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The collective designation "Paris quartets" was only first bestowed upon them in the second half of the twentieth century by the editors of the Telemann Musikalische Werke , because of their association with Telemann's celebrity visit to Paris in —38 Zohn , n They bear the numbers At Michaelmas 29 September , Telemann finally left Hamburg for a long-delayed journey to Paris, where he had been invited at least seven years earlier by four prominent French musicians: By Telemann's fame had spread across Europe, thanks in large part to dissemination of his music in printed form, which had been the main source of appreciation by his French hosts.

It was in preparation for this visit and for these four musicians that Telemann composed the first set of six Paris quartets, which he published in Hamburg under the Italian title Quadri a violino, flauto traversiere, viola da gamba o violoncello, e fondamento: In anticipation of his arrival the Paris publisher Le Clerc reprinted them in , as Six quatuors a violon, flute, viole ou violoncelle et basse continue. In the meantime, Telemann had composed a second set of six quartets.

All twelve quartets were played during the composer's visit, by the four musicians who had invited him and doubtless accompanied by Telemann himself on the harpsichord. So that Forqueray and Edouard could take turns playing the solo and continuo bass lines, Telemann composed separate versions of the obbligato part, one for viola da gamba and the other for cello—"a cunning diplomatic gesture, which is typical of Telemann's practical mind" Bergmann , The multisectional, quasi-improvisational construction of the first quartet suggests a function as prelude to the rest of the collection, similar to the "sonades" that introduce each suite in Les nations Zohn , The combination of instruments chosen by Telemann allows a great deal of flexibility in grouping, since the obbligato gamba part which is entirely independent of the continuo bass can function in bass, tenor, or alto register.

Although he supplied separate versions for viola da gamba and cello, it appears from the indication "Violoncello, in luogo della Viola" on Telemann's title page and on the separate part for the cello that his first choice was the viola da gamba. The three obbligato instruments participate equally in the thematic working out of the quartets, frequently exhibiting kaleidoscopic textures with rapidly shifting pairings of instruments.

List of string quartet composers

Although there is an emphasis on technical virtuosity, Telemann's progressive approach to form applies the emerging galant style that contributed to the quartets' popularity Zohn , — The Nouveaux quatuors en six suites , as the title indicates, are all in suite form in contrast to the first set of quartets. This second set maintains and even in some ways surpasses the high standard for quartet writing Telemann had set in the Quadri.

Another factor may have been the equal participation of the three obbligato parts, which had a strong cultural resonance in a society fascinated by the art of conversation Zohn , — Like the Quadri , these were a reissue of a collection first published in Hamburg in Zohn , , , This was therefore the third collection of Telemann quartets published in Paris. This edition was almost certainly not authorized by the composer, for it consists of rather clumsy arrangements of early works, originally scored entirely for strings.

6 Quatuors ou Trios (Telemann, Georg Philipp)

The original versions are found in manuscripts at Darmstadt and Dresden , copied between and , which are in Telemann's Italianate style of —15 Zohn , — Two years after returning to Hamburg, Telemann himself reported on the effect his quartets had in Paris:. Arranged by Adam Manijak. All books are in score format with each line increasing in difficulty from Grade 1 to Grade Perfect for concerts with family and friends, recitals, auditions, and festivals.

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Available for brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion. Bill Bailey For Flute Quartet. Scored for 4 concert flutes, includes score and parts. Flute Music Book with CD. Score and parts included. You are purchasing a beautiful flute quartet. If you need a quartet for church or simply for an ensemble contest this one is really nice!

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It is in the key of F Major. This is not a difficult quartet.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Composer. Three easy pieces for four flutes: Jazz Suite Easy Flute Quartet. He composed several operas, chamber works and ballets among others.

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Published by Sempre Music PR. Flute quartet 4 C flutes. Lutyens, Elisabeth Composer ; Bowra Author.

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Score and part s. Duration 3 minutes, 32 seconds. Score and Parts Flexible Flute Quartet - 4 Flutes optional piccolo, alto, bass, contra alto and contra bass doubling parts. A collection of 8 standard Christmas carols presented in straightforward four part harmony.

A very attractive new composition with exciting rhythmic patterns, based on a Tanzanian folk song. Bentzon, Niels Viggo Composer.

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Rovesi festival by Anna Aminoff flute with Okko Kamu and friends. Arranged and adapted by Andrea Cappellari. Jamaica Sunrise for 4 flutes.