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We'd have Jesus to push us on the celestial swing set. Dismissing all that inconvenient "scientific data" because our book of spells told us God made us "zap zap" style? We knew the truth. Everyone else was just a sucker sippin' the worldly "Kool-aid. Bible said would happen Over the years I would finally succumb to the irresistible seduction of education, people with different opinions, and the ministry of common sense. Whether you believe in God, or whether you only believe in Oprah, I think we can all agree that Heaven If you feel a sudden urge to defend your very own pie in the sky, that's cool.

Save it for the bloodbath -- I mean, "comments section. You may think you want to live forever, but you don't. You really, really, really don't. Well, let's play this out logically. If you live forever, there's only three possibilities: Conscious eternal existence, unconscious eternal existence, or reincarnation where you only remember one lifetime at a time. Which do you prefer? This is by far the most widely-held belief when it comes to Heaven. We all agree this place is supposed to be at least pleasant if not borderline orgasmic.

And hey, while that sounds all good and reasonable at first, let us consider just what "eternity" would mean. Imagine the longest day you've ever had. Maybe some of us have been awake for a couple of days, maybe even more than that. Most of us start feeling really weird when we have stayed up all night. I personally feel like I'm in a time-warp. Other people have started their new day when I'm basically still working on finishing up yesterday.

It's just not right. We all need closure on our days. We are supposed to have a beginning and an end. In an eternal Heaven scenario, we would have no need for sleep. It would be just one, super long, endless day. If we did sleep, it'd be an insult to conscious Heaven since we'd be choosing unconsciousness. What would we be dreaming about? Nope, we'd be awake. Okay, I know what you're thinking. It would be Heaven, so we'd have some kind of super Heaven-brain that didn't get all weirded out by how long our day would be. I'm sure we'd also have God-bodies that never got tired.

We'd also never be bored. Because Heaven is about being content. This means that either Heaven would give us an unending supply of entertainment options, or we'd be forced to like everything we would be doing. Therein lies an interesting point to ponder. What if Heaven couldn't please everyone? Now that we can imagine what it would be like to simply "exist" in a conscious way in this Heavenly realm, let's revisit just what it would mean to be there forever. One thousand years would pass by. One million years would pass by. One billion, one trillion, one hundred trillion, ninety-nine trillion-trillion, and on and on and on.

Did you think of the word "dying"? Did you think "being done"? Did you think "Not existing anymore? Can you even imagine living for a few thousand years? Really, think about that. Isn't that long enough? Maybe today you think you need more time to make things right. But who needs eternity? That's like saying I need unlimited data from my cell phone carrier, when realistically I only need like 20 gigs a month.

So, why would you want to live consciously forever?

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If it's anything like consciousness as we know it, it would be Hell. If it's something completely different than consciousness as we know it, then we have no basis to judge its benefits. This one is interesting because All those trillions of years that the universe existed before the earth was made? Yeah, that's what unconscious eternity feels like. I mean, it's not like you were sitting around bored out of your mind waiting to be born. You were totally okay with it. Now, imagine that you die but some part of you lives on, maybe "with God" or in some type of "soul sleep" setup, but you're not conscious of anything.

Honestly, it doesn't matter if you're unconscious for a minute or for 28 universe lifetimes; unconscious existence is all the same to you. Some immortals - namely the good guys - are shown balancing the loneliness of immortality by enjoying life to the fullest and using their immortality to develop new pastimes and experience the world like no humans can.

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For example, Methos - the oldest immortal - has written a journal chronicling most of his life and experiences at least some of it -he is older than writing, so some stuff went undocumented. The episode "Stone of Scone" shows this very well. Unlike most droids, who have regular memory wipes, Artoo has never had one in its entire or so years and counting of existence.

Luke similarly comments in the Expanded Universe on what it means if his powers make him immortal. The secret is that Jedi are immortal; it just takes compassion to make them so. Ultimately his descendant Cade has the power to raise the dead. Casca, the eponymous mercenary of Casca: The Eternal Mercenary , is rather satisfied with his immortality as a whole although he has his occasional moments of regretting it when stuck in a Fate Worse than Death like being buried alive for decades.

Groundhog Day plays with this trope. The main character goes back and forth between enjoying and despairing over his situation. But it's a bit different from standard immortality since he's living the same day over and over which obviously has different advantages and drawbacks. He begins with hedonistic excess, falls into despair as nothing he does means anything, and finally finds peace in deciding to be the best version of himself he can.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow wonders whether immortality as the captain of the Flying Dutchman, which would mean only getting to visit land for one day every ten years at sea, is this or Who Wants to Live Forever? Hilariously he uses rum as his criterion and tries to figure out whether a mortal lifetime with an unlimited access to rum means more or less rum than an immortal existence with access to rum once every ten years. Ultimately, all the opportunities Jack has come across that could render him immortal have come at too high a price for him to accept.

If he could find one that didn't require a Human Sacrifice or some other kind of undesirable commitment, he'd probably go for it. Davy Jones himself certainly enjoys his eternal dominion over the ocean and he sells this idea or, more appropriately, that death is worse to new recruits. One can presume he originally took up his post on the Flying Dutchman hoping for Eternal Love with Calypso. Hancock and Mary decide to split permanently because they enjoy their immortality.

Hancock, for instance, wants to be a super hero forever. In The Wolverine , Logan refuses Yashida's offer to revoke his immortality. Despite his hardship, he prefers living with his pain to the alternative. Onrack is a T'lan Imass that's quite happy with his condition, as "there was always something else to see, after all. Prince Vladimir certainly thinks so. He has used his many years to travel the world, learn forty-two languages, and expand his knowledge in a variety of subjects.

He does sometimes get bored, but he never laments his immortality. Instead, he constantly seeks new excitements such as conquering the world and killing billions. Invoking this trope is one of the Duumvirate 's stated goals. They refer to it as "going to the future". Their rejuvenated fifty-year-old creator strongly agrees. Several of the Old Gods in American Gods seem to still enjoy their eternal life immensely, despite their lack of worshipers cutting their powers down to the barely-superhuman level.

Most notably, of course, is Anansi , who is always enjoying life, even on those occasions when he's temporarily dead. Woodrow Wilson Smith, of Robert A. Heinlein 's Time Enough for Love , once he finds something he hasn't done before. For the most part, the sorcerers of The Belgariad seem perfectly content with eternal life. This is in part because they keep very, very busy.

One, Senji, doesn't even notice he's immortal until he takes a break from trying to turn lead into gold and realizes several centuries have passed. Not all of them were so content. Of course, those ones are not around anymore. And those who hated their life usually had another reason than immortality to hate it. For one, it was the horrors of war. Peter Pan milks every bit of fun out of eternal youth. It helps that his memory spans an average of five minutes.

Twilight Bella finds no qualms at all to be spending all eternity with her teenage husband, super-quick aging daughter, and her beautiful and wealthy extended family. Likewise, the members of the Quileute tribe that are blessed with spirit wolves rapidly age to probably about their early twenties and then stop aging until they choose to willingly give up their ability to transform by remaining human for a certain amount of time. Jacob is lucky enough to have imprinted on the half-vampire Renesmee, who likewise ages rapidly before abruptly stopping somewhere around age While the future is never confirmed, it can be assumed that Jacob probably opted to keep his wolf form for as long as possible.

Tarzan and a few of his friends attain eternal life and youth by stealing some immortality pills from one novel's Big Bad he cannot share immortality with the world, due to the pill's morally dubious manufacturing method. Tarzan has a very upbeat, "seize the day" mindset and is completely unbothered by the consequences of his immortality. When asked by someone if the thought of all his friends growing old and dying bothers him, he replies that the promise of making new friends makes up for it. When asked if he is worried about boredom, Tarzan replies that he lives such an exciting life, he doesn't worry about it.

In Aleksandr Zarevin's Lonely Gods of the Universe , not one person either human or Ollan who has become immortal after eating Ambrosia it's a plant, not a drink regrets being mortal. Yes, women become sterile see Immortal Procreation Clause , but they don't really care. Men can still father children with mortals and have. Their lives get even better after they eliminate monogamy among themselves at the women's request and just have giant orgies.

They have a limited supply of Ambrosia and no way to get more, so they have to hand it out sparingly, but one full dose is enough to heal any injury even regrow lost limbs and restore youth, as well as grant eternal life. A partial dose will only do the first two. It's not quite living forever, but pretty much everyone agrees that Prolong, an anti-aging treatment which extends the active human life to around three centuries, is pretty damn awesome.

Amongst other things it lets you spend fifty or so years in a Naval career and still have over two centuries left to do other things if so desired. In particular, humans who have bonded to treecats cheer the development of Prolong, as it removed the tragic aspect of the bond, which saw the long-lived 'cats having to sacrifice a century or more of lifespan because they were almost always Driven to Suicide when the bond was inevitably severed by the human bondmate's death. In the Iron Druid Chronicles Atticus is more than two thousand years old and he is still enjoying his life enormously.

It helps that he is an earth druid so he has a very close bond with nature which grounds him and preserves his sanity. The werewolves also seem to enjoy their long lives. The Others in Night Watch almost never have regrets about their unnaturally long lives. However, most of them try to avoid having children so as not to have to watch them grow old and die. An Other's child can become an Other, but this has about as much chance of happening as an Other born from Muggles.

The only exception are vampires and werewolves, who turn their children, but they are the lowest of the low in the Dark Other hierarchy. In Sergey Lukyanenko 's short story "I'm in no hurry", a student summons a devil and offers his soul in exchange for infinite wish fulfillment.

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  • Reigen, No. 8 from 12 Klavierstücke für kleine und grosse Kinder (Op. 85)?

As a side effect, a deal made him completely immune to age, harm and restrictions to action or communication , except for those caused by the wish itself. Decades later, the devil finally freaks out about his master now a world-famous, wealthy scientist, still looking as he did in his prime never making a single wish. The professor reveals that he feels pretty capable of achieving anything he wants on his own, and all he needed was an unlimited and youthful, and And I Must Scream -free time.

There are 5 immortals who all function as Barrier Maidens. Roon, though he died offscreen like the first two, was said to have enjoyed his immortality. He formed a hunting pack of the finest men to go and hunt various dangerous monsters, and was described as a Boisterous Bruiser. His body is found amidst the bodies of his attackers and allies; his familiar even suspects that he would have won the battle if not for the enemy having magic. Gargoyles live for a very long time, and since many of them are historians, they find this very helpful. Dirge for Prester John: The Abir exists to change up people's lives every couple centuries to make sure no one is bored or dissatisfied with living forever.

The Misenchanted Sword zigzags this trope. The main character receives a sword which will not allow him to die until he has killed men with it. He decides to live forever and not kill people, but this decision is based on morality instead of the merit of eternal life. Then he discovers that the sword lacks a Healing Factor and will not keep him young so he goes on a killing spree as an old man then he discovers magic that can keep him young and at the end of the story is quite happy with his situation.

This becomes a vague plot point in Brisingr , when Eragon realizes he has become immortal. Instead of angsting about it, he decides to look for a wife among the elves because they are all immortal. Good thing he's already head over heels for Arya. It will keep you alive with repeated doses, and has eternal youth or at least eternal middle age added in.

Journey to the West: It's Truth in Television, sort of, as this was the goal of real life Taoists. The Wuzhuang temple has a community of immortals because of a tree that produces life extending fruit and they are extremely protective of it. Son Wukong began his journey seeking to become immortal and only regretted it during that one time he was trapped under a mountain. He takes pride in calling everyone he meets "grandson" because of his great age. Damon revels in vampirism, being immortal and being powerful. The Council of Chains, from The Memory Wars , believe that immortality is a far better alternative to death and reincarnation.

This is because no-one's ever remembered what it's like between incarnations, and most members join the Council out of fear that they won't really be themselves anymore if they are reincarnated. The Silver Dragon writes about how awesome immortality is in her autobiography. One of her hobbies is visiting a place after a century has passed; the mix of familiar and new is something "only an immortal can truly appreciate".

It's implied that Henry Pupil was already an old man two thousand years ago when he spoke with a young Dengel. He's still merrily recording history and looking for new sources of excitement. In the story "Child of All Ages", the protagonist, having lived several hundred years as a permanent child, is quite happy to continue life, even if she is stuck as a child.

She does bemoan the fact that modern society makes it pretty hard to be independent as a child, but she still can't wait to see what life brings next. After the return of its rightful ruler, Princess Ozma, everyone in the Land of Oz become immortal and eternally happy as Oz becomes a utopian Adventure-Friendly World. For those who can become immortal, the people of the Commonwealth Saga are happy to be able to upload their bodies every so often as they live in a post-scarcity far future where stellar and even dimensional travel is commonplace.

The Doctor experiences a lot of heartbreak, but still feels that life is worth living so long as there's something left to see in the Universe.

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The Face of Boe is one of the oldest creatures in the universe during the first three series of the revival and he gives off this "serene old sage" vibe. He's respected as such by everyone around him. The Master has utilized numerous means aside from regeneration to extend his life. Other than the constant sounds of drums in his head , he truly enjoys Time Lord longevity. In Torchwood , Captain Jack Harkness in general. Sure, he has ocasional angst over it, but considering his average deaths per episode count, he sure is getting his money's worth out of the deal.

Also, more time to go hit on people. Miracle Day , where almost everyone on Earth becomes unable to die. Even suicide bombers are still alive, despite being charred beyond recognition. Also, while people stop dying, no one stops aging. Inversely, Jack loses his immortality and has the time of his very long life, although now he insists on using condoms.

He's been cursed to wander the earth unaging ever since he kicked some people out of a lifeboat on the Titanic , and says that, he thinks this is pretty neat. A good number of Immortals in Highlander: The Series seem to be having a grand old time; sure, they have problems, but they still enjoy their lives. The protagonist is a major exception — but he'll still fight tooth and nail to survive. He only seems to regret being immortal when something really bad happens in his life.

In Can You Live Forever? However, he loves to show off his collection of awards and spare bodies. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The greatest difference between Spike and Angel is that the former believes in this trope. He even vampirized his mother so that between her and Drusilla he'd never be lonely it didn't work out, but that was thanks to the vampiric transformation.

For context, he is trapped in a facility that's constantly falling apart because if he left his body would run out of electricity within hours. He spends all his time fixing problems or checking for problems. Even after living this way for centuries he still considers immortality a good thing. Wizards of Waverly Place: Juliette dated Julius Caesar and she still hasn't tired of finding a new boyfriend.

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Unlike the other reapers who are angsty or apathetic, Mason's pretty happy with his lot in death. On the other hand he envies the souls that get to pass on while he has to stay behind, but this is because whatever's on the other side is better than the side he's on. The opinion of his race as a whole but Q in particular believes this trope.

One of the most severe punishments they have and sentenced Q to once is to make one of their own mortal. He was ecstatic when they reinstated him. Professor Randolph is a Asgardian warrior that retired on Earth. Now he teaches Norse Mythology. The Team estimates that he's been alive for a thousand years and his only complaint is a student putting too much Lit Crit and not enough History in their paper.

He's had numerous paramours over the ages. He's also so patient that he's perfectly willing to wait for a human he doesn't like to die of old age. Due to her slow rate of aging, Jiaying has been able to provide comfort and guidance to many generations of Inhumans. I have inside me blood of kings. I have no rival. No man can be my equal. Take me to the future of your world! The song "Immortal" by Clutch makes it sound pretty awesome: Who's the man who stole fire for the people?

Who causes trembling in the bones of evil? Who carved a mountain into a cathedral?

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The backing lyrics for the chorus repeats the phrase "in dog years," suggesting the narrator isn't immortal—at least not literally. The Brazilian song "Eu nasci ha atras" I was born years ago by Raul Seixas is obviously about a man born years ago who talks about famous events he witnessed. He sounds very enthusiastic about his life: I was born years ago Eu vi Cristo ser crucificado I saw Christ crucified I saw Babylon be wiped off the map Eu vi conde Dracula sugando sangue novo I saw Dracula drinking blood Eu tava junto com os macacos na caverna I was with the monkeys on the cave Warhammer 40, The long-lived and nigh-immortal Eldar fight tooth and nail to survive.

Granted, it's not so much that Living Forever Is Awesome but rather that dying is much much worse. If Eldar are lucky they will have their souls trapped in crystals for all eternity. Otherwise, they become the playthings of the Chaos god Slaanesh. This trope fits the Dark Eldar even more. They can achieve immortality by drinking the souls of lesser races read that as "anyone who isn't a Dark Eldar" , and they get to live a life of fighting, torture, sex, drugs and cruelty, which is extremely fun to them. Of course, they're Eldar too, so there's also the Chaos god Slaanesh out to get their souls when they kick the bucket and can't be brought back.

For this reason, the Dark Elder cheat death all the time by transferring their souls to a new body. This trope fits Orks. They're like lobsters; they never die from old age, they just keep growing bigger and stronger until something kills them. The largest and oldest Orks are the size of Imperial Dreadnoughts and just as powerful, while also having lived for hundreds if not thousands of years and probably seen just as many battles. Of course, very few will actually reach that state due to the incredibly brutal and violent nature of their existences, although being Orks , they don't really mind.

Even humans fit to some extent. There are a variety of methods to allow humans greatly extended lives, from Longevity Treatment to being a genetically engineered supersoldier. Despite the constant warfare, alien invasions and eldritch abominations , the vast majority of those mentioned in stories appear more than happy to live as long as possible.

In Warhammer , Wulfrik the Wanderer was once a Norse warrior who killed every other Chaos champion he came across and slaughtered an entire army all on his own. He celebrated by drinking seven barrels of mead and boasting that he was the greatest warrior to have ever lived. For this the Chaos Gods cursed him with immortality and told him "Go prove it. The Mummies of the Old World of Darkness are generally of this opinion. They might live in a Crapsack World and have often difficult battles against terrifying foes but hey, they have literally all the time in the world to put things right and plenty to enjoy along the way.

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It helps that they have a lot to occupy themselves with studying the deepest darkest arcane mysteries, or consolidating wealth and power for elaborate schemes that play out over centuries. This trope is part of the reason that the Dalish elves are so mad at humans. Apparently elves were immortal until humans showed up in Thedas leading to the elvish slur for humans, "Shemlen," which translates to "quick children". The Masked Empire reveals that it was only the upper class elves who were immortal, and that elves were mistreating each other long before humans arrived.

Hancock sees his ghoul appearance as a Cursed with Awesome more than acceptable trade off for near-immorality. Numerous other ghouls also seem to be quite happy with this longevity, with Kent being just as enthusiastic about even the superhero Silver Shroud as he was years ago when the bombs fell. The Cabot family Minus Emogene revel in their eternal life, provided by a mysterious serum Lorenzo Cabot obtained.

It helps that these are presumably widely available treatments, meaning everyone lives forever and the worst aspect of Who Wants to Live Forever? This handwaves why the faction leaders are still alive after centuries of rule. The guy who constructs the training courses in Immortal Defense seems to think this. Even as all the other path defenders go insane one by one and start leaping across the Moral Event Horizon. It helps that path defenders tend to go insane because they fixate on something and will go to any lengths to protect it; he ended up fixating on Many characters in the Touhou series are happy with their immortality.

Yuyuko sacrificed her body to seal an Eldritch Abomination soul-sucking cherry tree, and her ghost was appointed ruler of the Netherworld, effectively removing her from the cycle of life and death. She now lives quietly whenever she isn't causing trouble to sate her boredom. Although her canonical Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass nature makes it hard to tell for sure, she seems to generally enjoy her eternal un-life, especially when it comes to teasing her overly-earnest subordinate, Youmu. Eiki and Komachi, respectively as judge of the dead and ferrywoman of the equivalent of the River Styx, never really seem to complain about "outliving" everyone they know, but then, being Anthropomorphic Personifications of death and rebirth, and the knowledge of how the afterlife works may give them a radically different perspective on the whole thing.

Kaguya and probably Eirin, seem to be enjoying immortality quite a bit. Kaguya seems to mostly suffer from boredom, but has had Eirin taking care of her essentially her whole life. She also has mortal, if extremely long-lived servants, but she seems not to care about them to the point of calling any and all of them "Inaba", rather than learning their names.

Fairies may have the most amusing of all immortalities — they are functionally immortal as long as the force of nature that they represent still exists. They, however, are all permanently child-like, and spend all eternity playing pranks on one another, don't bother with notions like owning any property they don't wear on their backs if clothing doesn't just magically appear on them in the first place, it's not like they would manufacture all the frilly dresses they wear not really understanding the difference between yesterday and ten thousand years ago.

To be specific, they have Type IV immortality: We could've made this list so much shorter simply by stating that the only character who isn't of the opinion that immortality is awesome is Fujiwara no Mokou , whose lifestory goes something like this: Father got disgraced by above mentioned immortal Kaguya, Mokou drank the Hourai elixir in a key moment of weakness, got ostracised when people eventually noticed her unchanging appearance, became a hermit and lived alone for quite some time, went absolutely Ax-Crazy for two-hundred years and proceeded with killing anyone and anything that came in her way, went into a bit of a decline and lived in an apathetic depression for a few hundred years, finally found her way to Gensokyo where she found Kaguya again, ignited a rivalry, using her father's humiliation as an excuse, and has since then spent the time locked in an eternal circle of revenge murders with her arch-enemy.

Even so, eventually she started growing into the trope's mindset by the time of Urban Legend in Limbo , where she met some of Gensokyo's other immortals and villain of the week Sumireko, and decided having friends immortals or not ain't so bad after all. In Raidou Kuzunoha vs. We get a scene of him as a rich businessman with a helicopter in the 21st century in the end. The basic premise behind the ending of Lost Odyssey. Kaim and two of the other good immortals settle contentedly into their immortal lives, reasoning that eternity isn't so bad after all.

It helps that two of them are married to one another, and the third, although her husband is mortal, is a queen with a whole country to keep herself busy with throughout the centuries to come. When Parsec the Fire Dragon asks Aphelion the Silver Dragon why he defends the humans, his reply is, in a nutshell, 'it's not fair that dragons and elves get to live forever when humans don't. Can be played this way if a sim gets an age freeze potion. They can master every skill, get to the top of every career and even complete every lifetime wish, but even after all that, they could always just settle down, start a garden even, and watch as their family and legacy grows and prospers, shaping the very town around them.

Maybe they'll even write some books about all they get to see too. In World of Warcraft The High Elves by way of the Well of Eternity and one of their descendent branches, the Night Elves by way of the World Tree , were contentedly immortal for well over 10, years not including the whole War of the Ancients thing. Many Night Elves were rather sad to lose their immortality due to the events of Warcraft 3, and though it was a necessary sacrifice World of Warcraft opens with the Night Elves trying to regain their immortality through the creation of a new World Tree the attempt does not go as planned.

A good example is Sanguine, who basically just lives to have fun. That said, the Daedra's inability to die makes it impossible for them to truly understand how mortals think - mortals live finite lives and face constant reminders of this, and their ability to simply accept this and continue existing without succumbing to despair is something no Daedra can comprehend. Based on those who talk or write about their immortality, most acknowledge some of the downsides such as the Dunmeri Tribunal deity Vivec but nearly all will fight to keep their immortality.

Lore entries suggest that the other members of the Kingdom feel the same way. Cucuvea the mystic believes she would have had this attitude Living in an extremely damp hole under a tree, obligated to defend the local villagers, and under constant threat from roaming vampires and werewolves, she's not exactly having a good time. Forerunners of Halo wear armor that effectively stops aging, among other things.

Aside from a few "naturalistic" eccentrics, this applies to their entire society, so it's less "Living Forever is Awesome" and more "Living Forever is Normal". They are capable of dying, but this is exceedingly rare, aside from the lowest rates with dangerous jobs. Every holder of a True Rune is immortal by default. The responses to this are mixed. Jeane is immortal or something and she's always happy. Geddoe carries True Lightening and while he's not a happy guy he's not angsty either and it comes in handy in his line of work.

Ted didn't like his rune, the Soul Eater, and at one point gave it up but then he took it back and lived for hundreds of years more. He only died because the villain of Suikoden I stole the rune from him.

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The three immortal students received the gift of magic, the gift of dream, and the gift of mortality. The Heart of Chaos makes Caius immortal but the endless life doesn't bother him. It's watching his charge, Yeul, die at a young age over and over again that drives him to madness and his Evil Plan. However, that plan involves merging the world of the living with the world of the dead so no one would die. The Suul'ka in Sword of the Stars enslaved the rest of their fellow Liir so they could live forever in outer space.

None of them feel any regret about this decision. Phantom Detective , Sissel seems to believe his final fate is fantastic.