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Thank you for this! Do you know what time they open up days before your reservation? I made my reservations a couple days ago when it was days out. My Disney experience app opens at 6 but phones open at 7. The only call reservation I had to make was for a dinner show. You will have to wait a LONG time if you call. If you can wait til the afternoon it is a lot less busy.

This is perfect in every single way!!! Thank you so much for this, you are wonderful for putting all of this together.

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The photo studio will also take pics of your kids without costumes if they are not busy. Our last trip in , they took some wonderful photos of my son who was not in costume. They looked really professional and made great gifts. The tip regarding adding a different card to each Magic Band is brilliant!

Do you know if you can do this with Disney Gift cards? You can personalize them to the recipient — there are hundreds of designs.

100+ tips for your Disney World trip

One of mine is classic Alice, another is Pocahontas, another is vintage fab 4 pirates… You can load a large or small gift card and combine or transfer money to other gift cards. Heather, I love your money saving tips; especially the one about taking the time to consider all of your flight options. My husband and I really want to take our kids to Disney World, but we want to make sure we plan an affordable vacation.

I might even see if there is a travel agency that can help me consider all my options. We went to Disney last year at the end of Oct- beginning of Nov. We needed it to be as cheap as possible, so we cashed in airline miles, booked an All-Star resort hotel for all the Disney resort perks, but bought our tickets at Undercover Tourist where we got 5 days for the price of 4. You just saved me some time! Next month, I will be going to Disney World with my friends so that we can attend the Halloween party.

Because of that, I really appreciate you mentioning how we can enter the park at 4: However, do you know whether or not a FastPass during that time period is any more expensive than any other day? Thanks so much for publishing this! I have read thousands of blog pages and book pages about disney and I never fail to find a new helpful tip. Thanks for including that tip! Just let a Cast Member know as you walk from the outside of the queue into the Mansion and they will escort you through some hallways and straight to the ride.

You get ahead of all those people in the stretching room and your kid avoids the scariest part. You should arrive to all 4 parks before they open. All of the parks open earlier than the posted open time. The Castle Couture shop behind Cinderella Castle has princess merchandise, but it also has a room at the back that's staged for princess pics. Though it's primarily used by people who have just finished at Bibibidi Bobbidi Boutique, anybody can go in there for pics.

As a bonus, there's a PhotoPass photographer there to snap pics for you. Take a towel from your hotel room and pack it in your backpack. Use it to wipe off wet seats, save a spot for a parade, provide shade to a little one in a stroller or whatever other reason you find. An easy way to find a spot to watch fireworks and other nighttime shows is to look for the people with cameras on tripods. The usually know what they're doing and where to get a good view. If you are at the turnstiles at Animal Kingdom and the turnstiles seem really busy before the park opens, you can try a secret-ish entrance by entering Rainforest Cafe and navigating to the gift shop.

Just outside of the gift shop, there is a set of turnstiles available to use. Magic Kingdom parades don't usually require lining up way ahead of time, though Main Street will have lots of people waiting way beforehand most of the time. I suggest watching parades from the front of the park or in Frontierland and not showing up quite as early.

All parades start in Frontierland and end at the front of the park. People often stick to the street so the sidewalks can be a great way to get down Main Street with fewer people around you. When you enter the theater for the Fantasmic! If you want to leave the park after the show, go out the top right of the theater which will usually take you right to the front of the park.

People are often scared to ride Mission: Space at Epcot due to the potential for motion sickness. One way to make it easier is to make sure you face forward during the ride.

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Parents often want to look at their children next to them, but the best idea is to just face forward and watch the screen in front of you. Consider spending the first part of the day at another park, and then head over to Epcot in the evenings to eat at a restaurant and explore a few of the countries. Keep little kids busy doing other things. I have a chart of ideas in my Rider Switch article to keep little ones nearby but busy while bigger kids and adults ride. To secure your MagicBand I lost mine on a trip! People who want to try to get in the line to sign up for Jedi Training Academy can get a jump start on the line by making an 8: The parks stay open later than the published closing time.

The published closing time is when restaurants and line queues close, but the shops and photographers will still be out much later. There are some exceptions, such as the Festival of the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom where sitting up front is the best. Not all Extra Magic Hours are as valuable as others. If you plan to attend an Extra Magic Hour at a park check out the chart below to find out what will be open.

If you're interested in watching the Festival of Fantasy parade at Magic Kingdom, I suggest watching from the train station at the front of the park to give yourself the best view and the option to either leave the park or take a train to another part of the park afterward. You used to be able to watch from the top, center portion of the train station, but that area is now used for VIP tour guests only. Although early morning breakfast reservations in the parks have long been a good idea, I'm hesitant to suggest them since Disney has been changing park hours so the parks especially Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios often open up at 8 a.

Instead, I'd suggest booking a later time or booking 2 sets of reservations - 1 at 8 a. As your trip dates get closer, you can cancel the one you won't be using once you know what the schedule will be. The first row of Soarin' allows you to view the screen without any feet dangling; however, the third row of Soarin' does not have extra motion like the first two rows, making it a good option for people prone to motion sickness.

20 Disney snacks you HAVE to try!

Nervous when meeting characters? Check out these tips to make it easier. Never underestimate the power of a midday break. Whenever possible try to get out of the parks and the heat for at least a few hours to allow everybody a chance to rest and recharge. If it's raining while you're in the parks , don't be afraid to still get pictures taken. Get more tips for handling the weather. If you like to shop, consider visiting the shops during the first hour the parks are open for lighter crowds or during the middle of the day when you need a break from the heat.

Traveling with small children You may want to watch Disney movies to prepare for your Disney World trip. Consider using Roku or apps like FlixFindr to search all of the services you subscribe to for movies. The auto-flush toilets often scare little ones at Disney World, so use the manual flush ones in the Baby Care Centers, or plan to cover the sensors on the toilets with your hand, a Post-it Note, or a sticker.

Make sure to identify your stroller in a unique way since so many strollers look the same. Items like ribbons or bright scarves tied around the handle will help to make it easier to spot. Animal Kingdom was originally supposed to have a section devoted entirely to fictional monsters. That is why you see a dragon above the main entrance of the park. Many rides have a "single rider" line that is much shorter than the general line. If you don't mind sitting with a random person on the ride, you can cut your wait time down significantly. There are several apps you can download that show you wait times for each ride in the parks.

You are allowed to bring your own food into the parks, so think about packing your own lunch to save some cash. The only place to get booze there is at the Be Our Guest restaurant. If you stay until right before Magic Kingdom closes for the night, you can see what they call the "kiss goodnight. If you need a bathroom break, avoid Liberty Square. There are no restrooms because they wouldn't have them in colonial times. If you see pay phones in Tomorrowland or in the Main Street hat shop, you can pick it up and listen to conversations between Disney characters.

This seems like a weird tip, but do not try to dispose of the ashes of your loved ones on the Haunted Mansion ride. It happens way more than you think, and the park has to shut down the ride until it gets cleaned up. The ride with the most consistently long wait time? Peter Pan's Flight, which is pretty remarkable considering it's a non-stop moving ride. Want a good view of fireworks? Epcot is a better choice, as it has a degree view of the water all around World Showcase, so you'll find a better spot much easier than you would at Magic Kingdom.

Are you a Beatles fan? The stage area in the U. Epcot has the second largest aquarium in the United States. You can dine among the animals in the aquarium at the Living Seas restaurant, but it's one of the hardest Disney World reservations to get. There's a rope outside of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular with a sign that says "do not pull the rope.

Near the back lot tour entrance is a Singing in the Rain umbrella, if you press the button, you'll get rained on. Good for hot days! All the restrooms in Animal Kingdom have locks, just in case an animal gets loose and guests need to find safety. If you get a drink in Animal Kingdom, it won't have a lid and the straws will be made of cardboard. This is just in case garbage accidentally gets into an animal habitat. Walt Disney would often stand in line with regular customers because he loved his own park so much. The Disney company bought up Florida swamp land in secret under dummy corporate names to avoid any price spikes.

The part of the airplane you see on the Hollywood Studios back lot tour is actually Walt Disney's personal plane. Ranking Its Attractions by Land! You can use Disney's magical express to take you from Orlando International Airport to your resort for free, and once at your resort, use Disney's onsite transportation to get you around. However, do not underestimate the value of your own rental car.

If you are staying at a Disney resort hotel, parking at all of the parks is free, and your own car will get you to and from a lot quicker. Since Hollywood Studios formerly MGM Studios is mostly under construction right now, Andy suggests only visiting the park if you have a park-hopper pass. It's not worth a stand-alone ticket until construction for Star Wars Land and other expansions have completed. The week between Christmas and New Year's, typically the most crowded week of the year, will have park hours from 6 a.

Every ride will be open at maximum capacity and parades and fireworks will be offered multiple times per day. The best seats have no dangling feet from another row obstructing the view. Get one by asking for a position ending in 1 A-1, B-1, C The row ending in 3 is the lowest to the ground and therefore best for those afraid of heights.

On most days, the Magic Kingdom mounts several parades. Stay out of Adventureland and Frontierland starting 30 minutes before parade time. The parade route cuts them off from the rest of the park, and crowd-control measures make it difficult to cross its path.

Use the line-skipping system only for attractions that actually have the longest lines—the Tip Board in the hub of each park lists the current waits, and so does the My Disney Experience app. At Epcot, skip Spaceship Earth until the evening. At the other parks, guests should make a beeline for the hottest rides first thing in the morning such as Toy Story Midway Mania!

You can always try being extra nice to the hostess—or lying about an anniversary. There are no places to watch the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular fireworks inside the Magic Kingdom from a waiter-service dining table.

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  • Everyone in your party will wait together but may not ride at the same time—how much talking do you do during a three-minute ride, anyway? The lines for the rides that are most popular with toddlers tend to thin out after dinner when the littlest ones nod off. Another way to find shorter lines: To get those, ask for a position numbered 1 or 2 while you're being assigned spots in the pre-boarding area.