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You can expect and rely on us for on demand solutions and services. Mind Riders, are the only vendor that provides a complete enterprise solution. We are there from your planning stage to deployment stage, we help you to build your dream solution with no effort. Mse is a mental and behavioral health clinician decision support resource, developed by clinical psychologists for medical and allied health professionals.

Abheda English allows the users to Learn English from Bengali Bangla - simple, easy, gradual, correcting mistakes, removing fear. I want to say a special thank you to Mind Riders and his team whom I had an opportunity to work closely with. And thank you to the rest of the staff Mind Riders whom I found to be competent and responsive to the client. I am so happy that I found your company, your group is a blessing and you are heaven sent.

"Mind-reading" MindRider bike helmet wants you to have a sweet ride

I find peace in our work together, helping one another. What a delight it is to recommend a truly amazing company. I give my wholehearted recommendation of Mind Riders. This company headed up the very complex project of our new application, making the user experience seamless for our customers.

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Start to move towards a big an ambitious goal of making happy faces. We always wish to have Happy employees, happier work environment, and happiest Customer. We officially start moving towards the goal. We created a very small team with only Web development in our bucket. Wings started to fly and wish to have more as we go. We have decided to expand our paradise, and like to attract new customers. Step into the Mobile world and Gaming. Our dreams of happy faces look like a reality now.

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We are not stopping here, keep moving, keep moving. Introducing Branding into the Mind Riders as a result of the huge Customer request.

  1. MindRider Maps NYC: A mental picture of bike riding. by DuKorp — Kickstarter!
  2. Companies with great mobility solutions thanks to us..
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Our Incredible and efficient team working from the day one to furnish our ideas into reality. We are grateful to all for being a part of the system, growth and lovely environment. We are delighted to have you guys. Companies with great mobility solutions thanks to us. If there is a lot of heavy precipitation in August-November, we will map just Manhattan. If weather is particularly inclement, for instance if there are hurricanes in NYC in August-November, we may push back our delivery schedule to early , but this is a last resort.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Thank you so much for your help and your support. Your name will appear in our map and book, and on our website! A visualization of a never-seen before dataset, ready for framing. The poster is printed on a acid-free, archival-grade paper.

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You must be able to ride a bicycle in NYC for at least 30 minutes, wearing the MindRider helmet, before October 31 Jul 29, - Aug 15, 17 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Pin Email. A mental picture of bike riding.

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The first citywide neuro-geography. Made in New York with MindRider, the helmet that tracks your mind's performance as you ride. Photo by Ben Tudhope. We will make a continuous map of all Manhattan, extend to the other boroughs as well, and publish the results in a map and guide. Click through to see our most up-to-date interactive map. The MindRider app can give you new insight into your own rides.

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  • Draft book covers for the MindRider Guide, which will explain the riders, rides, technology and data behind the process. Draft page spread for the MindRider written guide. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Estimated costs to complete this project.

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