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A simply stunning route. The region that extends from Waihi in the south to Port Jackson in the north is a superb, forested mountain drive.

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Although the country's road networks are great, some of NZ's best bits require a little leg work to reach. Get off the road and onto a bike: Perfect for exploring where four wheels simply can't go Rental information is similar in New Zealand and Australia, so this section applies to both countries. For convenient one-way trips, rent from a multi-depot firm which has rental locations in most of the major towns.

This is particularly important for long trips in New Zealand — the inter-island ferry is expensive so you want to avoid making the crossing twice if possible. Britz offers seven camper types, ranging from the simple, two-berth VW Rookie, to six-berth motorhomes with fridge, stove, shower and toilet. Australia Drive where scale is everything — never-ending horizons, big skies and the longest open roads ever. In the Outback you can drive all day and not see a soul, an absolute dream for self-sufficient campervanners and perfect for off-road desert adventures.

Watch out for road trains, though — these trailer-towing behemoths can be over 35m long. They churn up a lot of dust, and overtaking them takes time. Spend days wildlife-spotting and nights around the campfire. Also, 4WD vanners will love nipping up and down the massive golden beaches. A favourite of serious off-road enthusiasts; includes a wilderness peninsula of tropical forest and savannah, only suitable for hardy 4WDs in the dry season May-Oct.

It's easy to dismiss rural Australia as an empty, barren environment. Yes, it's stark, but there's plenty of character off those razor-straight roads. Planning a camper trip in South America is more an art than a science. From barren wilderness, stunning mountains and vast plateaus to coastal roads passing oceans busy with penguins and whales, this is a continent ripe for exploring. Argentina is perhaps the most camper-friendly country in the region, thanks to its well-developed highway network, its national parks and its wealth of commercial campsites with electric hook-up.

To Tierra del Fuego: Journeys down both the west and east coasts of Argentina to the very tip of South America are spectacular, with some unsealed road surfaces making 4WD vehicles popular. Spanning both Chile and Argentina, this mass of waterways offers spectacular driving on good roads.

Just south of Buenos Aires, these wild grasslands, full of birds, offer fabulous long drives. The list of must-dos for South America is never-ending, so take inspiration from Alistair Humphreys' top destinations and start planning from there Of course, while you're in this neck of the woods it'd be rude not to experience life at high altitude: There are a few well-established rental companies. Gaibu has six rental depots in Argentina. It offers dismountable-type campers that fit onto the back of 4WD trucks, and a range of campers from small two-berths up to five-berth motorhomes. Most vanners point their wheels at the dramatic Rockies and the Great Lakes, but along the way are fabulous stretches of forest, rippling wheat fields and unique wildlife — elk, caribou and maybe even a grizzly or two.

Connecting the continental US with Alaska across gold-rush Canada, this is an absolute must for the barren wilderness experience.

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Drive along Highway 16 into the stunning Wells Gray Provincial Park, where you can camp overnight and then visit the awesome Icefields Parkway to visit the Athabasca Glacier. Sea to Sky Highway Highway Head out from Vancouver along the coastal mountain region of British Columbia. Want to get off the beaten track? Try tracing the St Lawrence River from Quebec to the coast , to spy beluga whales and mystical forests.

Or, if you fancy a break from the road, try an Arctic cruise to meet Inuit locals, as well as polar bears and ice bergs USA The home of the campervan experience — with a wealth of classic routes to choose from. The vast national parks are often busy with RVers in high season, but book in advance or off-peak and enjoy your own slice of this uniquely American way of life. The quintessential winding coastal road, dotted with all-American diners overlooking the crashing ocean. There's so much road to cover, it's easy to feel overwhelmed - so make sure you do your planning first.

Heed Lucy Pearson's hard-won tips for planning the great American road trip , or plot an adventure on the USA's little-driven roads. Yes, some roads are almost traffic free, and they're perfect for road trips! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your adventures and this bit is my favourite: Either way, gotta keep laughing…and buy some curtains! Thanks for your sweet note! We lived in a 36 foot pull behind camper for 7 years with 3 kids, a cat and a dog, plus the two of us. We traveled someplace, built a building for someone and then moved on to the next place.

I homeschooled my kids during those years. They were some really fun, great years. The closeness was sometimes not awesome, but mostly, it was fantastic.

Minimalist Couple Living in a Tiny Camper Trailer That Cost Only $1,800 - RV Life

It took a whole year after we moved into a real house before my kids would sleep in their own rooms and not with each other. They are adults now and still have sleepovers. Whoa 7 years with 3 kids, plus pets and parents…good on ya! I mean, sleeping at the toe of a glacier with no-one else around sounds awesome. I wish I could pop in for happy hour in the Buddy Bar. I am feeling jealous looking at the adventures and good times you guys are having. Owning a camper and driving together a year is our dream. Hopefully we will do it. Ahh, I loved reading this Mike and Anne — Troy and I have seen glimpses of your Camper life, but you really articulated the experience well in this post.

Love the kayaking on a whim — anytime that it feels right.

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Good tip about Jasper — and finding alone time there — on your kayak! Goes to show how amazing and welcoming people are in the world — when you can literally open your doors wherever you are. Love it Love it…. Ah Dorene, thanks so much for your super thoughtful comment…means a lot! We have a new follower: Wish you all the best! Your email address will not be published. Please enter an answer in digits: Sign me up for the newsletter! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Vintage Charm First, we have to give major credit to Buddy. The Dark and Bright Sides Seeing smoke billow from your hood, your gauges drop to zero, and your engine spontaneously shutdown on a highway is never a good feeling.

Reply I like to hear it, Road Warrior! Reply OMG, you are starting like we did, after getting married, in ! Reply It was an even better move than we thought it would be. Reply A year in a camper was a heck of an adventure! Reply Whoa 7 years with 3 kids, plus pets and parents…good on ya! This gave us enough electricity — combined with our laptop batteries — to write, catch up on correspondence, plan routes and watch movies.

Frozen water jugs were placed in the fridge to keep food fresh. On campground days we charged our battery packs and froze our jugs. Apparently ole Sam Walton was a big time camping nut and many, but not all, stores allow overnight stays. Sites on the Internet list the stores that accommodate overnight stays — but their accuracy is less than stellar. We learned to make alternate plans — just in case. Usually there are quite a few fellow blacktop bivouackers. Because of its proximity to Yellowstone, we met people from all over the world at the Bozeman Wal-Mart — our favorite was a German couple in a VW bus with a two-year-old son.

There they would catch a boat to New Zealand. Campgrounds vary wildly in size, price and amenities. Basic hook-ups… water, electricity, sewer service and, increasingly, wireless Internet are standard. Beautiful wide open spaces can be as little as ten or fifteen dollars out in the sticks. Sometimes we paid strictly for the view. State Parks in California , with no hookups at all, run thirty-five dollars a night, but were worth every penny to sleep in the shade of the redwoods or wake up gazing out over the Pacific Ocean.

KOAs are usually very nice. On the KOA website, we could prepay, gather info on each campground and best of all, not have to worry about getting there before they closed for the night. Many campgrounds offer free or very cheap wireless service. Generally these were the ones we sought out. When boondocking or on the road we surfed a lot on our iPhone and made good use of our laptop connect wireless card.

The card plugs into a USB port and connects through a cell phone signal.

Living in a Camper

It works amazingly well on 3G, so-so on Edge and not at all in the boonies. We spent scads of hours in coffeehouses and libraries to utilize their wifi services. Nevergetting lost — okay, getting lost less often. Cheap gas, restaurants, coffeehouses with free wifi, Wal-Marts, campgrounds, sewer dump stations, movies and just about anything else under the sun.

9 Things You Need to Know About Living in an RV

Huge areas without service when off the beaten path, especially out west and the upper midwest. We had five bars and 3G service on a little boat in the middle of the Atchafalaya Swamp yet no service at all blocks away from a major university. We learned to adapt. We have a post office box where The Boy is going to college.

  • I gave it all up … to live off the land.
  • The Secret Life of Michelangelo.
  • I left corporate life behind to live in a camper van. I am never going back.
  • Die wichtigsten Wirtschaftsdenker (marixwissen) (German Edition)!

We had him forward the very few important things to us when we were with family, otherwise he just hung on to it until we saw him next. Did we miss something? Please feel free to ask us questions or make suggestions by leaving a comment! I just want to say I am just very new to blogging and site-building and certainly savored your web page. You actually have impressive posts. Cheers for sharing your website page. Thanks for the push guys!

My and my partner are looking for this adventure.. Thanks for the tips! Hello, Enjoyed your overview of full time RV living. We currently have a fifth wheel on property that we own in the Smokey Mountains of TN and stay there on weekends, vacation, and holidays.

We plan to sell everything we own in 6 years retirement and travel for at least full 2 years in a full size RV. We will then establish a home base somewhere after the trip. Your blog also mentions what we have found to be true………. Love all the info, Iam just talking to hubby about leaving San Diego, and renting out our home, I am quite stressed.. We have been self employed most of our lives so we have always had private coverage. Luckily we are both healthy so we can go with high deductible. My husband and I are somewhat empty nesters with 2 married daughters 27, 25 and a son who just finished barely his first year of college.

We have a seasonal campsite on Cape Cod and have often thought of trading it in for something more mobile. I am a teacher so potentially I could do this in the summer but hubby would have to rethink his work schedule. I love your thought about being empty nesters. I was a completely devoted mother for 20 something years. I worked at home doing daycare and was mom to half the town. I am excited about this new chapter in our lives!! Just find your own way to reconnect and Go Gypsy. I have considered buying a motorhome almost exactly like the one you own.

That was my main worry, that a older rv could hold up to the rigors of long distance travel. Stay safe and thanks for sharing! Thanks Jim, that old RV was a real trooper. Unfortunately, we must add that he finally did give up the ghost. We have a smaller class B now. Need to keep the house a bit longer as our girls are in bouncing back boomerang?

Made me laugh…we also have a Decibel. You can find good deals on older motorhomes. Our original plan was to run it for awhile then sell it, but we ended up going on and on and on. Wow this has me seriously considering renting the condo out and hitting the road.

Another place to dry camp is a hospital parking lot. Find a dark corner of the lot and park. You will be left alone. They just think you have a family member in the hospital. Some hospitals even have campsites set up on their property that you can stay at for a fee.