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But social media as a source of publicly available intelligence is not going anywhere. Aside from the obvious benefits this intelligence gives companies about their own stakeholders, it is also often used to analyse sentiment and conversations relating to their competitors, their industry and sector. But for many communications functions, the importance and availability of social data brings with it issues.

Dispelling mistrust, misinformation and misunderstanding

With valuable information readily available and ever growing amounts of online activity across all sectors, how can businesses discover the influencers, the conversations and uncover those nuggets of gold that can genuinely inform and make a difference? How can they bypass the misinformation and mistrust to find the insight that will help them make reputational and risk-based decisions? Questions of data authenticity mean their primary concern becomes one of quality and not quantity of information. Dashboard and software solutions provide invaluable insight and content for brand, awareness and campaign tracking.

But in the world of corporate reputation, automated solutions are not without flaws. Companies need to look at the content behind the data and drill down on influential voices, well-shared data and emerging themes and conversations which can affect their business. Social data can provide a huge amount of insight into how a business is performing against its strategic and corporate goals and vision.

For example, companies promoting sustainability as one of their key pillars in its corporate strategy can glean a lot from online conversation in the area.

Lead the way

Online listening gauges the interplay between social and traditional media. News circulates at an increased pace, and a robust monitoring service can quickly analyse which content is circulating widely and getting the most reach. Social monitoring also helps to identify the rising stars of online conversation — who are the influencers of the future? Previously, media columnists dominated this area, but now online thought leaders and campaign groups emerge and carry equal if not more weight.

Online platforms can also provide a powerful means for activists and campaigners to mobilise in order to demonstrate and protest. This can be of particular importance for corporates as the AGM season approaches and activists and NGOs frequently demonstrate against relevant issues. Social analysis provides the information that risk and security teams need to be prepared against disruption. So what is the answer here, how can corporates uncover these valuable insights while faced with not just a sea of information, but also a sea of misinformation?

How can they get to the true value of social media data, diluted by a cloud of bots, misleading links, clickbait and fake news? I definitely needed more and better guidance. I must admit though, that I wasn't the easiest person to guide. I like to think I've mellowed now. Now that I think about it, I'd like to think I haven't mellowed. In graduate school, Frederick wrote a very well received paper, 'Stochastic Space-time and Quantum Mechanics' that appeared in The Physical Review a highly prestigious venue. On my explaining that I'd spent a day or so a week doing quantum mechanics, he said I'd have to make up the time.

And he forbad me from doing any more work that was not directly related to my position as a post doc in experimental far infra-red astronomy.

Dispelling mistrust, misinformation and misunderstanding | BCI

To be fair, Frederick was not as productive as he should have been in the department. Frederick moved to Ithaca, New York , where he started a computer consultancy company which later expanded to do contract engineering. As I worked on the ideas in the story, I realized I was not so much working on fiction as I was actually doing physics, and theoretical physics at that.

Almost as an epiphany, I realized that the time had come; I should be working on physics again.

Carl Frederick

I had the time and freedom. And if I didn't resume research then, I probably never would. Frederick took up physics again.

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He allocated five months where he devoted his full energy to do nothing but physics: I realized that stochasticity had its limits; there was something else at play in the universe. That realization forced a major alteration of my Stochastic Space-time theory, a modification I call Crypto-stochastic Spacetime theory. Almost immediately, Crypto-stochastic Space-time theory gave results: It currently 'lives' in his living room.

Frederick called it Omnivor. Frederick and his company still needed to get the approval of OMNI to finish the robot for them. After a successful demo for the editorial staff of the influential electronics trade magazine, EDN , Frederick had to demonstrated the Omnivor to the top level officers of OMNI magazine. It was he whom Frederick had to impress to get the contract to build the complete robot.

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Frederick explains how the scene went down on his website:. Then I said 'hello' to the, as yet unnamed, robot. I said 'hello' again, forcing my voice to the flat unemotional intonation that the voice recognition system required.

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Then I smelled the smoke from the control-electronics circuit board. Using one of my partner's hands as a clamp he continued his presentation the entire time , I took out a soldering iron and bypassed the rain-shorted subsystem. At that point, the robot almost worked. It 'understood' maybe one word in three, and its voice synthesis through a rain-fritzed amplifier sounded more like gargling then speech.

Frederick went back to his home in Ithaca , extremely discouraged. However, the following day, he received a call from OMNI letting them know he got the contract. As it happened, a week earlier, OMNI had a very slick demo from another robot builder. But that robot was phony: Ben Bova saw through it immediately. When Frederick finished his demonstration, Ben is reported to have said. Frederick designed the world's first digital baud modem.

His company, Wolfdata , was moved to Chelmsford , Boston , and it became the first manufacturer of cheap, digital modems. Chess Frederick played chess professionally for a few years.