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If you require a less than between 5 and 17 years of age perform an international trip without the company of an adult, you must take all necessary precautions, depending on the source and destination of the trip. It is also important that the Minor be self sufficient and fully capable of following the instructions of the crew members. Children that travel alone 5 - 11 years old It is important that you make the request of the unaccompanied minor service at the time of booking or purchase of ticket, presenting the original documentation and force of the minor.

You must deal with the legal authorization for travel, corresponding to the country of origin. You must introduce yourself in desks of airport, next to the smaller, 3 hours before the flight with all the original documentation. Takes into account that the service has no additional cost, but if space is limited. Teenagers that travel alone 12 - 17 years old The unaccompanied minor service is not mandatory for teenagers, however, you should inform the agent at the time of the booking and purchase the ticket, presenting the valid original documents for the minor.

You are also responsible for processing the Legal Travel Authorization, as per the country of origin's requirements. You have to be at the airport for checkin three hours before the flight, with the minor and present all the corresponding documentation. If the passenger is a child between 5 and 11 years, it must also include the assistance service for unaccompanied minors, by both as a parent or legal guardian, you must then make the request at the time of booking or purchase of the ticket, with original documentation and force of the minor.

For your total peace of mind, this service includes assistance by the airline during boarding and disembarking, in addition, the company of our airport agents during the procedures of customs and immigration, until delivery to the parents or guardians. You must take into account that the service is limited. If you require a child between 12 and 17 years trip to Madrid or the United States without company of an adult, we offer you the service of assistance for young travellers, you can request at the time of booking or purchase of the ticket of the minor, presenting their identity and travel documents and existing original.

In the case of minors, the conditions of carriage are similar to that of unaccompanied minors, therefore you will need to complete the processing for the legal authorization for travel to the country of origin. You must take into account that the service has limited quotas. We can offer you this service according to the route that you make the trip, the age of minors and our availability of crew, taking into account that the spaces are limited. National Routes The company offers you this service if you require transport to your child between 5 and 11 years without company of adult family member, It will still be considered unaccompanied minor.

You will need to complete the request of the helper service on board at least 72 hours before the flight. Please be aware that request a cabin crew member for the exclusive care of your child between 5 and 11 years, round trip tickets, hotel and travel expenses to our Flight Attendant should be covered by you. Travel with origin or destination between Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil. The child will be considered Unaccompanied Minor. You must request the Flight Attendant on Board Assistant service at least 4 days before the date of travel.

Remember that this service is only offer on flights originating in Bolivia.

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BoA-Boliviana de Aviacion offers this service if you require we transport your child between 5 and 11 years old, without the company of an adult or relative. In any case, the unaccompanied minor service will apply to: Minors with connecting flights with other airlines. Children who require special assistance during the trip. Children who require wheelchair for their displacement. Children who require medical certification for serious illness or disability.

Disclaimer Statement by parents or guardians 1. The signatory father, mother or guardian acting as legal guardian of the unaccompanied minor UM mentioned in this document, confirms that he has completed the necessary procedures for the minor to be accompanied at the departure of the airport of origin and collected in the airport of arrival by the people indicated here. These people will remain at the airport of departure until the plane takes off and will be present at the airport of destination at the scheduled time of arrival of the flight.

In the event that the minor is not picked up as agreed above, I authorize the company to reserve the right to take the appropriate measures to ensure the safe custody of the minor, including the child's return to the airport of origin, and I promise to indemnify and reimburse the company for all expenses that arise for this reason.

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I guarantee that the minor is in possession of all the documents for the trip passport, visas, health certificates, etc The undersigned agrees with the above and requests the transportation of said minor, guaranteeing that the information collected here is true. With the contribution of your data and those of the minor that guardianship, you expressly authorize with your signature the collection and treatment of the same for the purpose described.

Waiver of responsibility Declaration of parent or guardian 1. The undersigned father, mother, or guardian as person legally responsible for the unaccompanied minor UM mentioned in this form confirms having arranged for said minor to be accompanied at the departure airport, and to be met at the arrival airport by the person named. These person will remain at the airport of departure until the flight has departed and will be available at the scheduled time of arrival.

I certify that the minor is in possession of all travel documents passport, visas, health certificate, etc The undersigned agrees to and requests the carriage of the named unaccompanied minor and certifies that the information provided is accurate. Should the person legally responsible for the unaccompanied minor not be present at the return flight, the accompanying adult is authorized by means of present waiver of responsibility to turn over mentioned UM to the airline, being essential in this cases to present this document that will be kept at the departing station.

Therefore, with the aim to facilitate and make your travel insurance procedures have been established that should be applied in our offices and airports. It is important to bear in mind that there are certain conditions that require, by the airline, special care or a medical certificate that allows legal we can provide the service. There are also exceptional conditions that allow our airport agents deny boarding of a passenger, this procedure is done to safeguard the safety of users, the crew and passenger's own.

As airline loans not a medical service, therefore, in case of not being self-sufficient, you must always travel with a companion that will ensure your safety, hygiene and health care. In an extreme case, if the agents you deny the airport transportation, you must make a clear explanation and specific with regard to the causes. We have wheelchair in the Boeing ships, not so in the CRJ Remember that all the items that enter the aircraft pass through corresponding controls and none will pass without this label.

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If you forgot to notify the sales staff on any condition, our agents in airport can prevent your shipment to mere suspicion of risk to your safety or the rest of the passengers. Difficulty to remain seated for the duration of the flight. Suffering from a mental illness. Sufferingfromacuteillnesses, chronic Recent surgical intervention.

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This equipments are classified as Dangerous Goods, so it is very important that you take the following aspects into consideration for its transportation You have to make sure that the equipment is certified for use in commercial flights and counts with the approval of the regulatory entities. You or your family members should send the following information at least 48 hours before the flight: Make sure you have enough battery for the duration of the trip, including transportation inside the airport and platform waiting time.

It is imperative to present the medical certificate MEDIF signed by your doctor at the time of checkin. This document has to be issued no more than 10 days prior to the trip. If you do not have your own Portable Oxygen Concentrator, we offer this additional service. To have access to this service, you have to take the following into account: For domestic flights, you have to request the service minimum 24 hour prior to the flight. For flights within South America, the service has to be requested at least 48 hours prior to the flight. For flights to Europe and the US, the service has to be requested at least 72 hours prior to the flight.

If you have connections with other airlines, remember to request them the service for the continuation of the trip. It is mandatory to present the medical certification MEDIF signed by your doctor at the chekin counter. This document has to be issued no more than 5 days prior to the flight. If you need this service, ask for details and rates at our Call Center Bolivia , or , social media or ventasweb boa.

Remember that the lithium batteries have to be removed and packed separately inside your carry on or checked luggage. Recalls request this special service at the time of booking or purchase of your ticket, at least 24 hours before the flight. At the time of next headliner on the desks of Portable dialysis machine must already be totally OFF and remain so until the end of your trip, already in operation that can interfere with the communication systems of the aircraft. You will be allowed to carry a quantity of liquid and supplies medicines, syringes and dialysis fluids , enough for 1 or 2 days.

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Liquids should be packed tightly. At the time of the shipment you will need to present and deliver the MEDIF form for special services, signed by a physician, this enables you to transport is totally free in cabin luggage or mailbox. In order you to carry the portable dialysis machine in the passenger cabin, the equipment must not exceed 18 kg in weight nor the limit of measures allowed for hand luggage To carry a machine in the mailbox of checked baggage the maximum allowable weight is 45 kilos.

As security procedure you must remove the lithium batteries and keep them separate in your luggage. If you require your baby occupies a site in the aircraft, you will have to pay, for him, the child's rate 2 to 11 years and carry a special CDR seat, with the following stamp: By safety regulations, Bolivian aviation transported only infants on the eighth day of birth.

Must travel accompanied by one of their parents or close relatives. For international flights is mandatory submission of the identity card or passport. Premature babies are considered medical case and require medical certificate to make the trip. According to the security standards and regulations on transport of juveniles, if you require transport two infants under two years, you must assure the smaller next to you and the other infant must be insured to a special seat COR, that must carry this label: With the purpose of providing confort to the infant and the parents during a long flight: You can access to this service requesting it at the time of booking and purchase of the tickets and up to 48 hours prior to the trip.

The service is offered according to disponibility. Conditions to request the Service To have access to the basinet on board the baby's weight cannot exceed 14 kgs and be less than 70 cms high at the time of the flight. It is important that the baby's weight and height do not exceed the established limits, or the service could be denied aboard.

Be aware that due to operational situations the equipment could be changed. In this case, the service may not be available. The baby can access the service, once the aicraft has taken off, at which time one crew member will install the crib and it will be uninstalled before landing.

For information on the cost of the service, please contact our Call Center in Bolivia , in USA and 1 , social media or ventasweb boa. The service can also be requested through your preferred travel agent. Another condition is that the flight duration is of no more than 4 hours, remember that the pet should remain inside its transportation bag during the whole trip. The airline reserves the right of admission according to the animal's eye inspection at the airport. You must reserve space for your pet to the commented booking or purchase of your ticket or at least 24 hours before the flight.

At the time of ckeckin you should present originals and photocopies of the vaccine and zoosanitary certificates and fill out and sign the form for the transportation of animals in the cabin. Remember that when travelling to other countries, the pet should comply with all the sanitary regulations of the country of destination, therefore you should have all the necesarry health certificates available.

At the time of purchasing the carrying case, you should look for a sturdy, ventilated, with impermeable base and quite safe. You will be the maximum dimensions of 45 x 35 x 25 centimeters, for a total of centimeters. In airport you have to submit originals and photocopies of the certificates of vaccination and animal health, in addition to fill out and sign the form for animal transport in cabin.

The service has a cost comparable to the excess baggage for a suitcase of 20 kilos. As per international regulations, in case you need to travel with a guide dog, remember that Boliviana de Aviacion offers this service at no additional cost with the condition that it wears a muzzle and appropriate collar and remains lying at your feet during the whole flight. If you need to travel with an emotional support dog, you should present all the documentation that certifies this need.

A letter signed by your doctor on a letterhead issued no more than one year prior to the trip is mandatory. Remember that emotional or mental support animals should be trained to have adequate behaviour within the aircraft and with the other passengers. This service is offered by Boliviana de Aviacion at no additional cost. Gestation without medical complications. Variations in the conditions of transportation from Madrid.

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Regardless of time of gestation. N or book of military service and a photocopy. With preferential attention in offices and airports. In the event that you require a special service, such as for example: One 1 maximum risk guarded passenger can be transported per flight with its respective escort composed by a minimum of two 2 security agents; and two 2 medium risk guarded passengers with minimum one 1 security agent per guarded passenger.

The escort can not carry weapons, blackjacks, tear gas or any other paralysing gas on board the aircraft. The weapon has to be declared and transported on the luggage compartment. The person responsible for the escort should assure Boa that the person under custody does not carry any prohibited material. There are many health conditions as diabetes,hypertension, intoleranceto certain foods oringredients, eveneating habits as well as own religion or just philosophy, thatmotivate you to ask for a special food on a long flight. How can I ask for a special menu? Special Menu Menu for diabetics.

Sugar controled and rapidly absorbed carbohydrates food Plate of fruit Based on seasonal fruit. Gluten free menu Doesn't include creals: Vegetarian menu lactose free Meatless dish, on occidental style, lactose free products nor eggs.

Viajar en bicicleta

Before taking the flight, it is important you to be sure to carry on your valid and in good conditions documets Passport, identification document, residency document , in order to enforce origen and destination or transit countries migratory rules. As traveler you must be informed and have all valid documentation at the moment that each country regulations should ask for, while booking, purchasing the ticket or boarding the flight.

Please be informed about all requirementes on: Type of document P: Identification Document Country of document issuance Document number Passenger nationality. Passenger birth date Passenger sex Document expiration date. Last name and first name s Document type visa or green card Document number. Document issuance date For more information: Only the Greek electronic passports, issued by the polize of that country since August 26th, , are valid for VWP. Last name and first name s Document type visa or foreign registration Document number.

Document issuance date Country to which the visa is applyed For more information please visit: If you are interested to visit Bolivia, please enter to: As of March 21, the Argentine State introduced new migratory provisions endorsed by the Argentine Civil Code, through these measures it restricts the entry into Argentine Territory of people who submit documentation birth certificates, minors' permits, guardianships, travel visas, etc.

Among the observations to the documentation is included the plasticization of documents that originally do not have this characteristic. Please take into account that if you present adulterated or altered documentation at our counters, our traffic agents are obliged to deny you boarding.

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Beginning March 21, the Argentinian State introduced new migratory dispositions backed by the Argentinian Civil Code. Through these dispositions the acceptance of persons who present false or altered documentation Birth Certificates, Travel Authorizations for Minor, etc in the Argentinian Territory is restricted. If you have a connecting flight at the Guarulhos airport, it is important to remember to get the Consular Visa for travel to that country.

Please consult with your travel agent or the ticket issuing company to avoid complications at your arrival in Brazilian territory. If your flight has a connection at the Guarulhos Airport, it is important that you remember to process the consular visa to enter this country, please consult your travel agent or the company that issues the ticket to avoid inconveniences when arriving in Brazilian territory. Citizens of the following countries do not need visa to travel to Brazil: If you travel to Punta Cana, please have in mind that there are two ways to enter this paradisiacal destination: If you are not a Bolivian citizen, there are two documents that allow you to enter the Dominican Republic, please check which one corresponds to you depending on your nationality: Each country has different regulations about Vaccines requested compulsorily and other recommented for special situations.

To be informed about vaccinations please go to a health center or vaccinations bank or visit http: Recommendes vacinations on special situations: Yellow Fever if arriving from endemic country Generali recommended vacinations: Recommended vaccines on special situations: Yellow Fever if arriving from endemic country Generaly recommended vacinations: Bolivian account Aviation fleet with the following: Menu for domestic destinations: This authorization initiates the commercial airline operations.

On March 30, , BoA initiates its operations with flights in the backbone of the country Cochabamba, La Paz y Santa Cruz ; on June 19, BoA starts operating to Tarija; on September 5, the operation to Sucre and on December 2, the opening of the route to the city of Cobija. Continuing with the route expansion plan, the following international stations and routes are inaugurated: On May 14, the international station and flights to Buenos Aires, Argentina; on November 20, the station and flights to Sao Paulo, Brasil; on December 6, the international station and flights to Madrid, Spain; on May 15, the station and operation to Salta, Argentina and finally on June 6, the operations to Miami, USA.

The Management of Boliviana de Aviacion is focused in establishing all its operational and administrative systems and continuosly improving the Safety and Security as an objective and means within the aerocommercial activity. With this in mind, Boliviana de Aviacion commits itself to: To regularly revise the system performance, based on the indicators established by High Management. Periodical analysis of the undesired operational results. Follow up of the corrective actions and their effectivity to improve performance.

The provision of our services within the framework of the company general policy will be facilitated by Management in the context of a collaborative, proactive relationship and understood by all the members of Boliviana de Aviacion. Likewise, all the organization's personnel must comply with their responsibilities, as per the regulations and procedures outlined on the applicable Manuals. This policy assures all the officials of Boliviana de Aviacion that the notification of accidental or not premeditated mistakes will not result in disciplinary or punitive actions against the persons involved, unless, of course, those mistakes are the result of illegal activities, dolo or other malitious actions, as per the company's definitions.

We encourage all the personnel to use all the mechanisms outlined on the Management Manual for Security and Quality MQS to help Boliviana de Aviacion to continuosly improve the security with a proactive, informative and compromised attitude. Whereever the operations of Boliviana de Aviacion are conducted, the personnel involved should: So hop on a Harbour Cruise or take a longer Island Cruise and experience Malta from a different angle. Mostrar en el mapa.

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