must be installed in your browser. Click here for further instructions and a link to the free download site if needed.

Please maximize your browser window to view these guidelines. Please note that there may be a delay of several seconds to a minute or more, depending on the speed of your connection, as the PDFs download into your browser window. National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The State of Cancer Care in America: Prostate Cancer Patient Management Simulator.

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