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Seriously, I was almost literally in tears about how wrong this manga felt. Perhaps it's mainly because they went with a different manga publisher, which is odd since I read some other manga distributed by this publisher and I actually like them. For whatever reason, this book in the Dark Hunter universe didn't translate nearly as well to manga form as the others.

Here's hoping the second one won't be another waste of time. Oct 13, IzamaRi H. Mientras tanto, las mujeres parecen actrices porno simplemente hay que ver a Tabitha toda voluptuosa mientras que en los libros es descrita como la plana de la familia Me quedo con el manga de los Cazadores Oscuros, ilustrado por Claudia Campos. May 08, Jim Gorman rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. An interesting magna about a HS kid who lives in the poor part of town, son of a single mom who has to be a stripper to make ends meet.

This takes place in New Orleans instead of the usual Japan. He is soon pulled into a conflict between the side of evil, who wants his soul, and the forces of good. His decisions will send him down one path or the other, and whichever one he takes, the opposite will try to stop, Quick review. His decisions will send him down one path or the other, and whichever one he takes, the opposite will try to stop, or kill him. We get some demons in this one, and some zombies, and some vampires I think. Not bad, and enjoyable read and I will be picking up the next one to see what happens to Nick.

Jan 16, Connie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Since my teen picked this up, I read it, too. I wasn't going to read these, since I was just going to read the actual novels. This was really good! I didn't think there was anything they hadn't explained in the previous books about Nick's life, but zombies?? May 09, Teresa cox rated it it was amazing Shelves: It keep me in its grips!!

Dec 07, Anka rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 07, Joti rated it really liked it. The book was alright. Typical content with Nick founding out who he really was and how he deals with the new friends and foes he acquires. Very graphic with the fighting and all that stuff. With the big eyes, and almost perfect face, etc, didn't feel like it was cut for the series. Like how the original Dark Hunter s The book was alright. Like how the original Dark Hunter series and House of Night or Twilight even my God , that fit the portrayal of these westernized characters.

Although i do admit, i do like the manga type drawing better.. As this is a Western-ish story, the art should stick to the western style. The art is good, as any artist does it. Just maybe not suitable for this series?

The Dark-Hunters: Infinity Vol. 1

Oct 06, Ainoa rated it it was amazing Shelves: As always, everything involving Sherrilyn Kenyon rarely disappoints me. This is an adaptation of the first boon in her young adult series "Chronicles of Nick", and as such, it retains the spirit and humour of the book. If you have read the Dark hunters manga prior to this, the drawing style might result a little bit strange for you.

The artists are not the same, therefore the characters are depicted differently. I have to admit that I like Claudia Campos' style a little bit better when it comes As always, everything involving Sherrilyn Kenyon rarely disappoints me. Feb 07, Freyja rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a really good adaptation of the novel. The characters are drawn really well and the art style is engaging. Would recommend for fans of the series. Mar 25, Sarah Whisted rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have been looking forward to this for months and it didn't let me down one bit!!

I really hope there are plans to continue recreating this series in manga form. I love the books so much that I'm positive I'll love t I have been looking forward to this for months and it didn't let me down one bit!! I love the books so much that I'm positive I'll love the manga's too! Aug 21, Zethaslin rated it it was ok. I haven't read the main book series Interesting, as far as mangas go It wasn't laid out in traditional Japanese format, like most mangas I've read.

The chibi styling was just so-so. But the plot was Could use some work. The first thing young Nick says is; "I am a socially awkward mandork. Just kinda odd manga-wise, if you asked me Apr 08, Beleth rated it it was ok Shelves: Todas las chicas parecen sacadas de un hentai por su capacidad pulmonar: May 30, Jenna rated it really liked it Shelves: Quite like this adaption and the drawing style was nice. I wouldn't say it blew me out of the water in comparison to the book unlike Soulless, which I enjoyed in book style but loved in manga-format.

Some of the anatomy seemed a tad off and the dialogue didn't always fit, but it was still an enjoyable introduction and adaptation. Feb 03, Dylan Stevens rated it liked it. May 06, Juan Pablo rated it really liked it Shelves: It amazed me how many plot twist there were. You're gonna like Nick almost immediately, he's the under dog, a little bit sarcastic that we all have inside. The thing with this manga is that you have absolutely no idea what to expect and that keeps you aware in case you miss some important detail. I loved all the funny scenes, they were all great and smooth.

Mar 31, Krista Brown rated it it was amazing. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I have never been a fan of Manga but I am a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon so when these series came out I bought them in paper back format and it was definitely interesting to see a face even if it were cartoon to characters you come to know and love.

When I found out this one was on the kindle I bought it without a moments hesitation. I am always buying whatever I can find with Kenyon's name attached to keep the money going her way and keep her writing. I can't help myself. You will not know what happens until 2nd half comes out unless you buy the regular book So honestly I think buying the original book and the anime on the kindle should go hand in hand so you aren't left hanging and you get the full details that would be missing from this story.

OVer all you get the idea of the story, some of the funny comments and since it has Sherrilyn Kenyon's approval you know its then best representation of the story.

Dark-Hunter: Infinity Vol. 1 Manga Book Talk

I enjoyed them but then again I read the regular series several times before this came out so I know the story inside and out. WOW - I have to say I was astonished at how well done this manga is.

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I love Kenyon's Dark Hunter series of novels, and I was excited but hesitant about the prospect of them being adapted as manga and not comics as many other bestselling series are, such as Anita Blake. Thought I love the full-color that comics come in, the black and white manga seems to flow better and allow the story to be equal to the art. First, this was an excellent adapatation. I had only intended to glance through it when it arrived yesterday, but instead found myself reading straight to the end!

The Dark Hunter series has a lot of underlying mythology that is important to the storyline - in particular, Kenyon's twist on vampires. The manga managed to capture the key parts without losing the richness of the original novels.

The Dark-hunters: Infinity, Vol. 1

It also retained the humor found throughout the series. This volume adapts the first half of "Night Pleasures," and even though I already know how it ends, I can hardly wait for volume 2. This manga has a more noticeable amount of text due to the necessary backround information, but it was presented in a good way. Second, Kenyon was careful to stay true to manga's Japanese origins.

The manga reads right to left, and according to her website the artist is Japanese, and subsequently so is the art style. The quality of the paper and printing is very high. I didn't notice any typos, and the text was clear even in the wordy sections. The art is fantastic. I love how the artist rendered the characters, especially Tabitha goth chick. The characters have the quality many describe as anime big eyes, expressive faces, teenage-looking. Though I liked it, it took some getting used to after reading the books and imagining them differently.

I do wish the cover was a little more flashy as volume 2's cover looks to be. Fans of the novels should really enjoy the manga, but newcomers unfamiliar with the series can also enjoy it. Though I recommend reading the books as well because they are just so good! I have a hard time getting my 11 year old son with ADHD and mild Autism to read anything that does not have pictures, so I bought this to give it a try, and he loves it.

He started reading it right away, and he has been taking it to school to read on his free time. My son is such a visual learner, so I thought with the reading and pictures this would get him into reading a bit more.. One person found this helpful. This was a gift. I never really like American comic, I rather watch them on television or wait for the live-action.

Yet, this book changed my thought. The story is great, a lot of humors and so actions.

They try to adapt the Japanese drawing, but still not that good. Well, I don't really mind about the drawing. The story stands along is already good. When I wait for the book, I don't think I will buy the second one, but after finishing the first volume, I definitely buy another one.

Recommend it to anyone like vampire, humor, and a little bit of Greece legends and powers. I'm a big fan of the dark hunter books so when my 14 yr old daughter wanted manga I got her this It is a good prelude to the other Dark Hunter books. The Graphic novel is an interesting variation to people who are use to reading conventional books.

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