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As someone who works with transgender youth, Allies and Angels provides an important perspective on the lives of transgender youth through the eyes of two parents. This book is a must-read for not only parents of transgender children, but anyone who knows someone who is transgender. I can only imagine what my life would be like now had I had the strength, courage, and support that Drew had, in particular from his family and the Q Center, to come out at a younger age. Now with their new book, Allies and Angels, others can benefit from their enduring story of love and acceptance.

This book is a real life example of how living authentically, finding your passion, and realizing that we are all connected can bring more love, joy and compassion into your life. In my mind, there is no greater gift that you could give yourself and the human experience.

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I hung onto every word of your emails… literally… they were my only hope. I never felt so alone and so scared for my son and prayed for myself to gain some understanding. As you know… families should not have to go through crisis to that extent. A book like this would have been priceless to me. You and Vince will be helping so many people with this book. Thank you for being there for me, Terri.

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I am a much better person for it. Just take a look at my son… he is happy. That says it all. Email Facebook Tumblr Twitter Pinterest.

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No range limit provided they are visible to the Rune Priest and within weapon range. So you could use your Hellblasters to snipe a unit coming in just outside of the 12" range of Auspex. Rune Priest also has a copy of our Aversion, so you could stack them to make them -2 to hit. They have a couple other useful spells worth looking at too. You could drop them all in together to support each other, or they can each fight on their own pretty well.

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  8. This is a very good post with some great SW insight, thank you. If I wanted to flesh it out into a battalion, what would you do for troops?

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    Over on the SW subreddit it seems pretty split between Grey Hunters and Intercessors, but the amount of salt going on other there right now makes it hard to tell which is actually better. They get chainswords so have twice the attacks of the intercessors, and can take a WGPL that you can kit out however you want. If their squad wipes out, but they survive you can convert them to a Lone Wolf character.

    They get two extra wounds and can reroll misses for both to hit and wound. Everyone just got the codex in their hands, so it is going to take a few weeks for it to get a good workout and for people to identify the real powerful combos. We also have the fall FAQ due out next month. I think BA will see some nerfs to cut down on everyone bringing smash captains. Might see AM CP batteries getting nerfed as well. I've heard mixed opinions on whether the deep strike limitations will be permanently adopted, changed or tossed out.

    So alot up in the air right now that could change the whole meta, but especially the Imperial meta. I totally overlooked that. I'd stick with the GH purely due to cost. Don't for get the Spirit Wolves power, this make Njal a super beast in melee, he is getting the following attacks: He has Nightwing as well for some assault chip dmg when he lands. Not to mention his anti-psyker is just rediculous! Straken, priests, and a mess of guardyboys. Add officers as needed. They help firebase with ranked fire, they tarpit enemy chargers, they punch decently, and can help with late game obsec if they survive.

    I think Catachan's got usurped by Blood Angels in the meta, but they can be also very useful with Move!

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    Sw don't give you that much that you don't get from ravenwing or blood angels, and since you probably already have a slamguinius now you can make it into a vanguard. Read both of your posts. I love my black knights, and they can do melee if necessary, but I've had bad luck getting them in too close to dedicated melee units. I think wulfen or thunderwolf cav could probably do a that a little better, but they do have the same issue of closing distance which BA have an easier on time with. What would you run in a vanguard?

    I've read some posts about running Sanguinary Guard over Death Company, but don't know that much about them. Probably lemartes, sanguinor, slamguinius and then as many sanguinary guard and death company as you can fit.

    Allies & Angels

    DA and Spave Wolves do have a unique Stratagem Personally I'd build a Fear list - which means Inquisition given that DA has most the good stuff already. A Knight Warlord can also lead a fear list.

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    Wolf lords with thunder hammers are pretty good. Wrong subreddit, but as a newcomer to 40k and almost points in dark angels, i cannot get enough of it, especially new sm units. Having external detachment of blood angels would probably be the coolest thing in the world as theyre my 2nd pick for new aemy right now. Space wolves with the stratgem even. This makes me want to make a Space Marines Soup army!

    I would love to have the best unit from all factions doing what they do best! I know soup seems to be a dirty word recently, but this does seem like a fun way to mix the two. Probably will be plenty strong for pick up games without being too optimised, considering it is still just pure Astartes at the end of the day.

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