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While you're exploring the function key row, take a look at F5.

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Hitting this key will refresh a page, a good trick when you're running File Explorer or your web browser. After the refresh, you can see the latest version of the page you're viewing. Stepping away from your computer for a moment? This shortcut locks the machine and returns you to the login screen.

Here's A Shortcut To Finding Those Internet Addresses

Any snoops will need your user account password to regain access. Any time you want to configure the way that Windows works, hit this keyboard shortcut to bring up the Settings dialog. The Windows taskbar has a handy search box that lets you quiz Cortana or sift through your applications and saved files. Jump straight to it with this keyboard shortcut, then type in your search terms.

20 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts to save you a click | Popular Science

No need to open a dedicated screenshot tool: At the same time, Windows will copy the image to the clipboard. Don't want to snap the whole screen? The Task Manager is your window into everything running on your Windows system, from the open programs to the background processes. This shortcut will call up the Task Manager from wherever you are and whatever application you're using. This shortcut puts Cortana in listening mode, but before you give it a whirl, you must activate it: Open Cortana from the taskbar search box, click the cog icon, and turn on the keyboard shortcut.

Once you've enabled the shortcut, hit the Windows key and C whenever you want to talk to the digital assistant.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I would like to disable keyboard shortcuts command-w and command-q in mac os x This is because they interfere with emacs commands which I run from inside a terminal running from xQuartz. All help will be appreciated. I reached this page because I wanted to disable command-h hide application which is not shown in System Preferences.

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This is my solution. BetterTouchTool is a free utility which can disable keyboard shortcuts and has many other uses. BetterTouch wasn't able to change or disable the key that was causing me grief: From this site I learned about symbolic hot keys and found a list of them: These sites have lists of the codes used in the plist file, so one can actually change the shortcuts instead of only deleting them: A solution that may work for factory hotkeys in individual apps which conflict with your desired assignment:.

This will free-up the old key combination for assignment.

It is not perfect, as you might still slip on Cmd-W instead of Option-W sometimes, but at least it is functional. Following an article on how to script shortcuts I tried setting a shortcut to '' to no avail, but setting it to NULL worked fine. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. How to disable keyboard shortcuts in mac os x Ask Question. After the first lunar missions orbited the Moon, it was discovered that unlike the near side, the far side is lacking large lava plains, or maria.

The far side is mainly composed of heavily cratered highlands, while only very small areas contain smooth lava plains.

On The Far Side

The reason for this difference between near side and far side is not exactly understood. One possibility is that the tidal pull of the Earth on the Moon is responsible for the dichotomy. The modelling of previous topography and gravity measurements indicates that the Moon's solid crust is thinner on the near side.