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They're on a drug run, from Cuba to Nassau, and this is a test. The sharks close in and he can't swim anymore, and as Ray goes under he wonders how it came to this. All he wanted was the money to make his own film. Now all he wanted was to live.

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Written with a surprising amount of honesty and levity, "Dying to Make a Film" isn't just a book about drug cartels, hit men and missing millions. It's about what it means to do whatever it takes to chase a dream. It's about not only surviving life's sharks, but also surviving life's unattainable promises. After being pulled back into the boat at the last moment, Ray becomes a trusted member of a Colombian drug cartel that works for the world's number one cocaine boss Pablo Escobar, shipping hundreds of kilos of cocaine to Miami, Detroit, Chicago and New York City.

Between sitting in high-power meetings with some of the most wanted men in the world, Ray scribbles out his screenplay in dark hotel rooms with his gun nearby. Life inside the cartel grows more dangerous by the day, the DEA is hot on their trail, and Ray is forced to jump out of the back of a moving train with two suitcases of cocaine.

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When three million dollars comes up missing, Ray is fingered as the mastermind, and hit men are deployed. Still, he writes his film, desperate for the simpler life as an actor, and he manages to somehow stay alive.

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The next day, he meets Dorothy Coe, who works part-time as the maid. She takes Reacher to her house for breakfast, and reveals that the Duncans drove her family into poverty years ago after she accused them of kidnapping her daughter Margaret, leading her husband Arthur to commit suicide. Rossi, an Italian-American mobster who works with the Duncans, sends two men to help them find Jack, but he manages to evade them when they arrive at Dorothy's farm.

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Rossi's Arab contact Safir and his Iranian boss Mahmeni subsequently send four more men when it becomes clear that the Duncans are incapable of dealing with Reacher. However, they both instruct their men to kill the others when possible to eliminate their competition.

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Meanwhile, Reacher puts another Cornhusker out of commission who was trying to kill him with his truck. Visiting the local cops, Jack receives files from Margaret's disappearance, which seemingly clear the Duncans of any involvement. On his way back, he kills one of the Iranians, leading his partner to believe that he was murdered by the Italians. Reacher talks Eleanor into luring the lone Cornhusker who is guarding the road from town into following her. Reacher captures the Cornhusker, whose name is John, by parking his car across the road which forces John into a panic stop.

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Reacher takes John back to his living quarters, and challenges John to a fight. When John refuses to fight, Reacher tells John to stay out of the battle with the Duncans and takes his vehicle. While Reacher is meeting with the doctor and Dorothy to discuss what he found, Seth and five Cornhuskers arrive, having forced Eleanor to reveal Jack's plan, and lock them inside, breaking Reacher's nose and throwing him in the basement.

The Italians form an alliance with Safir's men to dispose of the other Iranian and cut his boss out of the plan, then shoot them dead and set fire to the bodies, which Vincent witnesses.

Seth leaves, and Reacher manages to lure his two Cornhusker guards downstairs, where he subdues them, as well as two others when they arrive for breakfast. The last two Cornhuskers standing arrive next.

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One of them is the one who broker Reacher's nose. The other is John, which disappoints Reacher. Reacher forces the Cornhusker who broke his nose to immobilize John with duct tape. Reacher then challenges the Cornhusker to a fight, which Reacher wins easily, breaking the Cornhusker's nose in the process. The Italians kill the final Iranian as he interrogates the Duncans having concluded that they murdered his partner after finding him in Seth's car and leave to collect Reacher.

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After getting frustrated and stopping at Vincent's inn for the night, they are lured outside and killed by Reacher. With the Duncans believing him to be dead, Jack makes his way to the old barn where Margaret was last seen, where he kills Eldrige Tyler, a friend of the Duncans guarding the barn who he fingers as her killer. Upon opening the barn and finding it full of decaying remains, he calls the townspeople over and reveals the truth: