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What made him more than just another victim of violent crime in America? This is what Mickey Thompson: Mickey was one of the most influential figures in early American motorsports. While he did have loyal and longtime friends, Mickey always did things one way. And he did it with speed. From his s adventures in the Carrera Panamericana, ending with five dead and dramatic pictures in Life Magazine in , through making a one-way run of I am a racer, the first book I ever read cover to cover and enjoed was Challenger. I am a racer and have used MT as inspiration my whole life since reading it.

This new book is even better with the Thompson was a highly influential driver and promoter in the drag-racing field of motor sports. A hard charger and innovator, he lived life at miles per hour and in the process developed a legion Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention mickey thompson drag racing tragic death fast life life and tragic thompson fast well written racing legend erik arneson land speed business partner death of a racing hot rodder hot rodders never knew really enjoyed sport of drag must read enjoyed this book great book.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. That one man should have accomplished so much in a mere 59 years borders on the miraculous. Racer, designer, builder, inventor, promoter, entrepreneur. Thompson did it all. He started with nothing, and ended up a legend in his own time.

It was winning, no matter the cost, no matter the personal sacrifice. Arneson says six were killed; in his autobiography, Thompson reports the number to be five dead. In fact, the fuel that exploded was carried in the left side; there was no fuel carried on the right side. In fact, it was powered by a double overhead-cam Chevy V8. Arneson mentions that Thompson utilized a wing, skirts, and ground effects at Indy in that were outlawed by USAC. Skirts and ground effects were more than a decade in the future. In fact, the land speed machine was designed by Ford engineer Ed Hull, and the majority of the components built in Detroit by engineers at Kar Kraft.

These are small errors, perhaps, but they should have been caught prior to publication. His brutal murder was the reason. He led by example, and thanks to an abundance of energy, enthusiasm, and minimal sleep requirements, he beat his opponents by outworking them. While he lacked a degree in engineering, he possessed an uncanny knack for innovation, an ability to see what others missed. As a result, he built superior racing machines in every possible category, with the exception of Indy.

Even there he left his mark, in the low-profile, wide treaded tires he designed and patented, and Firestone introduced to the marketplace in the form of their trademark Wide Ovals.

He was obsessed with accomplishment. His brain needed to be stimulated at all times. I recommend the book. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This recap of Mickey Thompson's life was written fairly well and covered many issues that were not common knowledge concerning the well known in the racing community Thompson. Mickey Thompson was a racer's racer that helped mold much of professional racing into an entertainment standard. I was very intrigued with the information concerning the murder of Thompson and his wife. It took a very long time for the case to be solved and proved.

The actual perpertrators shooters have never been nabbed which is odd in itself. Perhaps one day the complete details of the shooters will float to the surface and they too will be imprisioned along with the guy Godwin that hired them. Meanwhile the Godwin guy is behind bars and should be on death row for what he did. MIckey Thompson was quite a promoter and very good for the sport of drag racing in particular.

Mickey Thompson: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of a Racing Legend - Erik Arneson - Google Книги

His innovative spirit has been something many of that community have aligned with over the years. It is a shame that someone of Thompson's stature has not been the guiding force within the National Hot Rod Association.

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  3. Mickey Thompson: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of a Racing Legend by Erik Arneson.

IF he had been, drag racing would have grown many times over. The cover of the book more or less describes it perfectly, with the emphasis on MT's death. There are relatively brief descriptions of his family, childhood, business, and racing, but not as much detail as I would have liked, and not much on his character as a man. One gets the impression that the author was a friend of the family and didn't want to offend them in any possible way. The book does give a great deal of detail about MT's LSR efforts, and some information about his Indianapolis and off-road achievements, but little about his drag racing cars and teams.

It looks more at his life as a promoter and race track operator. His death and the resulting investigation are extensively described, and it is clear that the author is fully convinced of Goodwin's guilt spoiler: The evidence was largely circumstantial, and Goodwin is by all accounts a thoroughly unpleasant individual, which probably more than anything else led to his conviction.

All in all, well worth reading, but not outstanding. I never knew just how truly innovative this man was, from Bonneville to Indy. I read it in two nights, and like his life I wished it wasn't over.

Mickey Thompson: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of a Racing Legend

Mickey was a remarkable guy. This was a great book. Mickeys story is very inspirational. It is a good looking book with lots of pictures I hadn't seen before. I would recomend the book "Challenger" as well which was Mickey's ghost written autobiography. Its interesting seeing the difference from the earlier book and this one. It illustrates the differences in the way a man wishes to tell his story and the way the story is.

Mickey Thompson The Fast Life and Tragic Death of a Racing Legend

Sadly in this age there doesn't seem to be opportunity for a man like Mickey to rise by the sweat of his brow, the self taught knowledge and enthusiasm he had in spades. Nor are there the men or women with the balls to bet on backing up with sponsorship or help innovators like Mickey. That's our generations loss. One person found this helpful.

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