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There is something inherently mercenary about a Christmas song — a successful one can sustain a musician for a lifetime, and Wham! But despite appearing like a sickly sweet and cynical chart commodity, in reality Last Christmas was practically a DIY production. Earlier that year, Michael had wrested control of Wham! He had also started building himself up as a serious creative force from less-than-serious foundations.

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The year-old wrote, produced, performed and painstakingly played every single instrument on the track. Porter had begun working with the duo on their debut single Wham Rap! Booked into a studio in Paris, they found themselves recording Everything She Wants with no band and no producer. Later, on Last Christmas, what had been accidental became deliberate.

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Accompanied only by a LinnDrum drum machine, a Roland Juno synth and those Christmassy sleigh bells, Porter and Michael began recording a Christmas song in high summer, in a studio the assistant had adorned with paper chains and Christmas lights. But the process was more painstaking than heady. The backing music is extremely simple, verging on the generic. The music itself was deliberately nondescript, says Porter. On Last Christmas, there is a very simple foundation for the vocal and the melody to sit on.

Despite that simplicity, Michael was also striving to sound unique. Normally when artists are in the studio, says Porter, they use other musical references as touchstones — but despite a love of Motown and an audible debt to Chic , Michael never did that.

Still saving us from tears: the inside story of Wham!'s Last Christmas

Unfortunately, Last Christmas did resemble a number of other songs. Porter says the case was thrown out when a musicologist presented odd songs from the past century that had a comparable chord sequence and melody. Lyrically , however, Last Christmas is far more distinctive: The former entered the top 20 of the Oricon Singles Chart peaking at No. In Germany, the song is the most successful Christmas single of all time, having spent weeks on the German Singles Chart and attained a peak position of number 4. It has charted every year since In the Dutch Singles Top one of three charts in the Netherlands that claims to be the "official" chart, but it's the only one that is not broadcast and remains unpublished except on its own official web page , the song has now entered on 16 different occasions, including every year since Its highest position after was number 5 during the Christmas season.

LAST CHRISTMAS by Wham! on Spotify

In December , the song re-entered the Hot , peaking at number In December , "Last Christmas" reached 1 in the Swedish singles chart. The video to "Last Christmas" shows Wham! It becomes clear early on that the character of Ridgeley's girlfriend played by model Kathy Hill was previously in a relationship with Michael and that the song is aimed at her.

She can easily be spotted throughout the video by the fact that she's usually wearing red, but everyone else is wearing more muted colors. There is a brief flashback to "last Christmas", showing Michael's character presenting her with a jewelled brooch. In the present time, Ridgeley is wearing the brooch, suggesting that the girl gave the same gift perhaps by regifting it to her new love after she and Michael parted ways.

When the girl wears the brooch from Michael's character, it is "right side up", and when Ridgeley's character wears it, he wears it "upside down". On numerous occasions, Michael presents a thoughtful expression, suggesting his conflicting emotions. Her seeming indifference to Ridgeley's open displays of affection makes the viewer wonder if Ridgeley's heart is the next to be broken. However, at the end of the video, everyone leaves properly "paired off", so perhaps it is suggested that Michael has worked out his confusion and now realizes he is after all with the right girl.

The video also featured the duo's erstwhile backing singers Pepsi and Shirlie and Spandau Ballet bassist Martin Kemp , the boyfriend and future husband of Shirlie Holliman. The video also marks the last filmed appearance of a clean-shaven Michael, as he sported a beard in the video for " Everything She Wants ", which he kept until his death in As of 17th December , the music video has received million views on the official Wham!

YouTube channel and the lyric videos have a whopping total of around 50 million views on YouTube. The full original mix and vocal of "Last Christmas" has never been released in its entirety. In it was just two edits of the song that were released: A remixed version with partly re-recorded and additional vocals was used for the regular 12" format and entitled the "Pudding Mix".

When the single was re-released in , an edited version of the Pudding Mix was used for the regular 7" and this version has been used on all subsequent re-releases. It is the 7" version the edit of the 12" Pudding Mix that is now the most common to find on "various artists" compilation albums as well as George Michael's Twenty Five hits compilation and the most widely known version. The full Pudding Mix has been featured on several compilations including the Wham! The shorter edit as used on the original 7" has not been released since and therefore has never appeared on the compact disc format.

The second 7" and 12" were released in early In some countries, the longer edit of "Last Christmas" from duration listed as 4: The only difference between the and reissues is the text on the back of the record sleeves which reads "Christmas '88" and "Christmas '89" respectively. On behalf of the writers of the song " Can't Smile Without You ", made popular by Barry Manilow , publishing company Dick James Music sued Michael for plagiarism in the mids, claiming that "Last Christmas" lifted its melody from the former.

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The case was dismissed. In the UK, the following single planned after " Close to You " was " Big Time "; however, it was suggested that Whigfield should record a version of "Last Christmas" to go with the release of "Big Time", as a double A-side single. The single was also released as a double A-side single in Germany with "Close to You". In other countries, "Last Christmas" was released on its own with various remixes.

The EP was released on 10 November in Australia. A UK single was released on 3 December It was released as CD single in limited areas of Europe, and did not chart in any country. The single was also released as a promotional vinyl single in the UK, limited to copies and therefore could not chart there. The B-side was a cover of " Firestarter ", by The Prodigy. Records by Ashley Tisdale. The song was released to US radios on 11 November and as a digital download on 21 November This song was the first single released by Ashley Tisdale in her deal with Warner Bros.

Records and became her official first holiday single.

Whamageddon: Will the latest song-led craze last until next Christmas?

It was released on iTunes in November The single had only a digital release but six days later, it was released on the single " What Hurts the Most " which was the first single from their second album. In the UK, despite it being a B-side track, the song is regularly played throughout music channels during the festive season. The two official music videos got more than 60 million views on YouTube combined.

It was released as part of their Christmas album, It's Christmas Time. The song was covered by Alcazar from Sweden as the sixth single to be released from their third studio album Disco Defenders , released in The single was only released digitally in Germany. It was included as a bonus track on the Swedish special edition version of Disco Defenders , released on 18 November British singer Joe McElderry covered the song in This version was released as a single on 19 December , [86] an EP was also released digitally in Ireland on 4 November , and in the UK on 7 November Joe McElderry's version is taken from his third studio album, Classic Christmas , released 28 November A short music video was made using footage which was filmed for the Classic Christmas ' s album advertising, it features McElderry outside in the snow, collecting logs and taking them to a large house preparing for a Christmas party, a similar video was made for McElderry's version of " O Come All Ye Faithful ".

The advert and both videos were directed by Steve Lucker. It was released on 19 November in the iTunes Store. Digital download — single []. Bianca Gracie of Idolator described the song as "quintessential Carly" for highlighting Jepsen's unique vocals and synth production and wrote that her cover will "charm your A more critical review came from music blog Popcrush , who deemed the cover overproduced.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Artwork for the original UK 7-inch vinyl single, also used for Australian and continental European releases [1] [2]. Zooland Robbins All Around the World. Christmas synthpop new wave. Made in Holland The Dutch-manufactured pressing contains the names of the band and of the song.

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