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In Mason Williams heard me perform in a faculty concert.

  1. Housing and Asthma;
  2. Flamingo and Flamenco;
  3. Paco de Lucia Flamenco.
  4. Spanish/Flamenco Dance I-IV;

Since that chance encounter Mason Williams and I have become friends and partners in certain musical endeavors. In addition Mason appears as a guest performer on his composition entitled "Flamenco Lingo", which is a very exciting Flamenco influenced trio for 3 guitars.

I also added some percussion and bass. In total there are five Mason Williams compositions on Obras.

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The Guitar Atlas series continues with a vivid exploration of Flamenco guitar. Flamenco Music and National Identity in Spain illustrates the efforts of the current government in southern Spain to establish flamenco music as a significant patrimonial symbol and marker of cultural identity. Professor William Washabaugh, To judge from the variety of CDs stacked under the heading Nuevo Flamenco or Flamenco Nuevo in the stores, you'd think that all it takes to qualify is to add palmas and a flamenco guitar to the average This is a superb collection of 8 original flamenco concert guitar solos and two exciting guitar quartets.

This book, written in both English and Spanish is the most authoritative method available on flamenco guitar technique. This book was written for the student who wants to learn to play flamenco guitar correctly in the shortest time possible.

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Introduces basic flamenco studies, concert selections, and a brief history of the flamenco tradition. Includes the four basic song forms siguiriyas, soleares, tangos, and fandangos that influence all flamenco music.

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The passion of Spanish Flamenco music and dance returns to the stage at the intimate Galeria West art gallery venue, located at Quimby Flamenco music and dance night September 1 Doors open at 8pm for a 9pm show. Harbour Ukes let loose!

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