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Plot A reporter is killed in his car on his way to work. Inspector Kras gets a call from his informant Peter Cornelius, a blind fortuneteller, who had a vision of the crime but not the perpetrator. He becomes involved with Marian Menil, who is being threatened by her evil cl Mrs Worrington's Perfume German: It was made at the Emelka Studios near Munich.

Cultural Chronicle of the Weimar Republic. Flightplan is a psychological thriller mystery film directed by Robert Schwentke, written by Peter A. A co-production of United States and Germany, the film's narrative follows Kyle Pratt, a widowed American aircraft engineer living in Berlin, who flies back to the U. S with her daughter and her husband's body only to lose her daughter during the flight and must struggle to find her while proving her sanity at the same time.

The plot's basic premise albeit with a very different denouement is similar to a episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled, "Into Thin Air", as well as Hitchcock's film The Lady Vanishes. It is also reminiscent of the British film So Long at the Fair. Flightplan was distributed by Touchstone Pictures and was released worldwide theatrically on September 23, Upon release the film received mixed reviews The Shot in the Pavilion German: The film's sets were designed by the art director Ludwig Reiber.

The Absent One Danish: Plot The story centers around the murder of twins in , one of whom was also raped. Dept Q's investigation leads away from the young man originally convicted, towards a group of students from a nearby boarding school who became pillars of the Danish establishment. Snowden is a biographical thriller film about Edward Snowden. Filming began on February 16, in Munich, Germany. It was also a box office disa The International is a political thriller film directed by Tom Tykwer.

The film follows an Interpol agent and an American district attorney who investigate corruption within the IBBC, a fictional merchant bank based in Luxembourg. It serves organized crime and corrupt governments as a banker and as an arms broker. The bank's ruthless managers assassinate potential threats including their own employees. Inspired by the Bank of Credit and Commerce International BCCI scandal of the s, the film's script, written by Eric Warren Singer, raises concerns about how global finance affects international politics across the world. Production began in Berlin in September , including the construction of a life-size replica of New York's Guggenheim Museum for the film's climactic shoot-out scene.

Creep is a British-German horror film written and directed by Christopher Smith. The film follows a woman locked in the London Underground overnight who finds herself being stalked by a hideously deformed killer living in the sewers below. Plot Arthur Ken Campbell and George Vas Blackwood are two London sewage workers who discover a tunnel in one of the walls that neither of them is familiar with. Arthur starts exploring the tunnel alone, while newbie George stays behind. After a while, George decides to enter the tunnel too, and soon discovers Arthur, injured and in a state of shock.

Moments later, a similarly injured young woman jumps out in front of them, crying for help, only to be pulled back into the darkness. The focus then shifts to a young German woman, Kate Franka Potente , at a party. After hearing that her friend, Jemma, went to seek George Clooney at another party without her even though they had It was part of a very successful series of German films based on the writings of Edgar Wallace and adapted from the novel titled The Ringer originally: In , a sequel Neues vom Hexer Again the Ringer was released. The Grey Magpie German: Die graue Elster is a German silent mystery film directed by Max Obal and starring Ernst Reicher as the detective Stuart Webbs, part of a long-running series featuring the character.

A World Filmography, A Blackmailer's Trick German: The Pearls of Doctor Talmadge German: Die Perlen des Dr. It was made at the Emelka Studios in Munich. The Leap in the Dark German: Der Sprung ins Dunkle is a German silent mystery film directed by and starring Ernst Reicher as the detective character Stuart Webbs, part of a long-running series of silent films. The Secret Adversary or Adventures Inc. Icons of Mystery and Crime Detection: From Sleuths to Superheroes. The Case of Prosecutor M German: Der Fall des Staatsanwalts M The film's sets were designed by Robert A.

International directory of cinematographers, set- and costume designers in film, Volume 4. Martin Harris and his wife Liz arrive in Berlin for a biotechnology summit.

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At their hotel, as Liz goes to check in, Harris realizes he left his briefcase at the airport and takes a taxi to retrieve it without telling Liz. The taxi is involved in an accident and crashes into the Spree, knocking him unconscious. The driver rescues him but flees the scene. Harris regains consciousness at a hospital and learns he has been in a coma for four days. Desperate to find his wife, who he realizes doesn't know what happened to him, Harris returns to the hotel.

The Black Sheep German: It is based on the Father Brown stories by G. Theaterdirektor Scarletti Maria Sebaldt Gloria Scarletti Siegfried Lowitz Lord Kingsley Herbert Tiede Inspector Graven Friedrich Domin Barnes Release and reception The film was released on December 19, The Hound of the Baskervilles German: It was the last Sherlock Holmes adaptation in the silent film era. This version was not a remake of that serial but was a straight adaptation of the source material. Die Gedanken an das, was sie von Amsterdam vertrieben hat lassen sich so leichter im Zaum halten.

Nur manchmal wird ihr alles zuviel: Da nistet sich eines Tages der junge Bradwen bei ihr ein. There, objects tell tales, the dead come and go, and the past is as potent as the present. Jahrhundert in den Niederlanden: Und immer wieder taucht derselbe Name auf: Auf der Suche nach ihm begegnet Groenevelt der jungen Simone Marijnissen und verliebt sich in sie.

Hinweise mehren sich, dass Stiller bereits vor mehreren Jahrhunderten geboren wurde. Roman von Sohn und Vater. Oder schickt der Vater den Sohn durch die harte Schule des Lebens, um ihn zu festigen? Dieser will Selbstmord begehen in seinem WC. Der US-Text klingt besser: But his inconsistencies are interrupted when he meets two men who are the epitome of order and regulation. This beautiful graphic biography documents the brief and intense period of creativity Van Gogh spent in Arles, Provence. Away from Paris, Van Gogh falls in love with the landscape and light of the south of France.

But attacks of mental illness leave the painter confused and disorientated. Im Jahre war er zusammen mit seinem Cousin von seiner afrikanischen Heimat in die Niederlande gebracht worden. Dort leben Menschen wie die Filmstudentin Nebula, die von Hugo gerettet wird, dem strohblonden Riesen in den schwarzen Stiefeln. Amsterdam ist unter deutscher Besatzung. Der Junge hat viel Verantwortung zu tragen. Ob Mam auch das Tagebuch verbrennen wird?

Und wenn ja, wo leben sie? Helfen sie wirklich Menschen und Tieren in Not? In diesem Buch erfahren wir die Wahrheit. Oscarke, an aspiring sculptor, finds himself unsuccessfully scouring Brussels for work and, when he is finally hired, too tired to make his own art. Mein Leben ein Schneider-Jugendbuch? Die RAF unser Kinderclub? Was, wenn dieses eigensinnige, wagemutige, bekloppte, brillante Buch Bestseller wird? Der Roman ist sehr verspielt — jedes Kapitel ist eine literarische Versuchsanordnung, in dem Jargon z. So entsteht viel… wilder, windschiefer… Quatsch.

Warum ist das literarisch toll — und warum dauert es Seiten? Das wird immer wieder interessant gegeneinander gestellt und hinterfragt — dieser All-American Idealismus. Solche Netze sind sehr schnell gesponnen.

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Du hast einen Gutschein erhalten, um 2. Everybody gets a car! Wenn ich in einem nicht weiterkomme, wechsle ich zum anderen. Wenn gar nichts mehr geht, lese ich Leseproben oder recherchiere neue Themen im Netz. Schreibst Du den Verfasser an? Hast Du schon mal eine Idee von anderen Bloggern geklaut? Mein Layout ist so schlicht und altmodisch — ich bin oft auf Buchblogs wie Buzzaldrins. So soll das bei mir auch aussehen! Was einzelne Wendungen angeht: Ich lebe vom Schreiben. Ich lese oft — ziemlich schlechte — Superheldencomics, weil ich die Figuren mag.

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