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Salkantay Trekking pioneered trek-based adventures over ten years ago, and we remain committed to small, low-impact groups keen to not just see, but experience our range of remote destinations. Expert Guides Our expedition staff are experienced, enthusiastic and among the best in the industry - they are our secret to success.

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Environmental Sensitivity Education and conservation are our passion. We aim to create lifelong ambassadors for the protection of all wilderness areas. Fantastic meals The food is one of the most important things on the trek, we bring balance, and nutritive food along the trail, most of our meals are buffet with.

Disambiguation pages with short description All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 13 September , at The seeming dominance now of all our major political, corporate and public institutions by the forces of the Left has taken mainstream Australians by surprise, ushering in a world of neo-Marxist beliefs and collectivist values that would make a proud Bolshevik blush.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, this push must not only be resisted but reversed. This is our task. We will tackle it with perception, intelligence, wit and common sense.

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Although we are so far impressed with Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and his clear espousal of key conservative values, the reality is that the Liberal party has been riven in two by the Turnbull coup and the healing will be long, painful and arduous. Climate change and energy are the anvil upon which the success or failure of the Morrison government will be forged.

Installing Angus Taylor in the energy role, with a clear brief to exclude carbon emissions from his calculations, was a major step forward.

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That way lies economic disaster and political doom. And on that cheery note — roll on the next ten years of The Spectator Australia.

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We are sharpening our pens: The Spectator Australia 8 September 9: Most Popular Read Recent Read. The Cabinet steps-up planning for no deal James Forsyth.

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The reason Corbyn is afraid of a general election Ross Clark.