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As vegetables go, the artichoke is among the most fascinating visually. It is as beautiful as it is delightful to eat. You may be interested to know that the artichoke is actually the bud of a plant from the thistle family and at full maturity, the plant grows to a width of about six feet and a height of three to four feet.

If not harvested from the plant, the bud will eventually blossom into a beautiful, blue-violet flower, which is not edible. Rosemary had her first meeting with Dr. Chapter ten starts off with Rosemary going back to the store to buy those diet drinks called Pounds-Away. Rosemary fights back and comes up with a quick reply on what Misty Winters can write about. Rosemary and Kyle Cox had a moment. Kyla has a cold and Rosemary gives him some tissues. Rosemary does not introduce herself. Chapter eleven starts of with Rosemary losing five pounds with the help of those diet drinks and protein-bars.

Her grandma calls to check on her mother. In chapter twelve Rosemary gets sick and leaves class. After class Kyle Cox finds her and asks if she is alright. He fives her some tissues with hearts on them and tells her she should come to some of his basketball games. Later she goes to her next meeting with Dr.

Wallace and only talks about the tissues Kyle gave her. In chapter seventeen Rosemary finally decides to use her treadmill. Rosemary finds out from Kay-Kay that Kyle likes her. In chapter eighteen Rosemary and Miss Bertha go out to lunch together and just talk. Later on Rosemary goes on a walk. Kay-Kay runs into her and tells her they should go running together sometimes. Rosemary stays the night with Miss Bertha and she gives Rosemary a box full of stuff her mother did in high school.

In chapter nineteen Rosemary continues to like Kyle. He invites her to another one of his games but she decides not to go. Kay-Kay is no longer in the Bluebirds and she is going to start eating lunch with Rosemary. They both go into work mad. Misty Winters come into the shop later that day. No one wants her there. He tells them thanks for the casserole. Kyle calls Rosemary and tells her they lost the game and asks her out on a date to help cheer him up.

Rosemary agrees and is super excited! Kyle picked her up from her house. They went to The Pizza Palace. Then Kyle took her to his favorite place which turned out to be the car wash. When Kyle takes her home he invites her on another date to the Drive-In Saturday night.

Then she leaves the salon to get ready for her date. She ran on the treadmill before her date. Kyle picked her up promptly at seven. When they go to the Drive-In Rosemary had to use the bathroom. When she got there the Bluebirds were laughing at something. Rosemary realized they were laughing at Kay-Kay because of how drunk and how sloppy she was acting. Rosemary gets Kay-Kay out of there and takes her to the woods for some fresh air.

Later Kyle asked Rosemary what she wants to be in life and Rosemary replies a size two. At the end of their date Rosemary kissed Kyle goodnight. In chapter twenty-three Rosemary is giving serious thought about going off Pounds-Away but she changes her mind because she wants to be thinner for summer and for Kyle. Misty Winters tells Rosemary that she is just some fat screw for Kyle. She is turning Kyle made her a birthday card. And the first way she did it was by drinking these terribly unhealthy digestion smoothies. Second, her boyfriend Kyle was really annoying. It seemed like the only reason he liked her was because she was overweight.

He hadn't even gotten to know her yet, but just by seeing her eyes he began to like her? How is that even possible? I also didn't like how the author tried really hard to make Kyle sound super sexy when he really wasn't. The details with he's a football player, he's accepting of her weight, he's hot, his voice warms Rosemary up all the way across the phone? And lastly, the ending was not great. It should be about accepting yourself and learning to overlook the extra pounds because of your great personality, but Rosemary only got her happy ending because she lost a ton of weight.

This goes to show nothing of those who are a little heavier and does not really connect to them. Oct 09, Jessica Lawlor rated it really liked it Shelves: Rosemary is not comfortable in her own skin and has a serious love affair with all things chocolate. After Christmas break, everything changes.

Rosemary goes back to school and begins to have a crush on Kyle. She even becomes friends with the once popular Kay-Kay, whose perfect body inspires Rosemary to get in shape. This book took me a little while to get into, but once I did, I was hooked. Rosemary was such a likable character because she was incredibly relateable.

Everyone has struggled with their weight or appearance in at least some point in time. I loved each of the side stories and relationships throughout this book. My only complaint about this book is that I was a little confused about when in time this story was taking place. Kyle seemed a little TOO gentlemen-like to me when I think about how guys today really act.

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Overall I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I expected this to be a toss up because novels that try to capture the "fat girl experience" hardly ever live up to what I think is "fat girl reality. The author really explored all aspects of Rosie's confidence issues in a way that I thought was very realistic.

Crispy Fried Artichoke

She begins to realize her weight is a problem, she sees a therapist, she meets a boy, she makes a real friend, she starts to exercise, she realizes her diet drinks are not good, she starts to manage her weight by healthy eating, etc. I thought it was all very normal, natural, and the character's evolution felt very organic. I liked the supporting cast of characters as well.

Rosie's mom, for one, is very complex and multi-dimensional. At times I thought he was a bit too perfect but he does actually seem like a kid who could exist somewhere. I really loved what he did at the end of the book to apologize. I also loved Kay-Kay's character and the fact that she was given some real problems. She's got ADD, her dad is depressed, she's turning to alcohol to solve her problems, etc.

I even liked controlling, bitchy Aunt Mary because she also seemed so real. We all have an Aunt Mary somewhere in our family. At times, I will admit, this book was a bit cheesy. Kyle seemed too perfect. The characters were a bit too corny.

ARTICHOKE'S HEART by Suzanne Supplee | Kirkus Reviews

And what bothered me most is that I never really felt like the voice was that of a year-old. This always read like a book that was written by an adult trying to get into the head of a year-old. Still, somehow that did not ruin this for me. I enjoyed it for it was. It won't win awards but if you've ever struggled with your weight and want to read a feel-good book then I recommend this one!

Dec 10, Yaneth R rated it it was amazing. For example, after humiliating and ungraciously rejecting the baked goods from kind Mrs. Here the main character, Rosemary Goode, reflected on what happened and tried to rationalize at first but starts self-degrading for having hurt sweet Mrs. Rosemary Goode was starting to panic, as the confession had left only awkwardness and discomfort. This is a relatable feeling for many people; it is recognized as fear because there is not an absolute certainty that the other person would feel the same.

In conclusion, this was an amazing read because of the way the author Suzanne Supplee wrote the characters to be so expressive and unique. Jan 17, Beth rated it really liked it. What a great read! This is the story every overweight girl and woman wants to be able to tell - the year her life changed OK - so an overweight woman's goals may be a bit different Yes, it's a bit of a fairy tale.

But, it's told so sweetly and so honestly that it is ok. Rosemary is facing the worst Christmas ever, her skinny mom gave her a treadmill and her skinny aunt gave her ticket What a great read! Rosemary is facing the worst Christmas ever, her skinny mom gave her a treadmill and her skinny aunt gave her tickets to a weight loss workshop. And Rosemary didn't ask for or want any of this.

What she wanted was a date with her favorite guy But a chance conversation with an obese woman in her mom's salon forces Rosie to face what her life is and will be. McCrutchin says they look just alike, Rosie is freaked out She looks just like this huge woman? As much as she is grossed out by that thought, food is her comfort.

Especially as her mom and aunt become more and more secretive. Turns out her mom has cancer and her aunt is overprotective and more than a little mean. Rosie decides to start on a liquid diet without telling anyone. And, the really cute guy, Kyle, notices her. This is not a wake up one morning and life is wonderful, instead it's work. It's early morning workouts, gastric issues from liquid diets, the fear that any solid food will make all weight fly back on and the reality that the face looking back in the mirror might always seem like a fat girl. You have to root for Rosie though.

She is willing to try and she realizes that the life she has is not really a life. The first basketball game she attends in high school is by herself in the top row.


I really liked this - I would recommend it to all girls. So weight may not be their issue - but Rosie faces the demons in a way that would be helpful for any young gir. Sep 15, Angela rated it liked it. I picked this book up initially for its cover art and bought it for its blurb. Rosemary Goode is in high school and struggling with weight. Her mother and aunt are both naturally thin, which plagues Rose more than her own weight. As she works in her mother's salon, she sees how much differently the beauticians treat the "popular" girls, which tends to drive her even more toward her one comfort - food.

When her weight exceeds pounds, she becomes determined to do something about it, one step a I picked this book up initially for its cover art and bought it for its blurb. When her weight exceeds pounds, she becomes determined to do something about it, one step at a time. The book resonated with me on a personal level. I was heavy growing up and tall. I had a horrible time finding clothes, hated gym class, and relished getting out of school to go to my grandma's, where cookies and milk waited every day.

Food and learning were my comforts. The learning was beneficial, the food was not. My hometown was a lot like Rosemary's - a place where everybody knew everybody and their business. Additionally, my mom is petite and skinny - which I will never be - and the feeling that I should be more like her as happens to Rosemary was there.

Artichoke's Heart

At the same time, I felt the weight and size Rosemary was trying to reach was unrealistic. It was almost like there was too much focus on how much she was losing and at how that correlated to the friends she was gaining. I know what the author was trying to do, but I felt slightly offended by the route she took. Overall I think this is a good book for a young adult to read. It shows that we're all a lot stronger than we think and have attributes that others admire in us.

It also shows there are many facades others build around themselves to portray what they want us to think about them and we need to take that leap to truly understand who they really are. Feb 09, Anna rated it really liked it. I was searching my school's library for a book, not really any genre in particular, but that was how I came across this book. I remember my friend had made a comment about the book's cover looking cheesy, which I'll admit, it did. However, I read the synopsis and I was actually able to relate a bit to Rosemary in the book.

I am a bit heavier and I understood the struggle of being close to or at pounds. Because of this reason, I decided to rea My Rating: Because of this reason, I decided to read the book just to see how good it was. Attitude After Reading the Book: The fact that the cover is a bit cheesy did not affect how much I enjoyed this book.

The book is about a teenage girl who is struggling with the insecurities of being a bit "overweight". The way the author was able to describe the struggle with not only her family, but with herself. The only thing I would critique was the ending didn't really give me a satisfying feeling to the story. The ending was better than some books I have read recently, but I still thought some more work could have been put into it. Who would I Recommend this Book To?: Anyone between the ages If you have an interest in teen fiction with a little bit of romance in it, this would be a good book.

Would I Read it Again?: I would probably read it again. It was a very easy book to read and it was very enjoyable. It would be a hit. Jan 22, Kennedy rated it it was amazing. Her mom works at a beauty salon where everyone gossips. Rosie helps out at her mother's shop and she doesn't have friends to hang out with outside of work. Rosie's mother also has cancer that makes Rosie even more stressed. She tries to ease her depression by eating a lot and now she is overweight.

Rosie decides to try to lose weight after she finds out she can't fit into some of her clot Artichoke's Heart is about an overweight teenager named Rosemary Goode who lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Rosie decides to try to lose weight after she finds out she can't fit into some of her clothes.

Rosie meets a friend who helps her get fit. This friend also meets her at the drive in where the friend gets drunk. Rosie has to take care of her and the next day Kyle, the boy Rosie likes, asks her to prom. Kyle and Rosie end up dating and her mom gets better along the way.

Rosie also loses a lot of weight. I really like this book because it inspires you to be more caring and a better friend. Even one mean comment to someone like Rosie could really hurt them inside. If you see someone struggling, help them and pick them up. Get them to the place they want to be in life. You don't have to know them. Just be a friend.

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  • Book review: ‘Artichoke’s Heart’ by Suzanne Supplee.
  • This book tells you to do all of that. I love this book! I would recommend this to girls. I would recommend it to girls because they would have more in common with the book than boys. I would also rate this five stars. This is kind of sad in the beginning, but has a Cinderella ending. This book is one of my favorite books! Nov 08, Toni Tortorello-Allaway rated it really liked it. I really liked this book. I was enthusiastically engaged in it from beginning to end.

    It's an empowering story of fighting teenage obesity and teenaged bullying. I love how Rosie found herself in this book. It wasn't cheesy or corny as many teenaged stories can be. I loved how poignantly the author captured a teenager's weight-loss struggle. This path is all too familiar to me. Maybe that's why I identified with it so closely. I love the relationship between Kay-Kay and Rosie. Sometimes all it t I really liked this book. Again, something I'm very familiar with. At the beginning of the book her mother is actually down-right rude and practically verbally abusive to her.

    But, when her mother is diagnosed with cancer, it becomes a different ball game. Instead of being resentful, Rosie actually embraces her mother and Mom realizes how lucky she is to have a daughter like Rosie - at pounds or pounds. And I love how the author shows that Rosie gets her work ethic even about her weight loss work ethic from her mother. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. It was a fast, good read and a beautiful story. Aug 12, Welzki rated it really liked it. Im fascinated by this book by Supplee I believe that all of us, at certain times in our adolescent lives, had to go through a stage when we were so much concerned about our value as a person, if we're loved and accepted by others, or if we can ever find our own special place in the world, or fit in t Im fascinated by this book by Supplee I believe that all of us, at certain times in our adolescent lives, had to go through a stage when we were so much concerned about our value as a person, if we're loved and accepted by others, or if we can ever find our own special place in the world, or fit in to a certain group.

    The book also teaches us the importance of communication between parents and child, and that no matter how perfect a person may appear, the person may still have flaws.

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    Feb 09, Katie Boehmer rated it really liked it.