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His writings dictated much of Christian theology and doctrine post-Resurrection. The track features pentecostal-type chants and prayers, as well as heavy Gospel influences, including a prominent feature by preacher and Gospel artist Pastor Kirk Franklin. Kanye proclaimed this album as a Gospel album a month before its release:. This is similar to the teachings of Paul. A lot of people tell me Ultralight Beam is my greatest artwork to date only rival being Jesus Walks.

It also echoes in the background for the duration of the song. The video came about one day when my family members were about to travel to Atlanta and asked me to say a quick prayer for them as they normally would before they departed. Additionally, the song features a beautiful orchestration of Bass, Keyboards and Trumpets, keeping with the religious theme of the song. The two also have a collaboration album in the works.

O God, Before Thy Sun's Bright Beams Sheet Music by George Frideric Handel

Along with the Lord, this applies to anyone he is loyal to, whether it is Kanye, his daughter, or anyone else close to him. Chance is so strong that he will bear their pain and suffering on his shoulders to relieve the pressure they are enduring. He will also answer the questions people have to help them. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Album The Life of Pablo. Ultralight Beam Lyrics [Intro: Kanye proclaimed this album as a Gospel album a month before its release: What have the artists said about the song?

Are there any samples in "Ultralight Beam"? Has Natalie is Great commented on the sample? What does "Ultralight Beam" sound like? Fairer than all the rest which there appear,. Though all their beauties join'd together were;. Cease then, my tongue, and lend unto my mind. His truth, his love, his wisdom, and his bliss,.

Paradise Lost: Book 3

His grace, his doom, his mercy, and his might,. His glorious face which glistereth else so bright,. That th' Angels selves cannot endure his sight. But we, frail wights, whose sight cannot sustain.

Nearer, My God, to Thee

The sun's bright beams when he on us doth shine,. In sight of whom both sun and moon are dark,. His goodness, which his beauty doth declare;.

Thence gathering plumes of perfect speculation,. Mount up aloft through heavenly contemplation,. From this dark world, whose damps the soul so blind,. Clear'd from gross mists of frail infirmities. Throw thyself down, with trembling innocence,. For fear, lest if he chance to look on thee,. Thou turn to nought, and quite confounded be.

That sits upon the righteous throne on high;. Or the hard diamond, which them both doth pass. With which he bruiseth all his foes to dust,. His seat is truth, to which the faithful trust,. From whence proceed her beams so pure and bright. Light far exceeding that bright blazing spark. And dampish air, whereby all things are read;. But that immortal light, which there doth shine,.

Is many thousand times more bright, more clear,. Through which to God all mortal actions here,. And even the thoughts of men, do plain appear;. Through heavenly virtue which her beams do breed. And hid in his own brightness from the sight. Adorn'd, that brighter than the stars appear,. And make her native brightness seem more clear. With which she rules the house of God on high,. And all the creatures which they both contain;. For of her fullness which the world doth fill. By which they first were made, and still increast.

The fairness of her face no tongue can tell;. Sparkled on her from God's own glorious face,. Have portray'd this, for all his mast'ring skill;. But had those wits, the wonders of their days,. His plenteous vein in setting forth her praise,. That all the world should with his rhymes be fraught. Or hope t' express her least perfection's part,. Whose beauty fills the heavens with her light,.

And darks the earth with shadow of her sight? Ah, gentle Muse, thou art too weak and faint. And see at will, her sovereign praises sing,. All joy, all bliss, all happiness, have place;. Even heavenly riches, which there hidden lie.

Ultralight Beam Lyrics

Whereof such wondrous pleasures they conceive,. Their soul of sense, through infinite delight,. And them transport from flesh into the spright. And hear such heavenly notes, and carollings. Of God's high praise, that fills the brazen sky;. But all that erst seem'd sweet seems now offence,. And all that pleased erst now seems to pain;. Their joy, their comfort, their desire, their gain,.

Thenceforth seems foul, and full of sinful blame;.

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And all that pomp to which proud minds aspire. Seems to them baseness, and all riches dross,. So full their eyes are of that glorious sight,. That in nought else on earth they can delight,. Which they have written in their inward eye;. On which they feed, and in their fastened mind.