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Small bleat, but why all the commas in the wrong places? Oct 09, AngryGreyCat rated it liked it. The story involves a disgraced former high flyer police officer, a suspect who dies in custody, a brutal serial killer, and much more.


I would give this about 3 stars. Oct 06, Beth Stewart rated it liked it. I found this book didn't hold my interest. It seemed to ramble in places and I had trouble piecing things together. Lots of character names but hard to keep track of them as they weren't really developed. Sep 25, JK rated it liked it. Not bad The description of the book was about a guy that has substance abuse problems and coasted through his job, but that really did not come across in the book. Aside from that the book was not bad, I just would have appreciated a better depiction of the character suggested by the overview.

Very Good Start Very good start to this series with flashes of brilliant descriptions and turns of phrase. Perhaps a bit too densely plotted and lots of characters to keep track of, but pacing is solid. Aug 23, Jen rated it really liked it. Dalgliesh is a new author for me, but I will certainly be reading more from him.

Nate Caslin had been on an upward career path with Scotland Yard, but he made a mistake and is now the odd man out in York. His marriage is on the rocks, and his personal life is a mess, but there is an integrity that keeps him from falling into a hopeless abyss. When no one else seems concerned about the disappearance of a young family, Nate listens to his own intern J.

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When no one else seems concerned about the disappearance of a young family, Nate listens to his own internal warnings that something is drastically wrong. The commitment to solving a complex case has Nate slowly emerging from his tendency to hide in substance abuse and alcohol and to gradually regain some of the trust he has lost.

Dalgliesh has created an intriguing character in a well-plotted dark example of detective fiction. I will be on to the next one in the series soon! Aug 06, barbara jones rated it really liked it. A story full of details that keep you informed every step of the way. First time I have read this author.

But I was so impressed with this book, I have bought his two next books that follow on with these police officers. It is good to get to know new author's and their characters. Aug 15, Jan Rideout rated it really liked it. Hard to follow I found it hard to understand what was going on in a lot of the action. Many of the characters were just names and not fleshed out, so that it was hard to tell them apart.

Jul 15, Marilyn A. Land rated it it was amazing. I am an avid reader and this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I never got bored, the main character was human and great, the plot was very well developed etc, If you like a good mystery definitely read this book. Aug 30, Gary Van Cott rated it liked it. The detective in this book hits most of the detective cliches.

Jun 26, Maggie rated it really liked it. Death in York A good story with a stressed and overwhelmed protagonist, he still manages to come up with the right answers. I will read the next story with interest. Sep 03, Linda rated it liked it. Slow starting, but picked up speed half way through. Interested in reading the next one. Nov 23, Phyllis H. Pajka rated it it was amazing. This was a very good book but had many characters. The main character was the most interesting and I enjoyed the interaction with him.

I am now starting on Blacklight which is book 2 by the same author and can't wait to get into the book.

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It said the book was 9 hours to read but I didn't keep track. I was to fascinated with the story to care. Give it a chance and I think you'll love it. Dec 16, Denise Burrow rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this first book. I look forward to reading the entire series.

This kept me interested and wanting to turn the next page.

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I thought I had it figured out and I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. Jul 05, Louise Pass rated it it was amazing. Follow the trail Facts leading to others, disclose a deeply disturbing chain of evidence, disintegrating bodies, and violent recordings lead our intrepid hero into three darkest turning of the human mind. Sep 08, Donna rated it it was amazing. Excellent first of series So pleased I found this first book in a series. It was well written and I enjoyed finding out more about the main characters backstory while the main story progressed.

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  5. Nov 21, Conchita rated it really liked it. I think the story was too long. Confusing at times in keeping up with each character. But a good story. Aug 26, Karin Leach rated it liked it. Good read but dark. Not sure if I want to read anymore of the series. Jul 27, Kim Hamilton rated it liked it. Oh well I guess I'm just over this type of writing.

    Okay characters and whatnot, sorry but not for me Oh well. Sep 16, Helen A rated it it was amazing. Very gof So much seemingly unrelated crimes going at once. Will recommend this to my fellow mystery lovers. Looking forward to the next book.

    A House Divided

    Aug 21, Irene Bugg rated it it was amazing. I love a good mystery and it was there. The characters were interesting also. Jul 16, Janine Harms rated it it was amazing. Excellent This book kept me guessing until the end. I recommend this highly to everyone that loves a good mystery. He has worked in the power transmission industry, the retail sector, call centres and as a night-owl in a bakery.

    His greatest challenge of all is ongoing, as a stay at home parent. The novels are set in Yorkshire, England. The medieval City of York is Caslin's home town and the plot lines take in some of the UK's most rugged and beautiful landscapes, from the windswept North Sea coastline and across the stunning North York Moors. Penned in the style of the Crime Noir genre, Caslin is a deep character, as flawed as he is brilliant, battling his own demons as much as those he is pitted against. Readers who enjoy gritty, atmospheric thrillers will find the series a must read.

    Having spent time abroad, Jason has lived and worked in various parts of England as well as the Scottish Highlands. He currently resides in the East Riding, with his wife and two young children. You can reach him via his website at www. Other books in the series. Dark Yorkshire 3 books.

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