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Wen a stepped into a pile of spider manure. So i shouted "Man Dis aint right" Then the spiders gave me a fright!!! USA A spider was being chased by a giant rat, then he realized he had left his hat, far behind and far away I used to hang out with my friend named Sid, now i am just a silly Arachnid. Spiders are a secret race. They never die and they thrive in space. Ive seen a giant spider race. Ive seen one leap into outer space. If Jesus was a spider, he wouldn't want to fight me, if Jesus was a spider he would never bite me.

If Jesus was a spider i would probably step on him, cause I don't like spiders, they are full of Satan sin. They fighting like gangsters outside my doorway. A spider shot the flie.

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He shot him in the head. That fly don't fly no more and he's in a pool of blood and got no wings and he is dead. Spiders like to jump from planes. Her glistening eyes Hold the fears of her prey. So rest, my child, She's not far away. A moment of wonder; A blood-stained sign; The sand trickling down; The ending of time. That moment of beauty Will be your last; A bite from the Scarlet Hourglass.

Four baby spiders Ready to be flyers One ballooned into a tree That left three. Three baby spiders, Ready to be flyers, One ballooned into the blue, That left two. Two baby spiders, Ready to be flyers, One ballooned out in the sun, That left one. One baby spider Sitting all alone. Decided there was enough food now, And said "I'll stay home! The day we had our Halloween party A spider came into our class. It scared everybody out the door.

We all ran screaming in a big mass. The spider asked, "Where did everyone go? He even found our witch's broom. When we finally came back inside Some us laughed; others cried. The spider was happy to all the girls and boys. Spider finally put on his show. At the end he said, "I really must go. Cant you see its freshly plastered, Get off the wall, you stupid Along came a spider who sat down beside her With spindly long hairy black legs. Though Miss Muffet was frightened, she was enlightened, And captured him in a glass jar.

Then her breakfast-filled plate she contentedly ate While she watched her new pet from afar.

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Harper circa Eek! It's bite may cause pain, but you need to stay sane. It won't chomp or gnaw, Maybe it's behind the wall Perhaps, she'll bite, Maybe he'll only fright We all know this though The spider less seen lives not in the snow It is the spider less seen That keeps us keen From Emma Greer. COM You have an outstanding website! Spiders are cool, Pretty and sweet, Intelligent and colourful, Disgusting and yucky thing of the past , Extremely kind, Red colour when squished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spiders are creepy and also crawly, but I like their colors and formation with their long legs and tiny feet.

As they walk and crawl about, I don't complain nor shout. They're interesting to watch, indeed they are, I like their big eyes, I like them a lot, with those big eyes they can see quite far. I like the different designs on their back, it's their identification, individuality, and interesting to me, and that indeed is fact.

Though there are different and many many kinds, when I look on their back, I see different signs. Some mean harm, some mean peace, some mean nothing, nothing the least. It's interesting how they're different in many ways, they make then spin their web with lace. Joanna spiders Spiders are so crazy Even when they're sleeping spiders are always on my head as if my head was their bed!

I usually squash them flat Then they go splat! We enjoyed all your information. Your poems inspired us to write some and David's was chosen to send. We hope you like them. We have lots more but have only had time to type these two in. They are acrostic poems Class 6 Spider Poem Spotty spiders crounching down. Insects fly in the shiny webs. Dangerous spiders have spot. Energy spider make big webs. Running very very fast. Spining spiders by Hannah Spider Poem Sticky spider webs catching fly.

Insects fly in the shining webs. Delicious spider have spotty. Every spider make big webs. Running around the country. I am a reading teacher in St. Louis, Missouri in the USA! After reading a book on spiders my small group of second graders were very excited when we discovered your wonderful web page. You and your students have done an excellent job in your research and creativity.

Well, you have inspired my little group to write a poem of their own! They are very proud of their accomplishment and would love to share it with you. They are very excited to see it published. Written by the following group of second graders at Mckelvey School in St. They certainly don't drool and they really don't like school.

If they bite you it is not cool. They make webs to catch flies and then they eat their eyes. Spider bites make people cry, but some of us do not see why. So please do not whine and maybe the spider won't get out of line. If you want to see a rainbow You have to put up with the rain. I was the fly Who was caught in your net, Wishing, that we, Had never met. You were the Hawk Who was looking for prey - I was the mouse Who was going to pay. I should have seen it, I should have known But when you weren't there I felt so alone. Tim Cox c Tim Cox.

Poem 4: Haiku: A Spider's Small Web

Come climb upon my back my red velvet grains of sand. I wish you to adorn me my sparkling raspberry brood. You're my living fabrication a bustle filigreed with shiny legs clinging by your birth yolks. I once carried all hundred of you in a satchel spun of cotton. It was a large aspirin that I swallowed after you hatched. You tickled me with your teensy legs crawling up my own. Worry not, my tiny garnets, if you fall off I'll rush back and let you climb upon me hind leg to abdomen.

Your plush seat awaits you reserved upon this mother coach. Hold tight, my wee beasties, the time has come for feasting. I spy a sand fly, tired and landing. We become the wolf we are and dash at our savoury prey. I squirening images filled my head. Soon, my body was covered with sweat, I had worked myself into quite a fret.

Back and forth, I kicked my feet, Until I was trapped in tangled sheets. Spiders all over me! How terrible an imagination can be! Red stripes blazing on spiders of black, Please, I thought, cut me some slack. I could almost feel them bite my toes, Those red-backs, who marched on in rows. And as soon as I thought That I'd surely be caught,. I awoke from my slumber, And realized my blunder. It was only a dream after all, And then I heard the red-back's silent, psychic, hunting call My bathtub is my haven When I've had a busy day, The soothing steamy water Seems to soak my cares away.

Imagine my chagrin one night When hiding from it all, To see a big black spider Clinging to the blue tile wall.

He ignored my keen displeasure As he yo yo'd on his line He was practising rappelling And his technique seemed just fine. I sensed that he was spying On my privileged retreat That he thought my shiny earlobe Might be something good to eat. He crawled around his universe Inspecting every tile, Then climbed upon his special perch To watch me for awhile. We played a game of "chicken".. I matched him stare for stare. He suddenly got careless When he thought I didn't care.

I snatched that interloper His chance to live was gone!! I wrapped him in a tissue And flushed him down the john!! This poem was written by my daughter when she was 16 for her Grandmother's 80th Birthday. It grows with the years and expands with time. That's what Grandma said! Each strand is held together, the bond is very strong. Though sometimes the strands can weaken and break if they're left too long. But that is what the spider's for, to mend the broken strands. For although life has its problems, love is there to lend a hand.

A family will always be there when you're feeling sad or scared. And remember that if it ever breaks, it can always be repaired. Sent by sgabauer sbps. A NOISELESS, patient spider, I mark'd, where, on a little promontory, it stood, isolated; Mark'd how, to explore the vacant, vast surrounding, It launch'd forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself; Ever unreeling them--ever tirelessly speeding them. And you, O my Soul, where you stand, Surrounded, surrounded, in measureless oceans of space, Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing,--seeking the spheres, to connect them;.

Till the bridge you will need, be form'd--till the ductile anchor hold; Till the gossamer thread you fling, catch somewhere, O my Soul. Unfortunately my friend got bit Before my eyes she had a fit Thanks to 5A I knew what to do Thank you people, my compliments to you. He drank a lot of Evian and then he saw a spider.

Raffy always sees spiders and sometimes they are fighting.

'Spider' poems - Hello Poetry

Sometimes spiders jump real far and sometimes they are biting!! Raffy Conti went to town. He saw a blue zamboni. He made some fresh arachnid soup and then some macaroni!! Raffy read some spider books and some saw dirty beaches. He ate a lot of white clam sauce and then he ate some peaches!! Raffy Conti couldn't see and didn't find his glasses. He ate some big beef tacos and he took some spider classes!! Raffy wanted to learn how to become a spider!! Raffy Conti had dessert, he had an orange bunny. He sang his favorite spider songs and made a lot of money!!

Raffy Conti got called Ralph and then he got called Randy. He saw about three Black Widows and gave two girls some candy!! I hope you like the poem raffy optoline. The 90's Version of the Itsy Bisty Spider. By Raffy Conti The itsy bisty spider went up the Waterspout. Many connections are unexplored. Like Grandmother Spider which ascends rocky pinnacles, Spider-Manhas been climbing glass walls of skyscrapers.


Spiral Orb , a recently launched online poetry magazine advertises itself thus: Cole Swensen and David St. New York, London, W. Norton and Company Inc, Shorter 6 th edition. John, New York, London, W. Larzer Ziff, Penguin Books, Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University Press, Butterick, Berkeley, University of California Press, Minneapolis, Coffee House Press, Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems , , , , , All our thanks to Fred Sanders for granting us permission to reproduce his cartoon.

Their paths often crossed in the s. I relate to spider, web, and prey as a complex in which building, killing, attraction, and the apotropaic constitute a creative maze in which the way out, or resolution, can never be seen until one is right there. Smithsonian Institution, And we are talking about major power with Spider Woman: The privileged link between deity and invisibility is probably what Hamilton A.


Tyler, another anthropologist, had in mind when he wrote: Sometimes she is a voice only […]. In turn Penelope and Ariadne, her speaker wonders: Eshleman had his founding spider vision on his way back from visiting Kyger CE , Still on the subject of women poets during the radical s, here is the quote — from an untitled poem by Barbara Moraff — chosen by Daniel Kane to illustrate the rather experimental writing in Four Lady Poets , the anthology edited by Amiri Baraka for Totem Press in Emily Dickinson consistently gendered spiders male.

On the other hand, radical feminists and lesbians just as consistently seem to have been gendering them female: Human beings are makers: It is as though Edwards had inferred from the centripetal pattern of a web a kind of set theory in which ever-vaster and bigger structures could be simultaneously integrated and condensed: The ceaseless launching forth of filaments was then unambiguously shown as a blessing. It is called a spider because it crawls over the Web.

Animals and the American Imagination. Bestiary , Eshleman , lesbian movement , Native Americans , spiders , thread , web.

Spider Nut – Poetry

Plan A lineage of textual spiders. The other tradition and spider syncretism. Why spiders may have fascinated Americans. The camouflaged spider lurking in a white flower is also part of the catalog of subjects Merry Levov is said by the narrator of American Pastoral to have been interested in in her bucolic youth: This may be the right place to acknowledge my debt to on Agrandir Original jpeg, 28k. They enact the perceptual fact of the invisibility of a spider And whether she is tree, sun or spider appears immaterial here: Agrandir Original png, k. Last week I became more interested in the spider, and discovered she is an Orb Weaver, of the species Araneus diadematus.

When we come close, pushing our large warm bodies or a cold camera near her, she folds her front legs tightly beneath her. When we come too close, she runs to a far corner of the web and waits for us to retreat. I put an offering - a little piece of bread - into the web to see what she would do. From her command post in the center, she felt the vibration and ran to its source immediately, turned the bread around in her legs, and quickly discarded it, letting it fall to the ground.

A few minutes later I saw her do the same thing with a leaf. She makes some repairs during the day, but seems to renew the web at night: Beyond the spider lies the world of the street: Beyond the spider - perhaps she should be called Urielle - is a world of fruit, wine, golden croissants, and lovers lying in each other's arms near the edge of the lake. I've discovered a path around the terrace into this world that never sets off any vibrations Urielle might feel. When I leave, she is in the center of her web. When I return, she is still there. I sit on the couch drinking wine, eating chocolate, or kissing my lover, and I never see her raise the fiery sword that she holds in her front leg; perhaps it is just a flame in my imagination after all.

Only my conscience continues to follow me with its small dark eye, suspended somewhere between heaven and earth, torn during the journeys of each day, and miraculously repaired into resilient sensitivity every night. Rachel October 21, at Plan to add my own something to this naturally emerged theme in the next day or two, time allowing.