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In der Ferne wirkten schon einige Jahre lang "Spezialisten", die bereits einige Schritte weiter waren als wir. Mein Herz springt vor Freude, wenn ich mich an die Begeisterung erinnere, mit der wir damals musizierten. Ihr standardisierter Ausdruck war uns ein Greuel.

Viele fanden das toll. Das war ein Erfolgstrend, den viele anbeteten und noch immer anhimmeln! Gleichzeitig und als Folge dieser erfolgsorientierten Entwicklung wurde die Alte Musik verschult. Heute gibt es in fast jeder Hochschule eine entsprechende Abteilung. Dort werden fleissig Regeln gelernt, Vorschriften vermittelt, Verbote konjugiert, Weisheiten und Halbweisheiten in Beton gegossen.

Je nach "Schule" standen die Chancen dazu bisher gar nicht schlecht. Die Vielfalt des musikalischen Ausdrucks hat durch diese unheilvolle Entwicklung allerdings stark gelitten. Heute ist es schwer, ein Ensemble oder Barockorchester sofort nach seinem Klang und Stil zu erkennen. Irgendwie spielen fast alle gleich. Man hat sich auf einen gemeinsamen Nenner geeinigt. Hier unbeschwerter Ausdruck einer mehr oder weniger reinen Kinderseele, dort gestresstes Gehabe eines gehetzten und erfolgsgeilen Stars.

Er fehlt mir und seine positiven Gedanken gehen mir ab. Vielleicht bin ich ja nur verwirrt?! B violini 2, chalamaux 2, con, organo, concertante, e violone. Gunar Letzbor, Violine Lauten: Mit Stolz berichtet er, dass diese Konzerte auch im kontrapunktischen Stil gearbeitet sind. Eripe me Domine - Tr 2 3. Domine - Tr 1 4.

Sonata Prima, per Trombetta sola Sonata Seconda, per Trombetta sola Iuli Frontini Strategematon libri quatuor: Aelianus De instruendis aciebus: Modestus de vocabulis rei militaris: Castrametatio Romanorum ex historiis Polybii. Aufstellungen als Buchstabenbild-Darstellungen, 1 gefalt.

Tafel, 1 Stammtafel u. Notiz, diese unkenntlich gemacht, ein Holzschnitt 2. Geometriae practicae novae et auctae libri IV. Frontispiz, Titel in Rot u. Auch das Frontispiz von P. Battista Guerra, fratelli, Six parts in one. There are several pagination errors including pages that are erroneously marked Contemporary full vellum, titles in ink on the spine panel. Engraved title page, engraved title for each of the six parts, fifty-five in-text illustrations, head-pieces, tail-pieces, initials. Text in two columns. The vellum is worn and somewhat soiled, the spine has several old wormholes.

Contemporary name on the title page. Later handwritten index tipped in. The text block has a stain affecting the lower half of the first several leaves, scattered foxing and minor staining, two old mends to two of the leaves, and a tiny hole to another leaf. The top margin was cut short this does not affect the text. In the Italian language. Mercator Gehard ca ; issued in: Copper print; - colorit: Very good; - size in cm: Map shows the Ukrain with the peninsula Krim and the black sea; - vita of the artist: He is best known for his work in cartography, in particular the world map of based on a new projection which represented sailing courses of constant bearing as straight lines.

He is renowned to the present day as the cartographer who created a world map based on a new projection which represented sailing courses of constant bearing as straight lines. In his own day he was the world's most famous geographer but in addition he had interests in theology, philosophy, history, mathematics and magnetism as well as being an accomplished engraver, calligrapher and maker of globes and scientific instruments.

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He wrote few books but much of his knowledge is to be found in the copious legends on his wall maps and the prefaces that he composed for his atlas ,the first in which the term "atlas" appears and the sections within it. Mydorge corrected the numerous mistakes made by Leurechon in these mathematical diversions and "added several physical experiments as well as comments that he claimed were intended only for his friends". Several of examples and comments by Mydorge, also appear in the works of his friend Descartes, making it "reasonable to conclude that many of the other mechanical problems discussed by Mydorge in this work were also known to Descartes and one can easily imagine Descartes as one of the friends participating in the discussions of these problems alluded to in the prefatory remarks" Hattab.

For instance, Mydorge following Leurechon informs the reader how to make water in a glass boil without fire, "to make a door open from both sides; to build a bridge all round the earth which will not fall when its supports are removed; to keep all the water in the world in the air without a single drop falling to earth". Nunc primum in lucem edita.

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Frankfurt, Wolffgang Richter for Antonius Hummius, With 8 full-page woodcuts printed on both sides of four leaves inserted as plates, and numerous woodcut figures and illustrations in text, several full-page. Modern plain paper boards. Kemp, The science of art, pp. First edition of a famous work on optics by the English natural philosopher and mathematician Roger Bacon ca. Bacon was well read in Arabic and ancient Greek sources on optics and perspective, a subject hardly studied in Europe during the earlier Middle Ages.

The main sources for his theories were the writings of Euclid, Ptolemy and Alhazen Ibn al-Haytham , and he followed Robert Grosseteste concerning the importance of light and in his emphasis on the use of lenses, not only for burning, but also for magnification to aid natural vision. Bacon advised magnifying glasses for old people as well as for people with weak eyes. The Perspectiva belonged to Bacon's Opus maius, compiled in manuscript in The present edition was based on a medieval manuscript and was edited by Johann Combach , professor of philosophy at Marburg in GermanyWith a stain on the title-page and two on the last blank, probably from removing old stamps, browned throughout with a few small spots, but overall in good condition.

Binding with some water stains, but otherwise good. Partie traduits par Est. Dolet, et le reste par F. A Paris, chez Claude Micard, Engraving on laid paper paper. Titlepage that originates from 'Ruinarum Varii Prospectus, Ruriumque Aliquot Delineationes', a series of 38 engravings that shows various places in the Mediterranean region, published circa Made by 'Philips Galle' after 'Hendrick van Cleve'.

He is mainly known for publishing Old Master prints, reproductive engravings of paintings active in Antwerp. Very good, given age. Please study scan carefully. R LA The overall size is ca. The image size is ca.

The overall size is ca. Ortelius Abraham ca ; issued in: He began as a map-engraver, in and entered the Antwerp guild of St Luke as afsetter van Karten. His early career is that of a businessman and most of his journeys before are for commercial purposes. In he completed a "mappemonde", eight-leaved map of the world, which afterwards appeared in reduced form in the Theatrum. The only extant copy of this great map is in the library of the University of Basle cf.

Bernoulli, Ein Karteninkunabelnband, Basle, , p. He also published a two-sheet map of Egypt in , a plan of the Brittenburg castle on the coast of the Netherlands in , an eight-sheet map of Asia in , and a six-sheet map of Spain before the appearance of his atlas. In Ortelius published seventeen supplementary maps under the title Additamentum Theatri Orbis Terrarum.

Four more Additamenta were to follow, the last one appearing in He also had a keen interest and formed a fine collection of coins, medals and antiques, and this resulted in the book. He also had a keen interest and formed a fine collection of coins, medals and antiques, and this resulted in the book originals of his maps in these days are popular collector's items. Mydorge corrected the numerous mistakes made by Leurechon in these mathematical diversions and "added several physical experiments Several of examples and comments by Mydorge, also appear in the works of his friend Descartes, making it "reasonable to conclude that many of the other mechanical problems discussed by Mydorge in this work were also known to Descartes For instance, Mydorge following Leurechon informs the reader how to make water in a glass boil without fire, "to make a door open from both sides; The title-page to the French section trimmed to the outer border, torn, and laid on a backing sheet; the indexes for France and the Low Countries bound before the maps; some burning from the glue of the guards, the Boulogne with a ragged border.

Contemporary calf, rebacked, red morocco label with gilt lettering to spine; boards worn but nicely repaired. Pflummern, Johann Heinrich von auch Pfaummern Hg. Mit beygesetzten etlichen solchem Beweiss dienlichen Documenten. Auss etlichen besondern zu end vermeldten Ursachen in offnen Truck gegeben.. Wurmfrass kein Textverlust , einige Bl. Contemporary vellum, quite unevenly darkened, the variant with the arms of Lincoln's Inn on the verso of the title; without the colophon if called for.

In-folio xmm , pp. Tagli a spruzzo rossi. Marca tipografica al titolo con raffigurazione allegorica di un soldato a cavallo con duplice motto greco e latino. Testo bicolonne originale greco e traduzione latina , seguito dai commentari del curatore, Maurice de La Corde, noto medico francese rinascimentale. Qualche lieve gora d'umido.

Minimi restauri alle cerniere. Cinquecentina parigina bilingue delle sentenze mediche attribuite ad Ippocrate relative alle malattie delle donne. Libreria Antiquaria Galleria Gilibert ]. Hamburgi, exscribebat Paulus Langius, Octavius, et Cypriani de Idolorum Vanitate. Hambourg , Ex Bibliopolo Frobeniano, De Errore Profanarum Religionum. Ad Constantium et Constantem Augg. Hambourg , ex Bibliopolio Frobeniano, Elenchus Trihaeresii Nicolai Seraii.

Ejus in ipsum Scaligerum animadversiones confutatae. Eiusdem delirium fanaticum et impudentissimum mendacium, quo Eslenos Monachos Christianos fuisse contendit, validissimis argumentis elusum. Papier bruni par endroits comme c'est souvent la cas avec les impressions allemandes. Francofurti, apud haeredes Andreae Wecheli, Francofurti, apud haeredes Andreae Wecheli - Cm. Epistolarum amplius mille ducentarum libri tres nunc primum Graece editi. Quibus e regione accessit latina Clariss.

Eiusdem Billii Sacrarum Observationum libri duo. Editio princeps und einzige Ausgabe des Jahrhunderts der Briefe des griechischen Kirchenschriftstellers Isidorus aus Alexandrien circa Bedeutend ist Isidor durch seinen umfangreichen Briefwechsel, der Nicephorus zufolge bei seinem Tod etwa zehntausend Briefe umfasst haben soll. Antiquariat Thomas Rezek ].


Viri reverendae et clarissimae memoriae Victorini Strigelii in Academia Ihenensi dictatus anno [. Ratio legendi scripta prophetica et apostolica: Cui addita est synopsis totius doctrinae christianae, accommodata ad captum piae iuventutis. Authore eodem Victorino Strigelio. Herborn, Christoph Corvinus, Contemporary half blind-stamped pigskin with vellum-covered boards. VD 16 S Rare posthumously published edition of Strigel's commentary on Exodus, bound together with his treatise on biblical hermeneutics.

Strigel, a student of Melanchton, became professor of theology at Jena after studying in Freiburg im Breisgau, Leipzig, and Wittenberg. Disputes with Matthias Flacius Illyricus led to his departure to the University of Leipzig in , but he was suspended from that post a couple of years later because of suspicions that he held Calvinist views of the Lord's Supper.

He finally moved to the Palatinate, where he openly confessed a Reformed understanding of the sacrament and taught at the University of Heidelberg from until his death in A few pen underlinings. Lower outer corner of title page restored and a few pen underlinings. Den Hertog BV ]. Venetiis, ex officina Ioannis Degarae, Venetiis, ex officina Ioannis Degarae - Cm 16, cc. La Vita dell'Autore descritta dal S. Gli Scontri de i luoghi mutati dall'Autore dopo la sua prima impressione. La dichiaratione di tutte le Istorie, et Favole toccate nel presente Libro, fatta da M. Et una Tavola de' principij di tutte le Stanze.

Frontespizio interamente figurato, molti capolettera, cornice xilografica a contornare gli argomenti di ciascun canto e molte belle incisioni in legno nel testo. Legatura d'inizio Settecento in piena pelle, dorso a nervi con ricchi fregi e titoli in oro. Filetto in oro ad inquadrare i piatti. Un paio di ex libris. Mancanze reintegrate alle cuffie, margine alto a tratti un po' rifilato, due carte dell'indice finale fuori posto ed un difetto di un paio di cm.

7 So lebten die ersten Christen

Esemplare peraltro ben conservato. Studio Bibliografico Benacense ]. Contemporary vellum, some browing here and there with toward the end of the volume some worming mostly marginal but touching the text hardly any loss of about 20ll. Genova, Rare first edition of this work which Brunet calls? Written to celebrate the unification of the crowns of Portugal and Castille, this comprehensive history of the Portuguese empire includes a chronology of Portuguese kings since The first book mentions Columbus and the Portuguese settlement in Brazil and also reports on Portuguese activities in Africa and India.

In addition, the role of the Jesuits is discussed at length. Ova paschalia sacro emblemate inscripta descriptaque. Simonis Knab , With engraved title-page, engraved vignette on the title-page of the second part, and engravings in the text portrait of Ferdinand III of Bohemia and, engraved emblems and 2 others.

The John Carter Brown Library online. Reissue of the enlarged second edition of an emblem book by the Jesuit Georg Stengel The first and second editions were published at Munich by Nicolas Henricus. Every chapter is headed by a finely engraved emblem in an egg-shaped form, with 4 small additional views in the corners. One hundred egg-shaped emblems explore the meaning of the egg within a Catholic theological perspective" John Carter Brown Library.

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The range of meanings assigned to the egg through the ages provides a veritable paradise for the ardent iconologist. Great attention is shown for detail in both the emblems and the corner views, all engraved with excellent care. Each emblem is followed by extensive edifying readings. Some of the emblems show indigenous Americans using them as inspiration for the following meditations or relate directly to America. With some large water stains on the first three leaves and marginal water stains throughout, some occasional foxing. Otherwise in good condition.