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I am perfectly healthy other than being overweight.

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I am on a diet , though. After some fierce competition, Bruno has a new home with his owner Lauren Paris and her boyfriend, Jason Bartlett.

Paris went above and beyond for her application, sending in letters of recommendation and even performing a song written specifically for Bruno. She had already been searching for a cat to adopt. On Monday, she was told her application to adopt Bruno was approved. He moved in with the couple on Tuesday. They said they have him on an organic diet.

Famous Fat Shelter Cat Gets New Home With Woman Just as

River flooding a concern into middle part of this week Hurricane Florence. Beautiful Latina super heroine, Black Cat, interrupts a jewelry story burglary. She is a renown crime fighter, with super strength and speed. They men she corners are big, strong, and desperate. Will our sexy super heroine prevail, meting justice as only she can.

Famous Fat Shelter Cat Gets New Home With Woman Just as 'Extra' as He is

Or will villainy prevail, destroying a bright star of justice? Black Cat goes after the international super villain, Dr.

Gadget, in this wild and wicked Urban Fantasy story about super heroines in peril. Gadget has never been caught, or defeated. Black Cat has never failed to get her man. One of them will be very disappointed. Will Black Cat pull Dr.

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Unfortunately, sometimes even the criminals get their paws on a FEM belt, and prove to be more than a match for the unwary. When Black Cat crosses the path of the infamous cat burglar, Miss Kitty, will she bring bad luck and misfortune to the villainess?

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Or will Miss Kitty have one more life left than Black Cat? It was a simple step from there into super heroines in peril stories. Now he writes his own characters, and it having the time of his life doing so.

Fierce Black Cats

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Book 3 - Demons of the Past. Book 4 - Slimes and Goblins. Book 5 - Enshrined.

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