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The Dark Days Deceit. The Dragon Ridge Tombs.

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The Search for TK. Eighth Grade Bites 1. Ninth Grade Slays 2. Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix. Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller. That Inevitable Victorian Thing. No Saints in Kansas. Maas , Marie Lu and Leigh Bardugo. Nicola Yoon Boxed Set. Nicola Yoon 2-Book Bundle: John Green Box Set. An Abundance of Katherines. The Fault in Our Stars. Bridge of Clay Signed Edition. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

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Read it Forward Read it first. Stay in Touch Sign up. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. Notably, Kitty cast Cyclops as a prince and Jean Grey as a princess cursed by the evil Phoenix, and gave the Scott and Jean in her story the Happy Ending their counterparts were denied. Lyssa Drak of the Sinestro Corps loves to tell stories of her fellow corpsmen, as she is the keeper of the Book of Parallax. DC had a number of these in their horror anthology comics, who would introduce and close out every story.


Star Wars Tales had a story appropriately called "Storyteller". The droid entertains them with the tale of a hero named Luke Skywalker, who redeemed a darkened soul Darth Vader and freed the galaxy from the ultimate evil Emperor Papatine. Raiders come, destroy C-3PO, and murder Otalp.

Greatly inspired by the droid's tale, Remoh vows to free his people from the tyrants who rule them, declaring, " There is hope. Too bad his Consummate Liar tendencies frequently get him in trouble.

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The title character of Songs Uncle Sings is an Old Soldier who often tales tales and sings songs about his days as a warrior. World War II U. Navy Shipgirls does this as her favorite past time alongside telling bad jokes and puns. Telling Tales revolves around a travelling storyteller coming to Ponyville and exchanging ponified versions of famous folk tales "The Mare's Choice", for example, borrows from the Wife of Bath's tale in The Canterbury Tales and the legends of King Arthur. He writes a few stories as part of the series, including a rewrite of The Princess Bride with his colleagues in the various roles, and is also the school's writing teacher - meaning that he's teaching his students how to become this as well.

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In The Black Thief and the Knight of the Glen , the thief saves the lives of his companions by claiming to have been in more danger than they were, and the knight gives him their lives, one by one, to get the stories. The last story recounts how he saved the life of a baby, and the knight's old nursemaid assures him that it's true and he was the baby. Conal Yellowclaw has the same plot, though he is the father of the men he's saving.

In Tangled , Flynn offhandedly mentions that he used to read to the younger children in the orphanage. The film also opens and closes with narration in the form of Flynn telling the tale of how he and Rapunzel met. IN Kubo and the Two Strings , Kubo makes a living as a storyteller, enhancing his tales by using his magical shamisen to act the stories out with animated origami figures. The Breadwinner has Parvana's father, Nurallah, who uses his storytelling to teach her history. When he is taken to prison, Parvana takes up the mantle and tells a Story Within a Story to provide some much needed escapism and keep everyone's spirits, especially her own, up.

Dilios, in , though according to the film's director Zack Snyder, he "knows how not to wreck a good story with truth. Uncle Garth, in Secondhand Lions. In Peter Pan , this is one of the characteristics that makes Wendy attractive to Peter, and she is often shown telling stories to the younger children at various points in the film. The entire film is another story she's telling, possibly to her own children. The Grandfather character in The Princess Bride. In Hercules , Iolaus' main role in the group is to spread tales of Hercules' great deeds, though he greatly exaggerates to make Hercules seem like an even bigger badass than he already is.

For example, after Hercules defeated a gang of bandits who wear serpent masks, Iolus claimed he defeated a many-headed serpent called the Hydra. Scheherazade in Arabian Nights. Dandelion in Watership Down among the main group, he told most of the stories of "the prince of a thousand enemies".

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Bluebell gets to tell one, as well. He's also telling a story to keep some of the other rabbits calm, during the climactic scene. Bilbo in The Lord of the Rings. Brom in Eragon is widely regarded as one of the greatest storytellers known.

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Belgarath in The Belgariad has masqueraded as a traveling storyteller, and his storytelling abilities are genuinely good. The Minstrel in The Last Hero , who is dragged along by the Silver Horde to chronicle their last great act of heroism. It is revealed at the end that he is only The Minstrel - no name other than that - and his entire purpose is to be the one that tells the tale.

Despite his battered appearance by the end of it all, he seems to be a pretty good sport about the whole thing. Or else he has been driven insane by the ordeal and forgotten whatever name he had before. David Copperfield was this in his Boarding School of Horrors. The title character in L. Montgomery 's The Story Girl. Sara Crewe in A Little Princess , as well as all the adaptations thereof. Especially notable in the Alfonso Cuaron film and in the anime , where her narratives are shown in detail, and become an important plot point. Marianne Engel in The Gargoyle.

The unnamed gentleman in the short story "The Storyteller" by H. Munro better known as Saki. Colas Breugnon , the narrator and protagonist of the novel of the same title. Lori's mother Beth and Dimity herself provide the tales that are to be published in Aunt Dimity's Death. Lori herself has to recount some of them to establish her identity for Dimity's executor, Willis Sr. She's particularly fond of telling scary stories about the Others.

In Michael Flynn 's The January Dancer , the harper sought out the scarred man to get him to tell her his stories, so she could write songs about them. Tolkien 's The Hobbit , this is one of the things Bilbo remembers about Gandalf in the opening. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Andrew, in Seasons 7 and 8, with him endeavoring to educate the Slayer Potentials. Played for Laughs due to him being a bit of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander at best and suffering the occasional Critical Research Failure in regards to the show's continuity. This is part of Old Nan's job. She has many stories for many situations.

Interestingly enough Charlie Eppes, who constructs entertaining parables to illustrate math. Warrior Princess had a fantastic flair for storytelling before she became a full-fledged Action Girl and even taught Homer a thing or two. The afore-mentioned short-lived Jim Henson series The Storyteller unsurprisingly featured one. He was credited just as "The storyteller" and his storytelling was the Framing Device for each episode. He was also the protagonist of one story. Word of God is that Finnemore's Storyteller started out as a pastiche of an M.

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