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I call them Destiny Helpers. Also, for business deals etc. Spirit of Depression leaves them. No one will force them to. If people plan to bring you down. That includes Terrorists, but we have to pay the price through prayer. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. A beautiful message within this hub! Faith in God will get us through the challenges and trials. I like number After losing my beautiful son to cancer only faith in my Heavenly Father helped me to carry on.

Thanks for the great reminders on this hub. I am trying to live life with the understanding that all things are in God's time and not ours. He can see and understand way beyond what we can see and understand. This has helped me to cope with some difficulties in my life. Looking forward to more inspirational posts. Lady E, this article is like a hot cup of motivation, giving one the pull to get up and move forward on the spiritual path.

This is very inspirational to read. I agree that when we let go and let God handle our lives, good things happen. Oh by the way, the photo with the tiny little feet is so sweet. God gives people a free will. If you don't allow Him to step in or have Faith, you limit miracles from happening in your life. He will not force Himself in your life. Also, WHEN he steps in, every area of life changes positively.

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Even though you have published 20 points, there won't be any point , if god really step in to one's life.. Thanks so much for visit and kind commes. Sorry, it took a while to respond. I don't log in frequently. Elena, who loves Him knows His love. The whole world can forsake you but never He. He is our real relation- mother, father, brother, friend You have brought forth His love and this has made my day beautiful.

Thank you very much. Sorry I missed your comment.

When God Steps In

That's an amazing place to live and thanks for your warm wishes. Have a lovely weekend and festive season.

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Living by God and for God is the real mission we have to carry out while we are on earth. All things undergo the process of change,all things that glisten today will fade tomorrow. Only God who will remain.

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Your comment is beautiful and inspiring to read. Sometimes, I feel like that and then it changes. Some of these posts, I actually write to myself. I'm glad you stopped by. As we know nothing God plans is completely evil. There is always some good in His Plan for us. Unfortunately, when we are in a predicament or a hardship, we feel that nothing is going our way and we begin to have bad thoughts about God. We feel that our world is crashing down around us and we will never have relief from our pain and difficulties but if we keep the door to Him open,He will enter and turn our life to something beautiful and grant all our wishes.

It is not difficult for me to appreciate this fact. When god steps in anything is possible,let that be in the form of forgiveness or favors. These qualities of godliness are true blessings to us. Thank you so much. MyMindseyes - Aaawh, that's so touching. Your words make me appreciate authors of books.

There is some info they share that just inspires me so deeply and has a big positive impact on my life.

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Now, I see the other side. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind words too.

When God Steps in, Miracles Happen : Neale Donald Walsch :

I enjoyed your inspiration, you may have created a miracle for someone else simply by writing this hub. This is a beautiful, inspiring reminder that it is God who is in charge. Your photos are precious as is every word you have written. I am so thankful for you Lady E. Your lovely light shines as a beacon, leading us to Peace through Him. Up and across and sharing. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Wow, great inspiration to keep calm and carry on. I love all your pictures--they speak volumes. Thanks for holding us up again. Rated up and shared.

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There have been so many in fact that the Lord got in a "ship" and taught "in the sea. All of us are familiar with the passage that says, " Several things come to mind here along this line. First, the Lord is attracting huge crowds and His teaching ministry is reaching large numbers yet He leaves all this to cross the Sea of Galilee to visit a grave yard to minister to one demon possessed man.

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Second, He tells his disciples, many of whom were experienced sailors, to make this crossing after dark and sailors being what they are they probably anticipated rough weather. There is an old nautical expression that goes, "red sky at morning, sailor take warning, red sky at night, sailors delight! But Jesus gives the disciples their instructions and then promptly proceeds to go to the rear of the little boat and to go to sleep! I have asked this question before but this is a good time to ask it again. On another occasion, Jesus said that He needed to go to Samaria and it is there that He meets the women at the well and changes her life.

Did Jesus know that this man would be there? There is no doubt in my mind that the One who knows the number of grains of sand in the sea and knows the number of hairs on my head and sees a sparrow when it falls, also knows where you and I are at any given time in our lives. Believe me when I say that Jesus knows where you live my friend and what your circumstances are at any given moment in time!

A sermon that details a series of miracles from Jesus ministry and the reaction of those who were involved. Trail on Aug 12, message contributor. King Darius wanted to help Daniel, but his hands were tied. No problem, God stepped in and did what no human could. Direct divine intervention is better than favor. Favor is God giving you preferential treatment through someone else. The anointing is is when God operates supernaturally through you. But God chose to step in directly, send an angel, and do the fighting for Daniel.

So while it is good to believe God will bless you through others and empower you to walk in the blessing yourself, there are times when the Lord will step in Himself and manifest His divine power in your life to shield, protect, bless, and empower you supernaturally! When people come against your divine purpose they are coming against God Himself. Stopping you would mean stopping God and God will not allow Himself to be stopped.

This puts your opposition in a dangerous place. So just keep pressing, keep going, keep pursuing yourself divine purpose, and the Lord Himself will see to it that you are protected along the way.