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Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? If you fancy some of that Cosmic Country get yourselves in tonight! Tickets in the link! The Goat Roper Rodeo Band shared their post. The Goat Roper Rodeo Band shared their event. The Goat Roper Rodeo Band updated their profile picture. Teaser from our shoot with Chris Bailey on the weekend! Chris Bailey is with Jim Davies and 2 others. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Oh man; Tangled in Texas. The title says it all. These two have a past, but neither one put their desirers out their and in the end she splits.

Fast forward several years and Tori is back in Texas trying to move on with her life after the death of her husband. Delon is trying to deal with the injury that has all but ended his career as a bronc rider. Toni and Delon both are a bit messed up emotionally, stubborn, and lost.

I liked Delon and Tori. I liked seeing them deal with personal issues: Their romance is a slow build and it works. They have a lot to work through and get past before they can find that special place in each others life. Two broken halves of a whole! We get a lot of the rodeo aspect, the life and how it runs. We see how hard they practice, mess up, and conquer to win. I really liked seeing Tori make a friend in Swannee. It was nice to see them connect as a team for the rodeo and off as friends.

Family was a big element in this novel. Both have issues with their families. To see them work through those issues they have and become stronger. Tangled in Texas was perfect. I had a delightful time and am looking forward to reading more in the Texas Rodeo series. Sexy cowboys, fiery cowgirls, and thrilling rodeos. I really liked this second chance romance and really liked how Delon and Tori really had to get to know each other this time around. It wasn't all lust and they really started to see who the other person really was. Some of the details around the roping etc were completely outside of my interest group, but the author conveyed this aspect of the characters nicely.

This was my first book by Kari Lynn Dell and I would read more from her. Jan 24, Anna's Herding Cats rated it really liked it Shelves: I'll be reading more from Kari Lynn Dell. Tangled in Texas left me hankering for a trip to Texas to hunt down a cowboy of my very own. The quick of it is that years ago these two had a fling but neither was willing to put their desires for more out there and one day she just up and left for another state to make a life for herself.

But now years later she's recovering from losing her husband and comes home only to run into Delon. The one man who could get her feeling again and maybe moving on. But oh they have to get past some resentment and all kinds of other hurdles that get tossed in their way. I was real glad for her pseudo-friend Swannee who on ocassion would have enough-- just like me-- and make the two sit down and figure their shit out.

They were both a bit messed up emotionally, both a bit stubborn and both a bit lost so it could take them a spell to come around. But I really liked them. On their own and together. I liked seeing them deal with their personal issues-- loss and family on her part, injury and family on his part. And with their past. They were sexy and fun and made me laugh more than once and swoon a couple times, too. And whew they could heat things up. You get a lot of rodeo talk since both are involved in different ways.

I still can't quite figure out how their activities look and will probably end up on Youtube to figure that out but I didn't mind reading about it. Their hard work practicing, messing up and conquering the things holding them back. Family was a big element, too. Man both of them had some issues with their families and it was heartening to see them work through those and become stronger units in the end. All in all, Tangled in Texas was the perfect taste of Texas-- sexy cowboys, fierce cowgirls, the thrill of the rodeo--and the 'everything is bigger in Texas' attitude.

Dec 04, Stacee rated it it was ok Shelves: The cowboy part was a bonus. I liked Tori and Delon well enough. They're both a little head shy and a lot stubborn. There's a lot of history between them and it took a really long time to work it out. There's a pretty large cast of characters here, but the stand out was Shawnee.

I would seriously read a book of hers. The writing was a bit dense and it seemed to get a little repetiti 2. The writing was a bit dense and it seemed to get a little repetitive. There was a lot of miscommunication and that drives me crazy. Eventually I just stopped caring about Tori's roping or Delon getting back on a horse. I wanted more of them talking and more sweetness between them. Overall, I enjoyed parts of it, but not everything. I am mildly interested in future books, but it would depend on who it focused on.

Sep 14, Tonya Lucas rated it it was amazing. Kari Lynn Dell is truly weaving her way into becoming one of my most favorite contemporary authors, ever. This book is really an outstanding, very entertaining book and so many of the things she talks about, I'm so familiar with, the rodeos in specific towns, equipment used, roping lingo, even professional rodeo Cowboys that I've known and one who Kari Lynn Dell is truly weaving her way into becoming one of my most favorite contemporary authors, ever. This book is really an outstanding, very entertaining book and so many of the things she talks about, I'm so familiar with, the rodeos in specific towns, equipment used, roping lingo, even professional rodeo Cowboys that I've known and one who actually lives in my hometown, Stephenville.

This book is so spot on with the rodeo world. It's truly a treat for someone like me to read, Kari Lynn Dell is someone who gets it, understands it, because she lives it. The book delves into the lives of two individuals who are brought back together to face the pain staring them in the face.

Delon is wounded not only physically but mentally. After suffering a horrific bareback riding accident that crippled up his knee, punctured his lung, and ended his season career as the world champion contender. He's trying to just keep his head above the water. Tori has returned home to the Texas Panhandle to try and reclaim her life back after her husband's death. She's wounded, hurt, and trying to patch her life back together, without her prestigious Daddy's name getting in the way. Can these two lost wounded souls find their way back into each other's lives and rekindle a romance that once tore them into shreds?

Absolutely a phenomenal book that will pull you in, have you cinching up, and holding on tight for the riveting conclusion. View all 4 comments. This is fast becoming an addictive series. This book features Delon Sanchez, the father of Beni from the first book. He has been badly injured at a rodeo and generally feeling sorry for himself.

He also can't believe that he is following in his older brother Gil's footsteps even now. Learning to bronc ride, falling for a rich girl way out of his league, and destroying a promising career with a stupid accident. Now he's working for the family trucking business and realising that Gil has taken cont This is fast becoming an addictive series. Now he's working for the family trucking business and realising that Gil has taken control.

Tori Patterson was the rich girl that got away, the shiny daughter of the state Senator, now she's back but a whole lot different. Gone is the bronco Barbie with the bleached blonde hair and electric blue eyes, now she's quieter, less dramatic looking and Delon's new physiotherapist. But as the mistakes of the past are brought to light can Delon and Tori make a new future under the spotlight of the press, or will pride and prejudice keep them apart once more? I didn't think much of Delon in the first book, nothing bad, just not much personality but ho-boy he comes into his own now.

I loved his drive and determination and love for his son. Recommended for anyone who likes a slow-burn romance with lots of rodeo-style action even though Delon can't compete because of his injury , great characters and believable storylines. Feb 04, Kahea rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved the writing and characters that populated it.

It took me a while to warm up to Delon, I understood and empathized with the uncertainty he felt about where he was in his life, but man could he hold on to a funk like a pro. Tori has spent the majority of her life being viewed through the lens of those she is connected to instead of for who she is on her own. She has accepted that fact and rolled with it, but has also made sure to march to the beat of her own drum when she could. With the unexpected death of her husband, she has decided that it is finally time to truly stand on her own two feet and live the life she wants.

She was sweet, outspoken and I loved how she was doing the things that made her soul happy as she works to figure out just who she is and where she wants to be. What goes on between Delon and Tori falls firmly on the slow burn side of the coin and I quite frankly loved that fact. They both make mistakes and end up doing stupid things, but I loved how things worked out in the end. Wyatt, who was my favorite from Reckless, does get a little page time in this one and yet still made an impact.

Tangled in Texas

Mar 29, Glenda Kinard rated it it was amazing. Kari Lynn Dell is just a flipping amazing author. I wanted so bad to hate Delon in the first book but Kari Lynn Dell has me loving and cheering this Cowboy on in book 2 Tangled in Texas of this Amazing series. Thank you Kari Lynn Dell from the bottom of this book lovers heart you Rock lady!!! View all 5 comments. Jan 25, Isha Coleman rated it really liked it Shelves: The biggest risk in life is heeding the heart's call. Pride tore them apart years ago, can loss bring them full circle?

Tangled In Texas reads like a country song. The road of broken hearts and shattered dreams leads right to a second chance for lovebirds Deion and Tori. If the egos and pain of the past don't terminate any chance they have at a future. Will they take the chance? I volunteered to read a copy of Tangled in Texas in exchange for an honest review. This is my second time reading a Ka The biggest risk in life is heeding the heart's call.

This is my second time reading a Kari Lynn Dell romance and I am swept away by her display of sentiment and hope in her deeply emotive stories. She balances it out with a little light humor and how can a heart walk away from such sweet tales. Tangled in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell is a delightfully charming second chance at love romance between an injured bronc rider and a physical therapist.

With his rodeo career hanging in the balance, Delon Sanchez is determined to do whatever it takes to regain mobility in his injured kneee. Stunned to discover that his new physi 4. Stunned to discover that his new physical therapist is Tori Patterson, the woman he had a fling with seven years earlier, he tries to put aside his reservations in order to achieve his goals. At the same time he is trying to rehabilitate his knee, Delon is trying to come to terms with the fact that Violet Jacobs, the mother of his son, Beni, is involved in a serious relationship with bullfighter Joe Cassidy.

Watching his dream of the three of them eventually becoming a family disappear, Delon is already angry and bitter as he tries to understand where he fits in his family-owned trucking business. With so many difficult changes occuring his life, is Delon in any position to act on his still simmering attraction to Tori? The daughter of a well-liked Texas Senator, Tori managed to escape the limelight when she married Wyoming roper, Willy Hancock. A year and a half after Willy's death, she moves back to the TX Panhandle in order to live a quiet life out of the public eye while she still continues grieving his loss.

In her years away from Texas, Tori has really come into her own and she is now a little outspoken and a whole lot more confident. Still a little numb from the sudden death of her beloved husband, she is shocked out of her comfortable and rather sterile life when she becomes reacquainted with Delon. Tori is no longer content to sit back and quietly accept whatever he is willing to give but is Delon ready to stop playing it safe and risk his heart? Although both Delon and Tori have moved on since their relationship abruptly ended years earlier, they are both quite stunned to discover their burning hot desire has not waned.

However, when they first meet again, neither of them is ready to do act on their passion. Tori is still picking up the pieces of her life, but emotionally, she is in a much better than Delon is at this point. He is not much for introspection so Delon ignores his feelings about the things that are bothering him. However, with so many changes in his life out of his control, his anger is eating away at him. Unwilling to concede that his expectation of becoming a "real" family with Violet and Beni has always been unreasonable, Delon is feeling displaced and out of sorts as Violet's relationship with Joe continues.

Meanwhile, an unexpected situation with Tori's family thrusts her back into the public eye just as she and Delon begin dating. As they find themselves falling back into a familiar pattern, Tori continues to coast along without making too many changes to her life. She is much more outspoken about what she wants but her inertia is doing just as much harm to their fledgling romance as Delon's unconscious decision to play it safe is. Their unresolved issues, individual insecurities and an unwillingness to honestly and openly discuss their needs and desires eventually becomes a huge obstacle.

Will Tori and Delon be able to repair the damage to their relationship before it is too late? Or will their emotional baggage prevent them from making the changes they need to live happily ever after? Tangled in Texas is another well-written and charming addition to the Texas Rodeo series. Once again, Kari Lynn Dell pairs up two emotionally wounded and somewhat vulnerable characters with realistic problems to overcome. Flawed yet immensely appealing, Delon and Tori are endearing protagonists that are easy to like and root for. Old and news fans are going to absolutely love this sweet yet very sensual contemporary Western romance.

The Rodeo Cowboy's Baby by Heidi Rice

That, and you find yourself looking for glimpses of the early on feelings. Alicia's comfort with Chris's ways and her reactions to them are some of my favorite lines in this book. At least he'd made her laugh. He loves Alicia, always has, and wants her happiness. He didn't think he could give her everything she deserved. The way Alicia affected him though was something he couldn't control. You find a love triangle worthy of a punch or two, family shame, friendships that stand even the hardest test - a woman, dreams falling apart, dreams coming true, buckle bunnies and a cocky cowboy or two drinking beers.

But, you don't get to that moment without some stubborn moments and a few misunderstandings. That's the fun part of a romance book after all, right? If I tell you to walk, will you still do the opposite and get in the truck? When Chris is explaining all of his shortcomings, I laughed out loud when David and Derek felt inspired to join in with their contributions: He smiled against her lips. It's always been you.

Every other woman has been me trying to find my way back to you. I once told you I could only be with a woman who could outride and out rope me. Honey, you're the only woman who's ever done that," he teased. Sep 29, Cris Conquers rated it it was amazing. From the very beginning I wanted Chris and Ali to end up together. As sweet as Alicia's moments were with David, he was often flaky and dismissive when he was in a mood over the pressures of dealing with his domineering, manipulative father.

She put up with more than enough from him in my book and they really were best suited as buddies than lovers. But Chris, ahhhh, he is another story. Though he has always tried to treat Alicia as just a friend, there has been chemistry brewing between these t From the very beginning I wanted Chris and Ali to end up together. Though he has always tried to treat Alicia as just a friend, there has been chemistry brewing between these two since high school. Neither one of them could recognize how the other felt, even though everyone else saw it. Chris is Ali's biggest fan, the one who is always there for her, sticking up for her when jealous buckle bunnies start spewing their venom and he does so hilariously, might I add.

But he has spent years burying his desire for Ali under childhood friendship and nameless hook-ups. Whenever his feelings start bubbling to the surface, he frustratingly plays up his lady-killer reputation, steering himself safely back into the friend zone. He knows making a play for Ali would mean playing for keeps and that's not something he realizes he wants until he sees her with David.

Having always been the poor kid growing up, Ali has never really felt like she measured up. On the rodeo circuit, she is tired of coming in second place to entitled bimbos who mistreat their animals. Alicia has big plans for herself and her parents, plans that hinge on earning as much prize money as possible. The last thing she needs is two men distracting her.

Ali has always had a crush on Chris but his reputation and her self doubts keep her from mentioning the attraction and risking their friendship and her heart. Ali is such a fantastic heroine! She has sass for days, some killer comebacks, and she really knows how to put an uppity cowgirl in her place. And Chris is such a charming and supportive hero.

To him, Ali isn't just a toy he wants when he sees someone else playing with her. She is the embodiment of everything he has always wanted. A spit-fire who can out-ride and out-rope him any day of the week and the companion who understands and complements him. No one makes him smile or yearn the way she does. And as hard as Ali tries, David just doesn't make her feel the same belly-searing heat that Chris does.

Boy, when these two find themselves together in a barn, things sure heat up! Kline took one of my very favorite romance tropes, Friends to Lovers, and created a funny, sexy, irresistible read. I've never been a big fan of westerns, but Ms. Kline is single-handedly turning me into a cowboy-loving convert. I can't wait to read David's story and see what other romances this rodeo queen has in store for us. I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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Oct 10, Gaele rated it really liked it Shelves: So it has always had me a bit reluctant to delve in. Kline, however, has the practical experience with horses, and a clever perspective in her stories that managed to allay my fears. And I am so glad that I took a chance: Learning the Ropes is a wonderful little romance that brings some great horse-related moments in the middle of the budding romance between Alicia and Chris, with a few moments of love triangle and camaraderie that just adds fuel to the romance fire, and provides several moments of giggles. Not having read the earlier books in the series, I was a bit concerned with feeling like I had missed something: Her best friend Sydney has a brother Chris that she has always crushed on, but Chris is the circuit playboy: Chris is a championship team roper with his partner and friend, David.

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Like Alicia, they want to buy a spread and teach roping to those who want to learn and join the circuit. While Chris can hold onto that dream, he sees Alicia as a great option for his best friend David, and proceeds to push them together. And the games begin. There is a ton of heart in this story — the banter, the respect and even the gently developing relationship all show the friendships and concern that all of the characters have about the potential damage, and the real growth when Chris realizes that his playboy lifestyle pales in comparison to time with Alicia.

As Alicia starts to see the man underneath the reputation, and understands that her dreams and his dreams can work together, making them all more than imagined, the story takes flight and readers are left with nothing to do but cheer them on.

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A fun story with a solidly built and developed romance, this is one that I could see continue without getting bored or tired: I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: That was totally unexpected What can I say? Alicia is a barrel racer with a career goal to reach the National Finals Rodeo. Unlike her main rival, Alicia is from a poor but hardworking family. Chris is the brother of Alicia's best friend Sydney. He's from a ranching family with aspirations to reach the National Finals Rodeo too, along with Well!

He's from a ranching family with aspirations to reach the National Finals Rodeo too, along with his roping partner and best friend David. They plan to open a rodeo school, but need to win a championship title at the finals to validate their rodeo pedigree. All hell lets loose when Chris decides to matchmake Alicia with David, bringing out unexpected feelings and desires. When I read a book, I'm absolutely thrilled to learn something new, whether it is a recipe, tradition or facts. This book is packed with everything I need to know about rodeo and all things equine.

This adds to the overall enjoyment for me, as the plot became alive as I lived the world of rodeo through words. I love how the author manages to pour so much energy into the characters as the chemistry between Alicia and Chris was off the charts — they were sizzling hot. Plus a full spectrum of emotions from lust, pain, defeat, hope, determination, humour and love.

This is the first book I have read by T. Kline, but it most certainly wont be the last. From the moment I started reading, I just wanted to keep going until I was finished. Now I want to read the earlier books in the series and I'd very much like a HEA for the guy who didn't get the girl, please Apr 30, Rage rated it it was ok. Alicia is independent, self-reliant, ambitious, motivated, hardworking, loves her parents, loves her job Cool main character, you want to see her succeed.

Chris is a standard handsome cowboy with a bad reputation, but his thing is that he looks out for ladies and drives them home and sleeps in his truck and lives with whatever people say. But as the book goes along, in order to create drama and tension, everyone becomes really emotional and t in the beginning, I really liked Alicia and Chris. But as the book goes along, in order to create drama and tension, everyone becomes really emotional and terrible at communicating. The characterizations become inconsistent, changing to serve the plot, and everyone keeps doing the same things wrong over and over again.

On one evening, David's dad upsets him, so he takes like 30 shots and falls down, so Chris and Ali are left alone. David never does this again, even though his dad is always around doing increasingly offensive and despicable things. Ali is always jealous of Chris because "buckle bunnies" with their ample bosoms can't keep their hands off of him, and he's determined to keep meeting new women because he's afraid of commitment Also, there's Delilah, Alicia's rival.

Delilah makes endless catty remarks, she's always got so much makeup on it looks like she applied it with a trowel, she only wins events because she has expensive, highly-trained horses her parents paid for There's nothing real about her. She has no history, no background, no motivations, no humanity.

She's obviously never a real rival for Alicia, so seeing her cause petty angst again and again is just tiresome. Oct 17, Brianne rated it really liked it. I must confess that lately I have been a bit of a western country junkee. I am learning about buckle bunnies, rodeos and other country things that I never thought I would ever learn Let me introduce you to Chris Thomas Rodeo star, hot cowboy, ladies dream, the guy that everyone women fantasizes over In walks, beautiful, stunning girl next door