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Effective Consulting: What Teachers Have Taught Me

However, picking one intervention or behavior to focus on at a time is more accessible to teachers than focusing on several. In other words, I might need to focus on the student's yelling in class before tackling his on-task behavior. We all know that modeling is an evidence-based component of skillful teaching. Teaching teachers is no exception. I've often had the experience where I leave a meeting with teachers nodding enthusiastically and reporting they totally understand the behavior plan. Only later do I find out that something was lost in translation.

As clear as I think I have been, there is always room for misinterpretation. Modeling a student intervention is a great way to circumvent any confusion.

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Within the first two weeks of implementing a new behavior plan or intervention, I expect to be asked many questions. If issues aren't addressed within this time window, bad habits on the part of the student or teacher may become entrenched. What's worse, the teacher may abandon the plan altogether.

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Students never cease to amaze me. They often find loopholes in the plan or are initially resistant to certain strategies. Supporting the teacher and student is never more important than in the introduction phase.

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Tweaking the plan quickly during its onset is a must for long-term success. I count on teachers to keep me updated so we can facilitate the plan effectively. The form of the workshop is interactive and participatory, with plenty of time for questions.


This class will orient you to consulting as a career, including the basics of setting up your business, understanding what you bring to the table, marketing and pricing, proposals and contracts, and how consulting is different from working as an employee. Seating is limited Places are assigned on a first paid first served basis.

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EFFECTIVE Consulting

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